Monday, April 29, 2013

Mission Blog

April 29, 2013

Dear Family:

Hey so I just found out that the mission has a ward mission blog. I think it is something like and it is pretty good. That is crazy you got so much snow! Then with the power out and stuff, those that sounds like a good adventure getting to drive around in stuff like that. I also just found out it isn't against the rules to have an iPod here. (I found out first week cuz a bunch of kids have them) I don't think I would want my iPod though, I wouldn't want to delete all the good music off of it. Thank you dad for getting mine out of my truck. I thought I had put it in my room. Dad I liked in the letter where you talked about never seeing strawberry shortcake. In Hemet I haven't seen a decent cookie and Elder Allen and I were talking about it right before I read your letter. People have fed us dozens, but only like 1 family has had some good ones, and they had to be fresh. Other than that, Elder Allen and I are considering just making some ourselves ha. Also I need all the advice I can get on pinewood derby cars. My investigator that is getting baptized on the 11th that just turned 9 is making his first one and asked me for help and I want him to win. Also I figured out how I won't complain if you buy an automatic sports car. If you get a Cadillac CTS it wouldn't be too bad. I saw a new black one of those and it looked like the Bat Mobile. So pretty sweet.

This week was kinda slow so not a lot to talk about. We had a lot of meetings and other stuff. Sunday and Monday we made friends with the Simpsons. They are a really cool family in my ward.

Tuesday we went to multi zones in Redlands. That was pretty cool. Learned some good stuff from President Smart. One thing that caught my attention from him was the emphasis he was putting on repentance. Basically he said if people understood it they would be coming up to us to be baptized. So as a mission we are all learning how to teach it better and explain repentance and how it is the key that connects us to the atonement. I also had a weird dream Monday night that a demon thing I guess stole my scriptures. It was pretty weird. I think dad is right, I think it is cuz something I eat before I go to bed.

Wednesday Allen had to go to the dentist but it was fun for me cuz I talked to the guy there who was working on becoming a dentist and I got some good advice from him.

Thursday we just had our normal visits. We had dinner with our bishop though. He had a player piano that was pretty neat.
Friday we had a really good lesson with Susan and she seems to be progressing well. Sam took us to Red Robin and that was fun.

Saturday we went up to Anza and Idawild. It is this really small branch up in the mountains by Hemet that hasn't had missionaries for like 3 years. We just went up to visit a bunch of less actives and try to get them to come to the branch meeting. It was pretty cool up there. It was like 4 thousand feet, but I think on the road we almost got to 5 thousand. The air felt way better up there. I think that is the highest altitude I will get on my mission until 2 years from now and I am chillin on a plane. It sucked when we got back down to Hemet and I got out of the car and it was way hotter and the air is all nasty and stuff. Somebody told me this weekend we almost got to one hundred already.

Sunday we went to teach Char and Issac (the ones getting baptized on the 11th.) We also got to hang out a second for his b-day party and give him some stuff.

Well sorry I am out of time. This letter and the last one might have been a little bit scatter brained cuz I have been rushed. We went and played pickle ball with Char both Mondays instead of playing basketball at the church.

This next week (the 6th) don't send my letter to my apartment. Send it to the mission home because of transfers I don’t know where I will be. They will hold it for a while too. So you might want to send me an e-mail of it cuz it gets help at the mission office until transfers are over. This transfer is going to be extra unpredictable because of the mission change that happens the transfer after this and that this next transfer is Elder Allen’s last one. So we really have no idea what will happen. If I train here I will be in this mission for sure (cuz of 12 week program but Pres has pulled people apart before then sometimes) if not (I don't really want to train) or just about anything could happen. Well that is all for now! Love you bye!  Elder Wood
Squirrel!!!  You have to look close to see it

The Squirrel is still there.

Elder Sparks, Elder Kelley and Elder Wood

???Road Hazards???