Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving in the Mission Field

December 2, 2013 

Dear Family: 
Monday we picked up Elders Feist and Justice and brought them back to our homeshare. Just kidding we went to a members house in their ward first and used the batting cage and the basketball court. Then we went to our homeshare and hung out. It was pretty fun. Somewhere in the day I somehow ended up with 10 extra bucks of grocery shopping money so I bought Micheal Buble Christmas CD. So if anybody was going to send Christmas music don't send that one!
Elder Wood and Elder Feist at the Redlands Temple

Elders Hammond, Wood and Feist at the Redlands Temple

The Corona District at the Redlands Temple

Tuesday we had district meeting like always. After that Elder Hammond and I got to go to Riverside. It wasn't a big deal to drive there because from the church we go there and have district meeting and we live 12 miles from down the 15. From that church on Taber it is 14 miles to the mission office. It is the complete opposite direction, but we travel so much it really doesn't change our miles that much. That has been a constant problem in this area. When I got the little Chev Cruize I have it had like 500 miles on it. I think we are almost 3000 now ha. Elder  Hammond's mom has been calling the mission office everyday and asking them to get that package to him. They got tired of getting called all the time so they just gave us permission to come pick it up. That took a good part of the day. I wanted to take Elder Hammond to go see my old area and then maybe he would see what it is like to not be in a car better, but it was too far. It was on the opposite side of Riverside.
Missionaries Motoring About

Wednesday we had exchanges with the Prado View Elders. Elder Williams came with me because neither him nor Elder Hammond can drive so Elder Hammond had to go with Elder Denny into the other area. I wanted Elder Hammond to get to take over the area for the day, I guess we will just have to wait until next transfer. We met with a referral that Sister Oswald gave us (the Spanish Sisters). It was a pretty cool experience. I loved it. I don't know if that is how all the Spanish people are or not, but it was just super easy. They just loved us. Tuesday and Wednesday both our best investigators didn't want to have lessons. Logan Montgomery and Jacob Hicks. We caught Logan later in the week though.

The Missionaries Visit the Prado View Car Museum


I got to see a pretty awesome car. The guy in our ward who got it, bought it from some guy who had it in the Sema Car show in Vegas.  It was a super good deal. The people who built the car got all the parts for free for showing it off at the show, so they pretty much just sold it the same price as it would have been. It was a Mustang, I don't love Mustangs, but I was super impressed with what they did to the car. He didn't have time to cook so he just gave us money so we just ate at Chili's. It was a pretty normal day though.

Thursday was good. We got to play football. Just two hand touch. We went to the Norco High School and played on their field. It was super fun. Me Elders Feist, Smith, Blackburn and a bunch of old men were on one team. The other team was like 12 missionaries. We won. How we won, we don't know. They should have killed us, but by some miracle we beat them by two touchdowns.  After that we hung out with some other Elders and then went to dinner. We ate with the Browns. They live way out in Lake Mathews. Before and after dinner we played with their RC cars.  They have some big fast ones. They even have a gas one, but it is broken. We played basketball. Alec and I played against Elder Hammond and Tyler. Alec and I won ha. After that we played some Frisbee and I threw it pretty hard and accidentally broke it. They had another one!  After that we went back to our homeshare. Sister Hoyt had her parents there from Salt Lake. Their son who couldn't make it because of military stuff had his girlfriend there as well. So we just went back and hung out with them.
The pets at our Homeshare

Friday We did weekly planning and tried to see people. We had dinner with the Hoyts. It was cool to get to sit down and eat with them. We pretty much never see Suzann (Sister Hoyt) she leaves before we get up and goes to bed most of the time before we get home. We talk to Kim (Bro Hoyt) and keep him from going to bed ha. Their company was still there.

Saturday we finally got to meet with Logan. We would baptize him this weekend but his mom won't let us. We told him he is ready whenever his mom will let him. It was transfer call days. Leadership calls were in the morning. Elder Feist got one, he is now a district leader as well. I was like ya thats right!, I trained him. We both now are DL's over all sisters, so ZL exchanges are the only ones we get! They must have still been making some changes cuz it took the AP's forever to call the ZLs. I didn't get a call from the ZLs until after when we aren't supposed to make calls anymore. They split the Corona zone, just like every zone I have been in ha. The Temescal Valley Zone, and the Corona zone. They are in the same stake though so we still get to do stuff on P-day. The only thing that will be different is that we won't have meetings together anymore. Sister Bateman from the ward I am in is leaving to go be an STL in the La Sierra Zone. Other than that our ward is the same.
Sisters in the District - Sister Bateman is leaving, Sister Ni'ihou is getting a new Companion

Sunday we had dinner with the Sants again. They are the ones who
called Mom the other day. Sunday was normal. Just church and trying to find people to teach.

Well that was pretty much the week!! Happy holidays! Love ya tons!!

Love Elder Wood