Monday, May 6, 2013

Elder Allen Moving On

May 6, 2013

Dear Family:

Well I had a good week. I forgot my notes from the letter and from the whole week so I won’t have as much to say. Brett your story was crazy, it was some good reading for sure haha. Sharee I heard of a cd you could send me. I guess there is an orchestra version of Skrillex that some missionaries have somewhere. Check it out for me and see if it is any good and if a missionary should have it (I doubt it will be a problem) If its good you don't need to ask me about it cuz that will take forever, just send it if it is good.
Tuesday me and E. Kelly went on exchanges which was way fun. We ran into E. Sparks on the street so we went to lunch with him. For lunch we went to an awesome barber and got a super fresh cut. This is the shortest I ever remember having my hair. Then we went to DQ cuz we get to eat there for free. I would send you picture of my hair but I didn't get my camera with my notes either ha. Just check the blog here in a while, I will be on it soon but I will tell you about that later. Then Kelley and I went and had some sweet lessons. I don't have my notes so the only one I can remember was sister Fantasia, cuz it was really hot, and it was nice to sit and drink some water in her house.

Wednesday I honestly don't remember what I did.

Thursday we helped move in an older couple that is pretty cool.  Then some lunch and then went and did some service for sister Doak. So we pretty much didn't get any good lessons in until that night.

We did a lot more service this week than we wanted to.

Friday I dunno either

Saturday we got transfer calls...  luckily I can actually remember Saturday cuz it was only two day ago. Normally how they go the Pres. calls all the leadership in the morning during study time aka ap, zl, dl, trainers. I was for sure we weren't going to get a call so I just didn't worry about it. So in the morning for breakfast we went with Elders Albright and Kelly to our free breakfast at the Kozy Kitchen and went and laid some sod. That was kinda fun because I got to play in the dirt instead of mowing somebody’s lawn or something like that we always do that messes with my allergies. They are in the San Jacinto ward so we went with Elders Kelly and Albright to do that one. We did a little bit of calling around and it turns out that nobody in any of the zones had gotten a call from the president so everybody was on edge cuz it is such a crazy transfer. After that we went with them back to DQ again for some free lunch. While I was ordering I had the phone and got a call from the Pres. so I gave the phone to Elder Allen. He got called to go back to being a ZL. He was one for 6 months before he trained me. He is going to Lake Elsinore. We thought we would be together for another transfer cuz he only has one left, so he isn't very happy about it. Then he said the Pres wanted to talk to me. I thought he was just going to say what”s up? He told me I was training. So I am headed to the mission office tomorrow to pick up my new companion. So that should be interesting. Allen was telling me the whole time it was going to happen but I didn't believe him. I am excited for it, but I feel a little bit inadequate.

Sunday we pretty much went and saw all our favorite people and taught a few lessons. It was a fun day but I am going to miss Elder Allen.

Well not much else to tell you, I am sure I will have plenty to tell you next week. I have a lot on the fire. but I am excited to talk to you!

See your face in 6 days!

Love ya bye!

Elder Wood