Monday, April 29, 2013

Mission Blog

April 29, 2013

Dear Family:

Hey so I just found out that the mission has a ward mission blog. I think it is something like and it is pretty good. That is crazy you got so much snow! Then with the power out and stuff, those that sounds like a good adventure getting to drive around in stuff like that. I also just found out it isn't against the rules to have an iPod here. (I found out first week cuz a bunch of kids have them) I don't think I would want my iPod though, I wouldn't want to delete all the good music off of it. Thank you dad for getting mine out of my truck. I thought I had put it in my room. Dad I liked in the letter where you talked about never seeing strawberry shortcake. In Hemet I haven't seen a decent cookie and Elder Allen and I were talking about it right before I read your letter. People have fed us dozens, but only like 1 family has had some good ones, and they had to be fresh. Other than that, Elder Allen and I are considering just making some ourselves ha. Also I need all the advice I can get on pinewood derby cars. My investigator that is getting baptized on the 11th that just turned 9 is making his first one and asked me for help and I want him to win. Also I figured out how I won't complain if you buy an automatic sports car. If you get a Cadillac CTS it wouldn't be too bad. I saw a new black one of those and it looked like the Bat Mobile. So pretty sweet.

This week was kinda slow so not a lot to talk about. We had a lot of meetings and other stuff. Sunday and Monday we made friends with the Simpsons. They are a really cool family in my ward.

Tuesday we went to multi zones in Redlands. That was pretty cool. Learned some good stuff from President Smart. One thing that caught my attention from him was the emphasis he was putting on repentance. Basically he said if people understood it they would be coming up to us to be baptized. So as a mission we are all learning how to teach it better and explain repentance and how it is the key that connects us to the atonement. I also had a weird dream Monday night that a demon thing I guess stole my scriptures. It was pretty weird. I think dad is right, I think it is cuz something I eat before I go to bed.

Wednesday Allen had to go to the dentist but it was fun for me cuz I talked to the guy there who was working on becoming a dentist and I got some good advice from him.

Thursday we just had our normal visits. We had dinner with our bishop though. He had a player piano that was pretty neat.
Friday we had a really good lesson with Susan and she seems to be progressing well. Sam took us to Red Robin and that was fun.

Saturday we went up to Anza and Idawild. It is this really small branch up in the mountains by Hemet that hasn't had missionaries for like 3 years. We just went up to visit a bunch of less actives and try to get them to come to the branch meeting. It was pretty cool up there. It was like 4 thousand feet, but I think on the road we almost got to 5 thousand. The air felt way better up there. I think that is the highest altitude I will get on my mission until 2 years from now and I am chillin on a plane. It sucked when we got back down to Hemet and I got out of the car and it was way hotter and the air is all nasty and stuff. Somebody told me this weekend we almost got to one hundred already.

Sunday we went to teach Char and Issac (the ones getting baptized on the 11th.) We also got to hang out a second for his b-day party and give him some stuff.

Well sorry I am out of time. This letter and the last one might have been a little bit scatter brained cuz I have been rushed. We went and played pickle ball with Char both Mondays instead of playing basketball at the church.

This next week (the 6th) don't send my letter to my apartment. Send it to the mission home because of transfers I don’t know where I will be. They will hold it for a while too. So you might want to send me an e-mail of it cuz it gets help at the mission office until transfers are over. This transfer is going to be extra unpredictable because of the mission change that happens the transfer after this and that this next transfer is Elder Allen’s last one. So we really have no idea what will happen. If I train here I will be in this mission for sure (cuz of 12 week program but Pres has pulled people apart before then sometimes) if not (I don't really want to train) or just about anything could happen. Well that is all for now! Love you bye!  Elder Wood
Squirrel!!!  You have to look close to see it

The Squirrel is still there.

Elder Sparks, Elder Kelley and Elder Wood

???Road Hazards???


Monday, April 22, 2013

Can't Ride a Bike Without a Backpack! and Standard of Excellence

April 22, 2013 
Dear Family: 
It’s been an interesting week! Got lots done! We have a few baptisms coming up which is exciting! We would be baptizing Sharleen and Isaac this Saturday but there is youth conference this weekend and we couldn't get any of the buildings reserved so that sucks. We have to wait until May 11th now. So about your last letter. That is crazy about the blizzard. Especially joey getting stuck in it. That is cool thinking about the things he learned in scouts form Dad. Hearing about Skyler and Aaron drinking the milk is too funny.  It doesn't surprise me that Skyler likes the milk though. That is totally his personality I think ha. I just told him about reading about him having a crazy time getting a plane and the milk and stuff. We will have to see what he says. He also had an awesome experience placing his first book of Mormon. Brett I might get a picture of your twin, I don't see him a lot so getting a picture might end up being awkward ha. But he has dark hair and always is scruffy like you. A little shorter than you but the same green eyes. He is the same age and just graduated with his masters but his is in teaching P.E. so it’s not quite as impressive haha. I think it is awesome that Jason got that hot tub. In the summers when I am home does it get to follow him home there too? That is cool that Nick is the coach this year, I hope him and Fieldstead work well together, I think they will. I think that is something they both have wanted to do for a while now so they should be excited and motivated to push the girls to be successful. That is awesome you get to go to BYU invitational, I know it’s not easy from when I went. That is cool you have worked hard at it. I also think it is neat you are doing the 800, cuz that was probably my best race even though it was the hardest on me. Oh and Sharee when people like that ask about me, tell them, and then tell them my address in on FB and tell them to write me. I love getting letters. Even though I am behind on sending some ha. I have had two done for a week now I just haven't had time to drop them off. Bill and his family wrote me. Sounds like they had a good time on the cruise and the warm weather. Dayton’s brothers name is Bo or Bou or Bow or however you spell it. Ya I know Kayden his other brother cuz we shared a tent at timberline a while ago. I also got a letter from Susan and some money. Thank you!  Ronny I also thought of one other thing to add to what I told you last week. I don't remember who it was by, but I think it was Joseph Smith, and it was a quote with something to the effect of, teach children true doctrine and then let them govern themselves. I think that might be sort of how Mom and Dad did it. I think you learn better that way, cuz those kids whose parents don't let them make choices either get way rebellious or just can't make decisions for themself. Both are problems. 
Well this week some of our investigators just got fed some big ol pieces of humble pie. I will tell you who as I go. 
 Tuesday we just had our regular meetings. We had a lesson at 9 before with Sister Snow who we are helping quit coffee. We took our backpacks to the church for our meetings and ran back home to get our suits on and get picked up by Elders Beeston and Moyer. I figured out I forgot how to ride a bike without a backpack. I got on and just felt like I didn't have my seatbelt on or something and I couldn't figure out why I was uncomfortable. I figured out it was because I didn't have my backpack on. We then had our lesson with Sharleen (Char) and that is when we got her to accept baptism! We also had a lesson that day with Jessie (the one who went to Utah for General Conference) and she is working to getting to the temple! 
Wednesday we tried to have a lesson with Susan (the one who tried to drop us) and she canceled on us she said she couldn't do it today. Then we just had a normal day. Sam was driving us around that night and our 8 o’clock appointment dropped through so we were trying to figure out what to do. Sam is like "guys I think we need to pray about it" so I said a prayer and we sat and thought about it. We came to the conclusion we needed to go and try and see Susan again. That is when we figured out she got served some humble pie. Things just went way down hill after she tried dropping us and she didn't realize it until we came back. (problems with money and getting a job and stuff like that) To top it off that day she had to have an emergency tooth extraction so they took out her two front teeth... We gave her a blessing and we are meeting with her again now. She said it is hard to go a week without us and even harder to try and go without God. She loved the blessing, she said she felt like she was levitating for minute there.  
Thursday Elder Allen went to San Diego to the temple to see one of his recent converts go through the temple and then get married in it. So that was cool for him. Christian came and hung out with me all day. We met with Joseph. He also got humbled. Friday he woke up in jail and got his daughter taken away cuz he got drunk and went crazy. He has drank so much now he is to the point he can't have any alcohol because he has a low tolerance and the smallest drink can mess him up. He is being a lot more accepting to the gospel now and is in classes trying to quit drinking. He has been sober for over a week now. He is trying to get his daughter back. We also taught Steve who is close to baptism. Elder Allen says he is the smartest investigator he has ever had. He understands it well. I taught Roy Brown again by myself while Elder Allen was with Bro. Boyd. That is always fun. Roy always keeps it interesting. 
Friday we had another good day and Sam got to see us put another person on date for baptism. Her name is Debra. She is like 20 or 21 with a kid and really cool.  
Saturday Elder Jessup got to come back for a baptism so it was cool to get to see him for a second.
Sunday we had enough people at church and had taught enough people that week that we got Standard of Excellence which is cool. First one for me and Allen both (it isn't as easy to get as you would think cuz he has been out almost two years and working hard) If you look at the weekly e-mail that President and Sister Smart send out it will be on there one of these weeks. 
Well I am out of time! Love you tons!
Elder Wood

Monday, April 15, 2013

Quitting Coffee

April 15, 2013

Dear Family:

That story about Lydia was awesome, I am still laughing about it. Sounds like you had a really productive week, now I can't help I kinda miss that happy busy time at home in April but mostly May that is super busy but it is still fun anyways. I feel like me and Allen are being really productive, it is just a different kind. This week we taught a ton of lessons. So many we didn't have time for weekly planning ha. For all of those of you who haven't been on a mission in the last 5 years that is just like where we plan for the next week and it takes like 2 hours, so after study time you end up not getting to work for all morning. That sucks that is all I got back for a tax return, I’m going to owe you like 4 grand when I get back haha. I didn't notice that Dads name wasn't on the letter, if you clarified that because I was asking him questions that isn't why I asked them, I was just curious. It just dawned on me that dad can marry people now cuz I was talking to some members about civil marriages. I hope you get to do that sometime. I can't believe you actually burned the pile! I was saving that thing! ha jk. that thing was thick, I’m not surprised it burned that hard. Brett btw in your last letter Ronny changed your name, you will have to ask him about it haha. Also keep those backflip skills up, I lost mine a while ago and it is hard to get back. I flew of the tramp once and then I've sucked at it ever since. Ronny, how did I stay out of trouble? I have no idea to be honest. ask mom and dad how they did it cuz it beats me. I am glad you asked the question cuz it had me thinking about it. In a lesson I got asked the same question and it helped me have an answer for her. Otherwise I don't think I would have had an answer. They best I came up with was from PMG was p. 19. There is a quote on there from Boyd K. Packer "True doctrine understood changes attitudes and behaviors. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior  quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior. The thing is my friends also understood the doctrine, probably even better than me. I think my saving grace was I saw a direct correlation with how my days and weeks would go in relation to my prayer and scripture study. That and living the gospel just made life easier. So maybe obedience too. I didn't understand a lot and I still don't. I think being in a small town also helped, we don't have it near as bad I found out at college talking to people and then talking to people out here. Sharee those are some impressive track stats. Also your story about Bryant thinking  Moni was named Robby makes a story Lisa told me make a lot more sense now ha. Also thank you guys for sending me the newspaper things.

 So here is the weekly breakdown.

Monday after e-mailing we went thrift shopping. I bought a old suit cuz I hate wearing out my good suit going to meetings and stuff. I will still wear my good one to church though. I also got a sick flannel shirt. We talked to a crazy while we were doing that. I don't normally tell you about all the crazy people I talk to cuz that is pretty much a daily experience. But I found this one funny cuz something that happened a few days later. It was this lady wearing all white that told us that we need to be vegetarians and never get married and we need to give our self to God. Then a bunch of other crazy stuff I don’t have time to go into about how the second coming just ended and it started in like 62 and he just left again like 2 years ago and now she is traveling by foot all over the country talking about it. On like Thursday I found the scripture 1 Timothy 4:1-3 while I was looking up stuff about dispensations. I texted it to Elder Albright and Kelly cuz they were with us when it happened and they thought it was pretty funny.

Tuesday I was on exchanges with E. Albright. That was fun. We went to the Rex's again for a minute and met her son that just got back from serving in SLC. So he and I talked about that for quite a while Elder Albright got referrals. Mom they have these things called pretzel rolls. You will love them. And yes they are amazing. They come from Costco.

Wednesday Susan tried to drop us, but we didn't let her. She had to wait in the doctor’s office for like 6 hours one day and found a magazine with a bunch of anti crap in it. So we pretty much spent a whole lesson explaining the stupid stuff to her and she also decided that she doesn't belong in the church cuz she doesn’t have a family and can't pay tithing. It’s a good thing Elder Allen was there cuz he had some bomb answers to all her questions. We are going to see her again soon and hopefully all goes well there. I also got to talk about Jessie in a lesson about going to Utah and she loved it.

Thursday we went to see a guy named Joseph that Elder Allen picked up while I was on exchanges. When we got to his house all I saw was this black guy standing in front of a few people blaring a recording of somebody preaching and I was like Elder Allen. What did you get us into? So we went and met the guy and he was cool. Then he went in the house and switched the cd to some rap instrumentals and he is like let me show you how I teach people about Jesus. He started rapping and he was good! Then he turned to me and was like spit a rhyme! I was laughing so hard I couldn't even think. So then he started rapping about Joseph Smith and Moroni showing him the plates and stuff. It was cool! and he knew his stuff. I was super excited to get into the discussion and then he is like wait, we are waiting for somebody for our lesson. Then two Jehova Witnesses’ showed up and Joseph makes us promise that we won’t bash with them. So we pretty much just talked about the bible with them and tried to not tell them they were wrong. We also taught Steve and he's going loved General Conference and is gonna get baptized. I taught Roy Brown alone this time which was fun. So I pretty much got to see some of my favorite people that day.

Friday when I woke up I had a dream about grandpa. Me and him were in his old big garage and I just got home from my mission (even though I was in my shirt and tie). He was showing me this awesome semi that he welded the entire frame so it was completely custom. It looked sweet. All he had was the frame and he was getting hoses and stuff like that getting ready to drop in the motor and tranny and stuff. I also found my iPod and was super happy it still worked (something I was thinking about earlier that week) in a pile of fiber one bars. (Bro drake keeps giving me those things and they are amazing). Plus some other cool stuff that I don't have time to write. We had an awesome dinner at Sam’s house. His mom made us carne asada and it was amazing. We were supposed to go to some other city to go somewhere cool but I don't think Sam called Pres Smart to ask so we didn't .

Saturday I had my first experience helping somebody quit coffee. We took her (Sis Snow my first lesson in the field) coffee and hid her cups and coffee maker and stuff. So we just have a bunch of coffee chilling in our place. We are going to give it to this guy that owns a restaurant and gives us free breakfast whenever we want. Dad I used the first letter you sent me with Sis Snow. The one about the guy you met that speared his own fish and that awesome story there. She loved it. She said you were a good missionary and that you are also a really eloquent writer. (to me you sound a lot like Clive Cussler, probably cuz you listen to those books so much). we are working with her every day now to help her quit so she can get to the temple.

Sunday was good, we had some investigators there. I realized a couple things Sunday. Missionaries are the only ones in church that actually carry their scriptures anymore. Everybody is using I pads and phones now except us ha. I also got to stand in on ordaining Bro. Drake’s son a Deacon cuz he wanted Allen and I in there. It was a big circle and I thought we were going to break the poor kids neck so I was trying to hold up some of the weight. I have been thinking about blessings a lot because we do them a lot. During the blessing I realized something. There are not a very many things as comforting as a couple good pair of heavy worthy hands sitting on top of your head. After that, I stopped trying to hold up the weight.

Well that’s all I have for the week!

Love you bye!

P.S. I got Kaiden, Jetson and Skylers e-mails. Skyer is the only one I had a hard time with

this is me and Elder Albright and a cool sign.

Traditional Missionary Salute!

Also would you mind sending me the talk "Safety for the Soul" by Elder Holland with a letter. I hope it’s not too thick. I don't remember it for sure but I think it might be a good one for me to share with people about the Book of Mormon.  Just caught a 2 minute glimpse of it the other day.

Also tell Ronny I thought of another business idea. Storage units. Easy to maintain and everybody has too much crap to keep at their house. If somebody doesn’t pay, just cut the lock and take the stuff out and rent it out again





Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Going to be Lazy All P-Day

Dear Family:

Monday, April 8, 2013 12:59 PM

Well this has been a new and exciting week! But to get started. Sharee, what events are you doing in track? You were pretty good at long jump and running. Are you improving at all in any events? Also those pics of you and Kelsey were pretty awesome haha. So what do I have to do to get you to send me some CD's? Which Mckayla is going to Paraguay?!? You didn't say! It could be either one! Even though it would be less likely for Harrison right after she graduates and with her health problems but hey she could be 19 by then. I was. But I would think if it was Thacker she would have told me she was thinking about putting in her papers before I left on my mission! Or that she would have written me by now and told me! Brett, the only reason I would ever get up before 6:30 on the mission would be to go work out haha. Unless we were doing something awesome on p-day. We only go to the gym on Tuesday-Friday cuz Saturday it isn't open early enough and Monday let’s get real, I’m going to be lazy all p-day. Ain't nobody got time for being all hard working on p-day. We also get up at 5:45 on Sundays, but that’s for meetings with our ward, so that’s no fun anyways. On the days we get up early we try and go to bed at 10, sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't. I’m glad you guys told me about Courtney Jensen. I would rather you guys told me about stuff like that so I know. Even if you think it would be a hard one for me to hear, I would rather know than not. I didn't ever think she would do that, it really took me by surprise. I am glad the kids from all 3 schools came together for her, that is awesome. I hope and pray the best for her family. I also really liked the quote you sent me from Elder Ballard. Lisa was right about my perspective of the event being different as a missionary. I’m glad you guys pointed it out to me though, cuz I didn't realize myself I did until you said that. Maybe if you guys support them right they will come to church, ya never know. So Courtney Bolton, is she the cute one I used to go to primary with? That’s funny Dad got her to go up there and speak! And it’s cool she is going on a mission at the same time as her cousin Jessica too! I got a couple good letters from family this week and last! Multiple from the Peters family that were all really awesome! Thank you guys for all sending me letters. I love getting mail haha. I also got a card with some money from Aunt Linda with some money to go to In-and-Out for me and my companion. And yes we already went haha and it was great. I love In-and-Out. I don't think I had ever gone to one before I got here, but that is going to change haha. I also got an e-mail from Kaiden so I’ve got to e-mail him back. He is family too haha. I tried sending an e-mail to Jetson and Skyler and I just guessed at their addresses. We will see if they got it. Would it be too much trouble to ask you guys to try and get them for me from their parents?

This week was good, and we are hopefully going to be getting some of our investigators to church a lot better this month. That is what I am hoping for at least. Then I can baptize em.

Tuesday we taught this guy we met on the street the other day. His name is JP. He is like that cool neighborhood black guy that everybody knows because he is super friendly and other stuff haha. He is super spiritual and loves the Mormons because he thinks we are the closest to the truth that there is, so we told him we are and why. He is our friend now but he won’t commit to anything very well cuz he hates organized religion. He did say that if he was going to join a church it would be ours though. We also went to Jessie Escalante's house (the one we went to her son's party for dinner and I met Josh Lopez at) to teach a lesson. I found out she is going to conference so I got super distracted and talked about conference and going to Utah most of the time on accident. But I it wasn't a total waste of time, cuz I taught her about using tracks and that she needed to take a coat ha. I was just super excited she was going so close to my home ha. I texted her while she was there (she went to the Saturday afternoon) and it was kinda fun to text somebody that was in Utah. Oh I also saw a dog that looked exactly like Shou Guay too and he was chow/something else haha. It looked just like him. 

Wednesday we taught Susan, one of our best investigators. We found out she also has a problem with organized religion. I dunno why I keep running into that problem.  I think it is an excuse. So if you have any good advice, lemme know. We got her to the first session on Sunday at the church and she loved it. I think she likes Elder Uchtdorf the best. We also taught Roy Brown. We were with Sam that night and our plan fell through at 8 so same took us over there because we are supposed to be getting him back to church but hadn't met him yet. He was cool. He is like that old cool guy that is super funny, and talks a lot. He asked where I was from and I always start with Altamont (which he didn't know) and then move to Vernal and he’s like that crazy town next to Roosevelt! So we had a good little talk about that too ha.

Thursday The only good story is that we got a media referral for a girl and we went and met her mom on like Tuesday.  We set up our dinner for Thursday night. We got there and ate with a bunch of kids that were friends with members and Elder Allen even new one of them from his last area. The girl (Joleen) couldn't be there though cuz she got called into work. So she wrote us a letter for us to read in front of everyone. I forgot to take a picture of it to send to you. She dropped us in the letter, it was kinda funny but we were sad about it.

I don't have time to write about Friday, because half of it was spent in a zone meeting. I went to In-and-Out though with Aunt Linda's money so that was cool! We also ate at this cool Catholic place called Kings of Columbus with a bar in it and they made us spaghetti that was good.

Saturday I was watching conference of course. I have never looked forward to conference this much in my life ever. Or loved it as much as I did this time. It was way cool. I am out of time but you guys watched it too, so you basically know what I did all day. Btw can somebody get on my fb and check out Cameron Vantassel’s profile? See if he said anything about singing in the BYU Choir in the Saturday afternoon session, cuz I am like 90 percent sure I saw him a few times. The only problem was they kept shooting the side of his head. It sure looked like him. He was like 5 people in from the isle and pretty close to the top.

Sunday was awesome too. On Saturday I ate dinner with Brett’s twin brother, who looks like him a ton and is the same age, but he drives the exact same truck as mom, except his is the sport edition and his wheels are shiny.

Well I'm out of time gtg,

Love Elder Wood

P.S. I just remembered some stuff. I thought of the two things I want for my birthday instead of a shaver. I want a balance board and then one of those things Brett has that is the ball that you start with a string that works out your forearms. I am going to try and make a balance board though so I might not need one of those. I am trying to find a skateboard deck and then I will use a 2 liter bottle. It isn't the best, but that is better than nothing. Love you bye!

I forgot! Sam is going to Salt Lake this weekend and wanted to know if you guys wanted to know if you guys wanted to meet him there if you had anything to send here to me with him. He is actually going to Provo I think to pick up his sister at school there I think and might be confused or he really is going to salt lake. His number is 951-213-9150. Call or text him if you want. But not until Wednesday night, cuz he won’t have his new phone until then cuz he broke it while he was with us. Don't call him Friday afternoon because he is taking us to dinner somewhere, so that wouldn't be good haha. So if you want to meet him or send anything here, here is your opportunity. If not, that’s cool too. If he ends up with a different phone number for some reason when he gets his new phone I might have him send a text to Dad or something. If you don't get one, just expect his number to be the same. I think he would be able to meet up with you Saturday morning sometime maybe if you guys want to. Well I hope your week goes well and I am excited to get your letter on Wednesday!!


Elder Wood


Monday, April 1, 2013

Sharee Disobedient??

April 1, 2013

Dear Family:

Hey this is going to be kinda a crazy letter, I am short on time because we didn't do regular p-day activity. Elder Allen and I went and played pickle ball with our investigator Suzan. To answer some questions from your last week’s letters I don't know where Sharee got her disobedient tendencies. I was a perfectly obedient child and always respectful to my parents. Ok.. I admit, I was a terrible example. Sharee you need to do better than me. You might not believe me but mom and dad are pretty smart. Just do what they say, it will make your life easier. I got the sunglasses, I have them on my head right now. I got them on Wednesday. Elder Albright picked them up at the mission office when he went to get his trainee. I dunno if they were there very long or not, it depends on if it was from ups, fed-ex, or the postal service. If it was Postal I would have got it the next day. Sharee, send me music please! Right now I am copying some Jackie Evancho. She is like 12 but sounds like a pro. I might have you guys send me some cd-s to help me learn some Spanish. I will still get to go to the temple when the mission boundaries change. And it’s not if, it’s when. And when is in June. Nobody knows who will be in those areas that get absorbed until we get to that time. But we will still get to the temple as long as the mission president wants us to. Dad, if you want to buy a truck buy mine, and then help me buy a sports car or an WRX haha. Are you shopping now for a car/ truck? If so, let me know so I can put in my two cents! Elder Law isn't here anymore, but yes he was. And yes he is Dayton’s brother, I didn't meet him though, I almost went to his homecoming though. Sorry I forgot to describe Sam haha. He is 22 and got baptized like a year and a half ago. I am super jealous you all got to go to Logan! Yes, Fee Busby was one of my professors, he is pretty cool. I took wild 2000 from him. Brett I loved the jump zone too ha. I never tried to do the gainer, you will have to show me how when I get back, I was pretty bomb with the double front though! Ronny, you remember a while ago when you asked for business ideas? I got a few in the shower the other day. #1 trampoline house #2 starbucks (it would be super successful in Roosevelt but I’m not sure if it is ok to sell coffee where we encourage people to not drink it so that one would be sorta hypocritical) #3 One day I want to buy the theater in Altamont and make it super awesome. Make a new old style sign like is there now but new and make it nice inside and have quality stuff so dad will actually go watch it. So you could get that ball rolling, but remember, I want in on that one! How often do I need to get my bike tuned? What do they even do in a tune? Can I just do it? I spend too much time in the bike shop as it is but I am chill with the guy that owns it. I have been through like 3 tubes haha. Also what and where is that chain lube you had at the house dad so I can buy some?

Wow I am shortish on time haha. Sorry!!

Kenny I wanted to tell you about last week is this bible bashing born again that we are trying to teach. His wife got baptized 5 years ago, married him and has been inactive for 5 years. He is sorta hard to teach and he is pretty skeptical but we are hoping we are making some headway.

I also just switched planners this last week because of the transfer so I only have half of the week’s notes to write to you.. Sorry again!! (at least my last letter was good)

Monday at p-day I realized the only white people I hang out with is my companion and a few of the other elders here, I will send some pics for you to see. I’m not racist by the way I love them, I’m just saying it’s a lot different from home where Vanoy Hatch is the only ethnicity I am used to. They call themselves Lamanites and I think it’s funny haha. It was sad to see Elder Jessup go, but that’s ok, he’s in a better place now, Merrida. It is way nicer there and a lot less ghetto.

Tuesday I don't really remember.

Wednesday I went with the ZL's again on exchanges. I went to their area this time which I loved because they are Spanish speaking missionaries. I pretty much spent the whole day not knowing what was going on but loving trying to figure out what they were saying. If I know the subject that is being taught I can pretty well know how the lesson is going and what Elder Drawsbeck was saying, but if it is just a normal conversation I am completely lost ha. The food was even better! It was awesome until 6 o-clock when we went on splits and I went on my own to go teach some people that I don't speak the same language as. That was pretty hard. Then it got harder because some other complications with Drawsbeck not actually having real appointments so I just showed up on their door unexpectedly not being able to talk to them so I would either talk to their kids or the guy I was with went on a Spanish speaking missionary would try and translate, so I was a little bit frustrated with E. Drawsbeck after that, but it was still a good exchange. Plus I got to ride in a truck all day.

The rest of the week ended up being pretty slow because we pretty much taught everybody on Tuesday and Wednesday. We met this less active lady that just got put on the Ward mission process on Thursday that was cool.

Friday I got to meet E. Albrights new comp Elder Kelly. He reminds me of Chance and Heston. He looks a lot like them and sorta has the same personality. Plus he has red hair. He is pretty cool. He is from Atlanta Georgia. 

Saturday was slow too. For dinner we went to Ruth and Jessie's house, for a b-day party for Jessie’s son Jordan. That was way fun. They are like the first lesson I taught. They are less active, but we are getting them back. They are way cool and we are good friends with them. At the party I sat buy their nephew or cousin or something and his girl friend. We were talking about where we are from and I said Altamont Utah and the kid is like I know where that is and I was tired so I didn't think anything of it and just decided he wasn't telling the truth and went on with the conversation. Later on he said he served in Huston and I was like my brother was there! and he like no way Jason Wood?! He didn't say anything even though he recognized the name and thought we looked similar because he just thought it was coincidence. So he did actually hear about Altamont before. His name is Josh Lopez. So Jason Elder Lopez says what’s up and that you were way cool and he wishes he could play the guitar like you. I guess the mission pres took way that privilege a little bit after you left he said. Playing the guitar that is. I was going to take a picture with him but I forgot, well everybody is waiting for me bye!

Love Elder Wood

I have a video of Christian and Bryon in my apartment  at lunch (two of my friends besides Sam that goes on splits with us a lot) but it is too big to let me send it. Also don't worry about sending me BLANK cd's Elder Allen gave me all his old ones  I can use. You can send all the ones with music on it you want too. Sorry this letter is kinda short, it was a crazy week.

That is me and Elder Jessup. A lady had us over for Easter for a second to get a basket and candy. Her name is Martha Doke. She is a really nice lady from the ward. You guys never told me if you made a blog or not, or how somebody would have seen that picture of me and Kaiden in the MTC. It’s ok if you don't get that one answered though. You also never said anything about what you know about getting missionary work changed to elders and sisters being the same amount of time and now I have had a member or two ask me about it so I just wondered if it was in church news or something
Elder Jessup and Elder Wood

Elder Wood and Elder Allen

Martha Doke

Winning the Game
Elder Allen and Elder Wood

More Winnings

Elder Allen, Elder Wood, Elder Jessup and Elder Allbright