Monday, May 20, 2013

Awesome Cookies!

May 20, 2013

Dear Family:

Well we had a good week! Stayed busy, but no super exciting stories though. So make sure you keep a copy of those pics I sent you, those are from E. Feist's camera. By the way, that is his bike in the picture, it is pretty sweet. I like mine better to ride and it is pretty good looking, but I like how his is mostly white.

Monday was good, just your usual P-day.

Tuesday we picked up two new investigators Ty and Gary. They are like 20 or 21. I think I told you we met them last E-mail, but this was our first lesson with them. It went pretty well.

Wednesday we had In-and-Out with Jessie and Ruth and then a Book of Mormon lesson. They are probably my favorite people we are working with right now. They joke around a lot and keep it fun so I enjoy that, but they are also progressing in the gospel rapidly.

Thursday we met with another pair of investigators we just picked up. Robert and Laura. They are older. They seemed to accept the message pretty well, but Robert is a pretty strong Baptist so we'll see what he thinks about the restoration. We found some medium cookies on Thursday. We went to teach this inactive member Sister Sombrano and she had some lemon cookies that were pretty good.

Friday we had some awesome cookies. These were homemade lemon cookies and we were at a less actives home again.


Saturday I had a meeting set up with this guy named Johnny. He is a Mason. When we got there his wife said he was asleep but he wanted us to come back. I was pretty excited to meet with him. He knew about Joseph Smith being a mason and stuff and he seemed pretty interested in talking with us. He asked us if we had anything for us to leave him to read so I left him a Book of Mormon and ran back to the apartment real quick and got his some stuff on Joseph Smith and then the restoration. Bro Boyd actually just read a book about the similarities between Masons and Mormons and taught us some stuff. We are having him come to the lesson too.

Sunday was pretty good. I finally don't have to teach the Gospel Principles class anymore and Bro Boyd is doing it, I thought I was actually going to listen at church for three hours and then they made me and Elder Feist give talks. That is ok, it was only 10 minutes. We both talked on families. I used "The Family a Proclamation to the World" I didn't realize how awesome it was until now. I know it is hanging at the top of the stairs at the house but I had never really paid attention to it, much less read it ha. But I think that went pretty well. Sorry l have a short letter this week. There hasn't been too much that is that interesting to write about. I did just think of something that could be useful though. Instead of mailing me CD's maybe have Sharee try emailing me the file. I don't know if that will be too big so it might have to be the mp3, then I can just make the CD on this end so we could try that out. Well that is all for now, hope you have a good week!

Love ya!

Elder Wood