Monday, July 28, 2014

New Home Share

July 28, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Hey I dunno if you know this but Elder Hugie and I hit our 18 month mark this week!! If we were Sister Missionaries we would be going home!! 6 more months! We had some exciting stuff happen this week.  

Monday I am getting better at writing down notes for!! That morning we packed and got ready for our move. Because it wasn't transfers we still got a P-day and we moved the next day. We had most of our stuff packed and stacked. It is a good thing we stacked it and made it look nice because some people came and looked at the house so we had to make sure we didn't go home. After E-mail and stuff we went to the outlets and looked around. We went to Elder Kelley and Gillette's apartment to play settlers of the west because we couldn't go home to keep packing. We had money for dinner. We drove up the Ortega Mountain to go eat at a look over the place we thought was a road house. Turns out they aren't open for dinner on a Monday night. So we went to Chili's instead! I love going to Chili’s. Anyways as we were walking in we ran into a member from the ward and they gave us a gift certificate for like 7 buck they had left so we got desert!! That was pretty much it for the day.  
Our New Home Share

Tuesday we had DLC and DDM. I went to the Spanish district meeting. I learned a very important lesson in that DDM. I earned a new respect for Adam, but probably not in the way you are thinking. The El Cariso South Sisters showed up with brownies. They tried to give me some but I kept saying no way I am not taking any more brownies from any Sister Missionaries in this mission. They were like "whatever.." I think to make it seem like they didn't really care. The sisters who messed with the brownies last time weren't in the zone anymore so I figured it would be ok, but decided to be on the safe side. Sister Gates put one on a napkin and came and sat it by me because I wouldn't take it. I talked to Sister Bowen who was companions with one of the sisters who poisoned us. She said they didn't add any extra ingredients and made me be quiet because she said her companion (Sister Gates who made the brownies) didn't even know the story about how they messed with the whole zone when Sisters Bomgart and Neilson and made those brownies and acted like she was going to pull the prank on her later. After a while I gave in and partook of the brownies. I didn't think anything of it. I was the only missionary who is still in the zone who was really there for when the whole zone got the tampered brownies (except Elder Montigue but he doesn't count and wasn't there). After that we went home. Changed. Took our bunk bed apart. The mission office asked if we wanted the office assistants to bring the truck down and help us move. We didn't want their help. Elder Hugie and I felt pretty confident in our country boy skills. We had Ty Aragon bring his truck by later so we could move everything. I haven't done a move like that on my mission. It took a lot longer than normal transfers because we had to move everything. We even had to go back on Wednesday to clean up at the Parohingo’s house because we ran out of time. We went to dinner in our service clothes, they were chill with it though. We didn't even have our clothes un-berried yet! We had to change really quick at the very end of the night to run to Walmart and get our OYMs. After we got home Elder Hugie went to the bathroom. He made a loud noise about something. I didn't pay attention, that is normal for him. Eventually he called me over there and made me pee. Turns out we got beguiled.... again.... well I guess just me again.... But that reminds me. I was going through the first of Genesis looking at the Adam and Eve story. I think my favorite part is Genesis 3:12. That is where the Lord asks Adam if he ate the fruit. His intimidate response is "THE WOMAN! Ya know, the one you gave me! She made me do it!" I know it really wasn't like that but I thought it was funny haha. So next time you read it you will probably think of that ha. 
Splits with Elder Galindo

Wednesday like I said moving took all day so we went back and cleaned up what was left at the Parohinog's. Missionaries end up leaving weird stuff. We had all sorts of odds and ends. Tennis racket, nasty socks and other gross items of clothing (don't worry I take care of my stuff) random rubber muck boots. Just stuff like that. We moved in with the Olsen's. They are awesome. He is a police office in L.A. and she is a high school teacher. They have a daughter on a mission right now so that is why we can be there. They have two dogs. One is a really old pug. It is blind and can't hear. It is really sad but really hard not to laugh. He just runs into walls and then barks at them. Anyways we got moved in and guess what! They have AC!! It is so awesome! We went to the Parohingo's today to pick up my mail that got sent there and they just got theirs fixed right after we left haha. Oh well, it makes a good story! We didn't have AC for 2 or 3 months. The even better part is we can have peanut butter! We don't have to run to The Bishop’s house asking for it! But I bet we still do cuz they are fun. The Olsen's actually found out about that somehow and bought us two big jars of it so that was cool. It was super hot! 115 all day!! It stayed up there week almost! Some say it got up to 120 but I don't think so. We woke up people all day. Everywhere we went! 3:00, 7:00 it didn't matter everybody was sleeping!  

Thursday we got a new car!! Ours was the oldest one in the mission. Some sister missionaries got one they didn't need for how easy their area is so we got theirs. I bet they weren't very happy about that. We went to lunch with Elders Cook and Kirkland. That was fun. Elder Cook has a master plan that when we all get back we are going to all rent motorcycles and come and tour the mission. That would be super fun, but that would be a long ride! Plus I dunno how much everybody else has been around motorcycles they would need some more riding time first. When we got back we came to the church and typed up a letter for Martha's probation officer. We didn't have dinner so we hit up one of our backups. We went to Ty Aragons. He helped us out a lot this week. He plays the guitar too so I got to play with him a little bit. A few good lessons with the regulars.  

Friday was slow. We are helping out the sisters with an investigator named Seth. We went with Bro. Cassio. He couldn't meet because he was supposed to be cleaning the kitchen so we just helped him clean the whole thing and then taught him after! We had to do weekly planning that day because of going to get the car on Thursday. We took a break and said we were going to lay down on the couch for 5 minutes. Unfortunately we both woke up about 40 minutes later haha. So we didn't have the most effective weekly planning session. The AP's came that night for exchanges. They didn't get there until late because of some problems they had to take care of. They went out on the patio to make more phone calls. When they came in it was 10:30 (when we are supposed to go to bed) so they just slept on the floor. It was funny because they were super uncomfortable with it. Missionaries all over the mission are always calling them trying to make excuses to have sleep overs, normally on P-day eve. 

Saturday I stayed in the area with Elder Maxfield. We had a bomb day. Lots of good lessons and I like Elder Maxfield. Got Terri sold for church. Watched the restoration with Daniel. Got Martha going on some stuff. For dinner we went to the church for Pioneer Day. It was fun the whole stake was there. They made handcarts and raced them through the obstacle course in the parking lot. Our ward won!! There was some pretty funny stuff that happened like both wheels falling off and the "pioneer family" having to carry the cart the whole way. One kid was holding on the side of one and biffed it and the family just kept dragging the kid through the bushes and obstacles for a while. It wasn't until I was standing in line for food I remembered it was Longhorn Days... That was sad.. but I got over it quick. Last one I have to miss!! 

Sunday we had Terri at church. She liked it. Nobody was there for Gospel Principles so we just pulled Ty and Junior in and had a good lesson with her. We ate with the Morris again. Fun as always. Stories about Polynesians throwing manholes to save missionaries from dogs and everything! Since moving out from the Parohinog's I keep meeting people who live on that street and want us to come teach them just because they used to see us there. I dunno why it wasn't like that when we lived there!! Well that is all for now!! Love ya bye!!  

Elder Wood



Elder Wood and I had a really good time at about 1030 on Tuesday night. Why.... cause we slept in our bed's and in AC!!! lol. We love our new place. Other than the fact that we both get super home sick when we wake up in the morning and there is someone wake boarding! lol. We just want to go on the lake and cut the water. lol. Oh!!!! and... wait for it..... we actually can have peanut butter!!!! The olsen's bought us one from Costco, and we have been putting it in our protein shakes all week. haha. I’m never going back!! lol. Talk to you all later!!






Monday, July 21, 2014

Visit to the Forest of Homeless People

July 21, 2014 

Dear Family: 

I actually remembered something that we did on Monday!! After E-mailing and stuff we went to Elder Kelley and Gillette's apartment and played Settlers of Catan, but it was a United States version. That is all I got though...

Tuesday the zone had interviews with President Mullin. The interviews were different than how we are used to, but they were good. He called me and had me set up a pretty intense schedule for him and the missionaries to follow. We got to go first. He asked about the missionaries in the zone. I asked him if he would release me as a ZL and let me "go back to pasture". We talked about being a trainer again, that is what I am hoping for. I want to get doubled in again. He asked me to bear my testimony. I wasn't expecting that so it caught me off guard so it was pretty scatter brained, but we had a good conversation about it. Elder Hugie also had a good interview with him. After that we went to Menifee to get the tire pressure gauge in our car get fixed. We went to In-n-Out and ran into a bunch of Elders from that zone getting lunch after DDM. Like Elders Baltazar, Moyer, and some other ones I have served around. They have like 20 days left. Elder Moyer was 6 months out when I came into Hemet, I asked him how he lasted that long haha. Elder Baltazar told me and Elder Hugie something that has made us super trunky all week. We met with Gus again. Had dinner at Bishop’s house the 3rd night in a row. I told him he was the one who told us to call him when our dinners fall through! They were fine with it, they take good care of us. Because we can't have peanut butter at home cuz Kimo is super allergic to it we randomly go to their house for a snack so we can have some peanut butter sandwiches! After dinner Bishop had an interview with a less active person who just moved into the area and we were going to just "happen by". They didn't show though so we helped him brainstorm ideas on who our new homeshare should be. Actually when we left the house we were in front and I got an idea. I turned on a different road and raced off. Bishop knew what I was going for and the next road down we could see him between the houses trying to keep up. I gave him the advantage he got the freeway. It was super funny. We caught him at Dexter St. He turned in a different entrance so I took the other one to get in front but somebody in a PT Cruzer was going slow in front of me so he beat me. He claims he would have beaten me anyways but I dunno haha.  
Lake Elsinore

Elder Wood and Elder Hugie
Wednesday I got to go to Spanish land on exchanges!! I haven't gotten to do that since I was in Hemet! I went with Elder Galindo. He is from Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. In other words the place in Mexico you can see when you are in El Paso. I think at least. We had fun. It was hard to keep myself awake during the lessons because I didn't understand much. It did give me a desire again to learn Spanish though! I kinda had lost the flame but it got it burning again. I gave up doing it on my mission. No time. I will do it when I get home. I want to use the Book of Mormon to do it. I need something to keep my mind busy between the time I go to college and when I get home anyways. I asked Elder Galindo if I did that if I learned Spanish from reading the Book of Mormon if I would talk weird like "It came to pass" he thought that was pretty funny. He just said that I would speak correctly. I wouldn't know any slang which is good. We accidentally left the mission. We went to Marietta. It was to give a potential investigator a blessing, but we got a phone call right as we got to the hospital and said sorry they are at home. So we drove back to the other side of Lake Elsinore and then they were asleep, so we didn't even get to give them a blessing. Our dinner fell through. I was sad about that because that is one of the best parts about Spanish exchanges! The food!  

Thursday we went and did weekly planning at the church. We taught Jessica and Cindy and Connie. Also we found out how Connie and Daniel are connected to the rest of the group. Connie is Ramona's daughter but from another dad. So Jessica and all the others are half-sister. Anyways we watched the restoration. Connie hadn't come in at that point so we are going to watch it again with Daniel and Connie both. At a parking lot I met one of our neighbors. His name is Justin. He was cool and actually all of his family are members, but very less active. He said we could come by.  

Friday we had exchanges again. This time I was with Elder Kelley in my area. It was fun. We actually went on exchanges a long time ago in Hemet. That was on bike though so that wasn't near as fun. This time we got lost ha. It was in Perris. Martha was mad at us because we didn't show up to help her paint again. We tried! She just never answers her phone! I smoothed it over. Marty was there and he pulled me aside before I talked to her and warned me, I wasn't worried though we have a pretty good relationship with her. 

Saturday Elder Hugie and I went with Elders Kelley and Gillette to help Martha paint for a few hours. Don't worry though, this time I wasn't in my missionary clothes. She got us all lunch. Elder Hugie got a tongue burrito. I just got a California one. Martha’s mom owns a restaurant. It was pretty good. Also they best menudo I have ever had, but I don't really like it that much. I am out of time. Saturday was super slow. I forgot a story for Tuesday! We tried to find Sarah. We know Clinton is still in jail we don't get to teach him there though. It was pretty sketchy trying to find her place. I don't think I have ever been to a place as messed up as that homeless camp was. I didn't know people lived in conditions like that. When we walked to it (it was a ways in the middle of nowhere in the trees but we definitely knew when we got there) all we saw was trash. Like a pack rat but with people stuff or a hoarder without a place to put it. There was a tent and a random guy we could hear talking to himself, he got scared when he saw us so he skirted the trees (thinking we didn't know he was there) and ran got his bike and ran away haha. It was in a little forest kinda where a creek had been (it was right by the lake) and there would be a tent every once and a while with a ton of random clothes and other trash in a huge pile. A few tents down we saw a huge dog just sitting there, so were just started walking the other way and then kept on our path. I had the feeling people were there, they were just hiding really well. When we got to the end we could see the lake. Then we heard a guy yelling a bunch of profanities. Eventually we figured out he was yelling at us. So we walked towards it. The second he saw who we were he got very respectful. It was pretty cool. His name was Robert actually. He was really drunk though. He had us sit down (I was sitting on a cutting board on top of some stuff) and we taught him a little bit and then bounced when we found out Sarah wasn't there. When we went to dinner at Bishop’s we told him we had stooped to a new low. Trying to teach people in the homeless camps. He thought it was pretty funny. He actually got a call earlier that day from Sarah's family because they found out we met with them and they just wanted to warn him they have used the church before, so we are going to be careful with the situation. We probably won't see them unless they contact us. Well got to go bye!! 


Elder Wood 

And my turn (Elder Huge Hug) so this week, I’m sure Wood has already told you, has been tuff, but this is really cool to share. We went to our bishop’s house for a peanut butter sandwich!!! Since it was just Sister Aragon, we sat in the back and she made us peanut butter sandwiches. And wait for it, she even made peanut butter and nutella, which sounded weird, but then we tried it, it tastes like a recees peanut butter cup!! So good!! jJst wanted to share that cause we don’t get peanut butter that much. haha. Hope you all have a great week. I really like hearing about your family when Elder Wood gets his letters. It’s always fun to hear what all y’all are up to. haha. That’s what our mission president told us today in our Emails with him. He actually said all ya’ll! It was so cool!!! Bye, tell Shocka “Hi” for me.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Temple Trip with San Jacinto Zone

July 14, 2014 

Dear Everyone, 

I am just going to jump right into it, as always I don't have that much time. 

Monday I don't really remember what happened. I just realized when I go home and look at all the letters I sent home, I am never going to remember what happened on Mondays... This happens every week... 

Tuesday we went to the temple!!! You know what that means! Cafe Rio!!!! The Temple was awesome as always. I got to see some of the missionaries that got transferred out, that was cool. Like Elders Peterson and Godfrey, that is pretty much it. They were there because the San Jacinto Zone came with us. All the Elders rode together in one van. The Elders who's ward member let us use the van were supposed to be getting a driver so what happened instead was they called us the night before we were supposed to leave in the morning so we had Jr. drive us. He is the best. He has been coming to the gym with us. We got a 2 week free membership to L.A. Fitness. It is super expensive to go there but as of today our 2 weeks are up. I was looking at all the locations and there is one in all of mine and my brothers missions. There is actually one almost in every zone in this mission. It was kinda funny to me because they weren't all over the world. They only had like 2 or 3 other states besides California, Texas, and Connecticut ha.  We had a good day after the temple too! We picked up a new investigator. His name is Clinton. His wife/girlfriend is a member. Some other missionaries ran into them and then sent us the referral. We met with them at Jack in the Box because they are homeless... Oh btw his wife's name is Sarah. They have a daughter that is going to be baptized soon. Their two kids live with the grandparents for obvious reasons. They - Clinton and Sarah started meeting with us because they want to fix their lives, and get back in the situation to have their kids back. Sarah did well at preparing Clinton. He was very confident in his yes when we asked him to be baptized! I invited him for the 2nd of August. They thought that was pretty cool because that is their daughter's birthday and when she is being baptized. I had a similar experience with Cassandra when I invited her and her family to be baptized it was on one of the kid's birthdays.  
Temple Trip with the San Jacinto Zone

Wednesday we got back in with Gus! He asked us to come back on Tuesday. So hopefully some stuff changes and works out this time. We saw Michael. It was actually a lot more pleasant than I thought it was going to be. We haven't caught him for a while. Here is a part from another E-mail I sent today describing what it was like at Daniel's and Connie's. I kinda forgot when I sent it there are actually two adults who sorta live there, we never see them though, it is Jessica's parents. We have a big group of investigators in one house. They are all about our age. A couple of recent converts who are now less active live there as well. It is kinda like a college house with an open door so there are always different people there for us to teach but they all like us (cuz me and my comp are pretty dang cool) but none of them actually go to college. Anyways the oldest one is Daniel he is 22. He and his girlfriend kinda are like the head of the house, but just because they pay for it (I think). Daniel is super comfortable around us and messes around with us all the time. I put on his teaching record something to the effect of "It is always an adventure to go see Daniel. He will probably call you John Jacob and flip you off, but don't worry that means he likes you." So the last time we showed up he and Connie were just getting home and we had already been there for like 15 minutes. We yelled for him to come out of his room (he went in the back way) he said he didn't want to come out cuz he was naked. Thinking he was kidding I yelled for him to come anyways. A few minutes later out comes Daniel wearing a speedo! The speedo was actually his underwear just rolled up to look like one, but still it was pretty funny. We had DDM and DLC. DDM was bad, it was the most boring one I have ever been to. If you go back to this date in my planner (9th of July) you will see a little ugly drawing (I'm not good at drawing anymore) with two little buff guys. They are Lego Heads. It is a new term me and Elder Hugie came up for a missionary who is here who is crazy about taking workout supplements. I like protein (don't tell Brett) but that is all this guy talks about. So I drew one with an actual Lego Head, and a Lego Head with a head that looks like a protein bottle. That little waste of time I just wrote I think was more enlightening then the DDM I sat in.  

Thursday we went to Menifee to get new tires on our car. We had weekly planning after that, so pretty slow day. Not much time spent doing missionary stuff. I forgot to write a few weeks ago about a guy we met at a kids farewell dinner. He grew up in Bluebell. His name is John Webb. I also wrote down a name James Orie, I don't remember if that was Dad or what. He said he is related to the Cooks. He asked about Howard Jenkins and his wife and he wants Howard to call him. His number is 714- 779- 2452 He also met Wade Brown from Tabby who is also on a mission right now. He told me he is a ZL up there. John asked about Raybell as well. 

Friday morning I got sick of not being able to charge my GPS in the car so I took the cigarette lighter fuse out and went and got a new one at checker. I messed up my white shirt in the process, so we went back and I got the stain out and switched shirts. We went and talked with Bro. Jacobson again. It didn't go anywhere. He is still an atheist. We kept trying but he is just stuck on a bunch of stupid stuff. If he is so atheist I don't know why he pays so much attention to what goes on in the church. He asked when we get our ipads, asked about our views on the people getting excommunicated, just stuff like that. Bishop gave us money for dinner because the day before he caught us at home for dinner making pancakes. We had the longest streak of nights without a dinner, the Bishop didn't know that though or he probably would have freaked out on the ward ha. He likes us. So make sure you sign up to feed the Elders and then send them home with the leftovers. We were about halfway to our lesson with Clinton when Sarah called us (I dunno who's phone she used, cuz they don't have one) Clinton just got arrested and is in jail for having drugs. We already knew that was a problem, it wasn't that big of a surprise. At least he will be clean when he gets out and make it easier for us to baptize him! Blessings in disguise!!  
Elders Hugie and Wood


Saturday is the only day I didn't take notes in my planner... sorry ha. Well except Monday. We took Marty out with us. He is a super cool recent convert. He is Martha's son. He was baptized by Elder Ringwood near the first of my mission. But I am out of time so I need to wrap it up.  

Sunday it was a 108. It has been over a 100 a lot, but it just felt hotter that day for some reason. We picked up a new investigator Jeff. He is in the sisters area though so we will have to pass him. That is pretty much it. Well talk to ya later! Love ya bye!!

Elder Wood

P.S. here is Elder Hugie's part

Saweet I get my own Wood family time. lol. Ok so Ii think if anything me and Elder Wood have bonded more because we have both been so hungry that we have relied on my cooking skills. haha. And believe this, we even got a peanut butter sandwich from our Bishop this week! It was like gold! lol. Did you see the world cup. We heard about it, and I was sad that I wasn't able to see it. Don't know if Elder Wood told you, but I'm super into soccer. So I was bummed that I couldn't see it. dang it. haha. 4 more years I guess. lol. Me and Elder Wood are thinking that since we have a new mission president, that he might have us together for three transfers. lol. that would be so cool. take care. bye #GermanyWON! #speedo #hot #Tryingtofind #lafitness 

Monday, July 7, 2014

The 4th of July

July 7, 2014 

Dear Family: 

We got to meet the new mission president! It wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. When I first saw his picture I thought he was going to be really old and boring. Well he is old, but not that old, and he isn't boring. I actually already like him. I didn't think I would start liking him the first time I met him, but he is a cool guy! Yes very different from President Smart, but still good.  

Monday was just like every other Monday. Not really much to tell ya about.  

Tuesday was so slow!! We only saw Pat and Michelle. We had DLC and DDM and that took up the first half of the day. I can't figure out why I am having such a hard time in this area! I haven't decided if it is something I am doing wrong, or if it is just the area. Everyone always tries to blame stuff on everybody else, but that isn't going to change my situation right now. I am more obedient than I was in past areas, I know how to better use my time more effectively, my teaching skills are better, and I have a super good companion that can say all those same things. It is frustrating but I know it is for a reason. I wish I could learn the lesson I am supposed to so I can go ahead and get over this trail. I just haven't figured out what I am supposed to be learning yet! So if you have any ideas what I am doing wrong lemme know! 

Wednesday We met with Karen. I think we are going to drop her. I know I said this last week that I was going to start keeping better notes on what I do throughout the day... Ya I forgot.. So I’m not going to forget this week! I really don't even remember Wednesday. Most of the day we spent finding. The only thing I remember is our adventures in Perris. We cover part of the city of Perris even though most of it is in the next zone. Most of the part that we cover are random dirt roads everywhere with spotted houses. There are also lots of little easy going off-roading trails. We found out easy enough that a Toyota Corolla can handle them. In this mission it used to be that all the zone leaders had trucks. I wish we did but it’s a good thing we don't because we already get distracted with the off-roading stuff enough ha. 

Thursday we came to the church to use the computer. We wanted to scout out and see if anything had happened in the area with the Just Serve program. Nothing was posted. Pretty much Just Serve is a website people can come to if they want to go do a service project. It is sponsored by the church. It is great for missionaries, youth activities, and just people who like service. The Seventy that was with us at the meeting in Mo Val wanted stuff posted in a few weeks, so it shouldn't be long until we get to use it. Not a lot happened on Thursday either so I am going to remind some people who Patty Cole is that are getting old and losing their memories! She was the last person I baptized in Hemet. It was actually my last week there if I remember right. Her husband baptized her. I was freaking out because they needed to go to Riverside to get interviewed by President Plocher. She had been smoking since she was 14. Part member family. Any of that ring a bell? Well they are doing awesome. Their daughter goes out with the Sister Missionaries now and wants to go on a mission. The family will be getting sealed in the temple sometime in August.  

Friday was fun! Our ward cooked breakfast for the 4th. I know the 24th isn't for a while but it made me think of Longhorn Days a little bit. The breakfast reminded me I mean. Except this one was not near as good as Longhorn Days. The only thing I liked better and would steal and use at other stuff is the butcher paper and crayons at all the tables so we could draw haha. After that we changed and helped a new family move in from Washington UT (it is right by St. George). It was super hot so we had to go home and shower again. After that we went to Junior Morris house for a BBQ! When we got there his dad was teasing him. He had just caught the grill and back yard on fire so they had to cook everything inside. Don't worry nobody got hurt. Just the grass and weeds. The food was super good. The Morris family is way cool. They are the ones that invite us over when they are having the huge feast on Sundays with the cousins and stuff. It is like our family get togethers except Samoan status.  After that BBQ we weren't planning on eating dinner. We were pretty full! Nobody had signed up to feed us so when it got dinner time we went home. We ended up eating anyways because our homeshare noticed we didn't eat so we ate with them so then I was really stuffed! The APs texted and said that President Mullin had approved the 3 movies; Other side of heaven, Ephraim’s Rescue, and 17 Miracles. I wanted to watch one of the last two because I haven't seen Ephraim’s Rescue and I really like 17 Miracles but nobody had them. I am glad the APs texted. They said these are approved IF people ask. That is a benefit of being a ZL I guess because I wouldn't have asked that question. I am guessing President Mullin got a bunch of phone calls and then got sick of getting them, so he had the AP text all the ZL's. Nobody asked us so.. me and Elder Hugie are the only ones in our zone that watched a movie. We watched the Other Side of Heaven. It was super good. I never realized how long movies are though! It was hard for me to focus or even sit down for the whole time. I used to get tunnel vision when I would watch movies but I have lost that talent. I was talking to everybody else the whole time. That was pretty much the day. 
4th of July Artwork

Elder Hugie and Elder Wood


Saturday I don't have anything written down. In other words I don't know what happened on Saturday. We went to visit Martha and there was a note on her door that literally said "Elders I’m not here I’m over there" And she expected that we would know what she was talking about. We thought we weren't going to see her because she never answers her phone. She did this time though. She also isn't very good at giving directions. "there" was almost out of our zone and mission haha. She was a couple exits down. We went and helped her paint. I guess she got a job painting an eye doctors office. We stayed longer than we should have. We had a report we needed to do for a meeting we had a 6 the next morning with the Stake President and some other stake leaders. Ok I just remember what we did on Saturday!! That is the day President Mullin came and met the zone!! We went and got stuff set up, then the meeting was like 3 hours so it took a good part of the day. He grew up in El Paso. He wants to know what ward Dad was in. Then he moved other places like Midland and then ended up on Oakland California. He loves diving. He has done 400 plus dives. He says he has a competition with President Ukdorf about who can use the most airplane analogies with his diving ones. He helped us out with the Michael situation a lot. We actually know what we need to do now.  

Sunday we had the whole ward fasting for missionary opportunities. Most of my mission (all areas except for Hemet) I have been in a ward with 4 missionaries in it. So we try to not all go up and bear our testimonies because then none of the member get to and all our investigators get to hear from it us because we teach in the lessons and normally gospel principles too, so we do in Sacrament the only time they get to hear from somebody else Priesthood or Relief Society. This week because of the missionary focus we did. They should have just made it another week and given us all time to talk because that is what happened. Except for like 3 kids and Bishop’s wife because Bishop got to bless his baby this Sunday. After church we went to Bishop’s house because we got invited to lunch. Had to break my fast early. Dang, what a shame haha. Both Bishop’s parents and in-laws were in my last ward. His brother is in this ward. The only one I didn't know I had tried to go to their house with Elder (brown) Wood when I went on exchanged to the Aburndale ward. The husband isn't a member, they didn't answer though. I got to know them, so I know pretty much the whole family now! It was cool to talk to all of them. Sister Aragon (Bishop’s mom) is doing the after baptism lessons with Delphina, Melissa, and Veronica every week. They are all doing good. We saw Daniel, Connie, Jessica, Alex, and Cindy. Mostly just Daniel and Thomas though. So it is hard to explain how they all connect together but I will try.  Ramona lives there too and is the mom. She was baptized by Elder Wilkinson. Her daughters are Jessica, Cindy, Sons Thomas. The last 3 were baptized in Murrietta a few years ago because they lived with a foster family. Alex is Jessica's boy friend. Daniel and Connie are kinda like the head of the home even though Ramona and her husband are there and Daniel and Connie are like 25 or so and not married. I’m not sure if it is Daniel or Connie who is related to Jessica's family, I used to know, but it is all too confusing to keep up with all of it. We got Daniel to accept a baptismal date on Sunday. Connie was still asleep. Everybody else was gone. That is not the first time I have had Daniel on date before though. We will see if he actually reads and prays this time. For some reason I think this time is different. I really hope so. They would be a super fun bunch of converts. Well I am over time, gotta go!!

Love ya tons!!

Elder Wood