Monday, April 22, 2013

Can't Ride a Bike Without a Backpack! and Standard of Excellence

April 22, 2013 
Dear Family: 
It’s been an interesting week! Got lots done! We have a few baptisms coming up which is exciting! We would be baptizing Sharleen and Isaac this Saturday but there is youth conference this weekend and we couldn't get any of the buildings reserved so that sucks. We have to wait until May 11th now. So about your last letter. That is crazy about the blizzard. Especially joey getting stuck in it. That is cool thinking about the things he learned in scouts form Dad. Hearing about Skyler and Aaron drinking the milk is too funny.  It doesn't surprise me that Skyler likes the milk though. That is totally his personality I think ha. I just told him about reading about him having a crazy time getting a plane and the milk and stuff. We will have to see what he says. He also had an awesome experience placing his first book of Mormon. Brett I might get a picture of your twin, I don't see him a lot so getting a picture might end up being awkward ha. But he has dark hair and always is scruffy like you. A little shorter than you but the same green eyes. He is the same age and just graduated with his masters but his is in teaching P.E. so it’s not quite as impressive haha. I think it is awesome that Jason got that hot tub. In the summers when I am home does it get to follow him home there too? That is cool that Nick is the coach this year, I hope him and Fieldstead work well together, I think they will. I think that is something they both have wanted to do for a while now so they should be excited and motivated to push the girls to be successful. That is awesome you get to go to BYU invitational, I know it’s not easy from when I went. That is cool you have worked hard at it. I also think it is neat you are doing the 800, cuz that was probably my best race even though it was the hardest on me. Oh and Sharee when people like that ask about me, tell them, and then tell them my address in on FB and tell them to write me. I love getting letters. Even though I am behind on sending some ha. I have had two done for a week now I just haven't had time to drop them off. Bill and his family wrote me. Sounds like they had a good time on the cruise and the warm weather. Dayton’s brothers name is Bo or Bou or Bow or however you spell it. Ya I know Kayden his other brother cuz we shared a tent at timberline a while ago. I also got a letter from Susan and some money. Thank you!  Ronny I also thought of one other thing to add to what I told you last week. I don't remember who it was by, but I think it was Joseph Smith, and it was a quote with something to the effect of, teach children true doctrine and then let them govern themselves. I think that might be sort of how Mom and Dad did it. I think you learn better that way, cuz those kids whose parents don't let them make choices either get way rebellious or just can't make decisions for themself. Both are problems. 
Well this week some of our investigators just got fed some big ol pieces of humble pie. I will tell you who as I go. 
 Tuesday we just had our regular meetings. We had a lesson at 9 before with Sister Snow who we are helping quit coffee. We took our backpacks to the church for our meetings and ran back home to get our suits on and get picked up by Elders Beeston and Moyer. I figured out I forgot how to ride a bike without a backpack. I got on and just felt like I didn't have my seatbelt on or something and I couldn't figure out why I was uncomfortable. I figured out it was because I didn't have my backpack on. We then had our lesson with Sharleen (Char) and that is when we got her to accept baptism! We also had a lesson that day with Jessie (the one who went to Utah for General Conference) and she is working to getting to the temple! 
Wednesday we tried to have a lesson with Susan (the one who tried to drop us) and she canceled on us she said she couldn't do it today. Then we just had a normal day. Sam was driving us around that night and our 8 o’clock appointment dropped through so we were trying to figure out what to do. Sam is like "guys I think we need to pray about it" so I said a prayer and we sat and thought about it. We came to the conclusion we needed to go and try and see Susan again. That is when we figured out she got served some humble pie. Things just went way down hill after she tried dropping us and she didn't realize it until we came back. (problems with money and getting a job and stuff like that) To top it off that day she had to have an emergency tooth extraction so they took out her two front teeth... We gave her a blessing and we are meeting with her again now. She said it is hard to go a week without us and even harder to try and go without God. She loved the blessing, she said she felt like she was levitating for minute there.  
Thursday Elder Allen went to San Diego to the temple to see one of his recent converts go through the temple and then get married in it. So that was cool for him. Christian came and hung out with me all day. We met with Joseph. He also got humbled. Friday he woke up in jail and got his daughter taken away cuz he got drunk and went crazy. He has drank so much now he is to the point he can't have any alcohol because he has a low tolerance and the smallest drink can mess him up. He is being a lot more accepting to the gospel now and is in classes trying to quit drinking. He has been sober for over a week now. He is trying to get his daughter back. We also taught Steve who is close to baptism. Elder Allen says he is the smartest investigator he has ever had. He understands it well. I taught Roy Brown again by myself while Elder Allen was with Bro. Boyd. That is always fun. Roy always keeps it interesting. 
Friday we had another good day and Sam got to see us put another person on date for baptism. Her name is Debra. She is like 20 or 21 with a kid and really cool.  
Saturday Elder Jessup got to come back for a baptism so it was cool to get to see him for a second.
Sunday we had enough people at church and had taught enough people that week that we got Standard of Excellence which is cool. First one for me and Allen both (it isn't as easy to get as you would think cuz he has been out almost two years and working hard) If you look at the weekly e-mail that President and Sister Smart send out it will be on there one of these weeks. 
Well I am out of time! Love you tons!
Elder Wood