Monday, July 21, 2014

Visit to the Forest of Homeless People

July 21, 2014 

Dear Family: 

I actually remembered something that we did on Monday!! After E-mailing and stuff we went to Elder Kelley and Gillette's apartment and played Settlers of Catan, but it was a United States version. That is all I got though...

Tuesday the zone had interviews with President Mullin. The interviews were different than how we are used to, but they were good. He called me and had me set up a pretty intense schedule for him and the missionaries to follow. We got to go first. He asked about the missionaries in the zone. I asked him if he would release me as a ZL and let me "go back to pasture". We talked about being a trainer again, that is what I am hoping for. I want to get doubled in again. He asked me to bear my testimony. I wasn't expecting that so it caught me off guard so it was pretty scatter brained, but we had a good conversation about it. Elder Hugie also had a good interview with him. After that we went to Menifee to get the tire pressure gauge in our car get fixed. We went to In-n-Out and ran into a bunch of Elders from that zone getting lunch after DDM. Like Elders Baltazar, Moyer, and some other ones I have served around. They have like 20 days left. Elder Moyer was 6 months out when I came into Hemet, I asked him how he lasted that long haha. Elder Baltazar told me and Elder Hugie something that has made us super trunky all week. We met with Gus again. Had dinner at Bishop’s house the 3rd night in a row. I told him he was the one who told us to call him when our dinners fall through! They were fine with it, they take good care of us. Because we can't have peanut butter at home cuz Kimo is super allergic to it we randomly go to their house for a snack so we can have some peanut butter sandwiches! After dinner Bishop had an interview with a less active person who just moved into the area and we were going to just "happen by". They didn't show though so we helped him brainstorm ideas on who our new homeshare should be. Actually when we left the house we were in front and I got an idea. I turned on a different road and raced off. Bishop knew what I was going for and the next road down we could see him between the houses trying to keep up. I gave him the advantage he got the freeway. It was super funny. We caught him at Dexter St. He turned in a different entrance so I took the other one to get in front but somebody in a PT Cruzer was going slow in front of me so he beat me. He claims he would have beaten me anyways but I dunno haha.  
Lake Elsinore

Elder Wood and Elder Hugie
Wednesday I got to go to Spanish land on exchanges!! I haven't gotten to do that since I was in Hemet! I went with Elder Galindo. He is from Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. In other words the place in Mexico you can see when you are in El Paso. I think at least. We had fun. It was hard to keep myself awake during the lessons because I didn't understand much. It did give me a desire again to learn Spanish though! I kinda had lost the flame but it got it burning again. I gave up doing it on my mission. No time. I will do it when I get home. I want to use the Book of Mormon to do it. I need something to keep my mind busy between the time I go to college and when I get home anyways. I asked Elder Galindo if I did that if I learned Spanish from reading the Book of Mormon if I would talk weird like "It came to pass" he thought that was pretty funny. He just said that I would speak correctly. I wouldn't know any slang which is good. We accidentally left the mission. We went to Marietta. It was to give a potential investigator a blessing, but we got a phone call right as we got to the hospital and said sorry they are at home. So we drove back to the other side of Lake Elsinore and then they were asleep, so we didn't even get to give them a blessing. Our dinner fell through. I was sad about that because that is one of the best parts about Spanish exchanges! The food!  

Thursday we went and did weekly planning at the church. We taught Jessica and Cindy and Connie. Also we found out how Connie and Daniel are connected to the rest of the group. Connie is Ramona's daughter but from another dad. So Jessica and all the others are half-sister. Anyways we watched the restoration. Connie hadn't come in at that point so we are going to watch it again with Daniel and Connie both. At a parking lot I met one of our neighbors. His name is Justin. He was cool and actually all of his family are members, but very less active. He said we could come by.  

Friday we had exchanges again. This time I was with Elder Kelley in my area. It was fun. We actually went on exchanges a long time ago in Hemet. That was on bike though so that wasn't near as fun. This time we got lost ha. It was in Perris. Martha was mad at us because we didn't show up to help her paint again. We tried! She just never answers her phone! I smoothed it over. Marty was there and he pulled me aside before I talked to her and warned me, I wasn't worried though we have a pretty good relationship with her. 

Saturday Elder Hugie and I went with Elders Kelley and Gillette to help Martha paint for a few hours. Don't worry though, this time I wasn't in my missionary clothes. She got us all lunch. Elder Hugie got a tongue burrito. I just got a California one. Martha’s mom owns a restaurant. It was pretty good. Also they best menudo I have ever had, but I don't really like it that much. I am out of time. Saturday was super slow. I forgot a story for Tuesday! We tried to find Sarah. We know Clinton is still in jail we don't get to teach him there though. It was pretty sketchy trying to find her place. I don't think I have ever been to a place as messed up as that homeless camp was. I didn't know people lived in conditions like that. When we walked to it (it was a ways in the middle of nowhere in the trees but we definitely knew when we got there) all we saw was trash. Like a pack rat but with people stuff or a hoarder without a place to put it. There was a tent and a random guy we could hear talking to himself, he got scared when he saw us so he skirted the trees (thinking we didn't know he was there) and ran got his bike and ran away haha. It was in a little forest kinda where a creek had been (it was right by the lake) and there would be a tent every once and a while with a ton of random clothes and other trash in a huge pile. A few tents down we saw a huge dog just sitting there, so were just started walking the other way and then kept on our path. I had the feeling people were there, they were just hiding really well. When we got to the end we could see the lake. Then we heard a guy yelling a bunch of profanities. Eventually we figured out he was yelling at us. So we walked towards it. The second he saw who we were he got very respectful. It was pretty cool. His name was Robert actually. He was really drunk though. He had us sit down (I was sitting on a cutting board on top of some stuff) and we taught him a little bit and then bounced when we found out Sarah wasn't there. When we went to dinner at Bishop’s we told him we had stooped to a new low. Trying to teach people in the homeless camps. He thought it was pretty funny. He actually got a call earlier that day from Sarah's family because they found out we met with them and they just wanted to warn him they have used the church before, so we are going to be careful with the situation. We probably won't see them unless they contact us. Well got to go bye!! 


Elder Wood 

And my turn (Elder Huge Hug) so this week, I’m sure Wood has already told you, has been tuff, but this is really cool to share. We went to our bishop’s house for a peanut butter sandwich!!! Since it was just Sister Aragon, we sat in the back and she made us peanut butter sandwiches. And wait for it, she even made peanut butter and nutella, which sounded weird, but then we tried it, it tastes like a recees peanut butter cup!! So good!! jJst wanted to share that cause we don’t get peanut butter that much. haha. Hope you all have a great week. I really like hearing about your family when Elder Wood gets his letters. It’s always fun to hear what all y’all are up to. haha. That’s what our mission president told us today in our Emails with him. He actually said all ya’ll! It was so cool!!! Bye, tell Shocka “Hi” for me.