Monday, May 13, 2013

Elder Feist

May 13, 2013
Dear Family:

Hey will this week was good!  It was fun to get to talk to you guys! I really don't have to much to say about this week I didn't already tell you. That and my time is cut short cuz I got the slow computer and it took forever to get those pictures loaded to e-mail you.
Tuesday I was in Riverside to pick up my greeny Elder Feist. It was fun to go to the mission office again and get out of Hemet for a little while. Elder Feist is awesome. He is from Meridian Idaho (right by Boise I guess). He actually lived in Emmet but I don't think he went to high school there. He is really into baseball. He played at Dixie. We get along good, we both like to work hard but have fun at the same time.

Wednesday Elder Feist got to have his first lesson with Joseph. It was kinda a weird lesson. Wasn't really like a good sit down lesson. But then he got a good lesson with Ruth and Jessie.
Thursday E. Feist got to meet Char while I went through the baptism questions with her so that was good for him. We had some good lessons with Sister Sambrano and Roy Brown. 

Friday we had a bunch of meetings that wasted a bunch of time. Then I pretty much spent a lot of time getting stuff like the program made for the baptism. We had a few other lessons too. It was Elder Feist’s b-day and Sister Doke had us over for dinner. She made us chicken and mashed potatoes and stuff. Sister Doke and I were just talking it up at the first while we were dishing up and Elder Feist appeared to just be enjoying his meal. When Sister Doke and I got our chicken and started eating she noticed that hers was pretty much raw all the way through (she is a good cook but she was really tired and either the oven was on really low or something) so she took hers and mine after I had a few bites and put them back in the oven. E. Feist turns out he ate the whole thing before she noticed that it was raw. So that was pretty funny. I also got a package from Glenn on Friday. Thank you for that! I think my dad’s siblings are sort of competing, because I keep getting more awesome things each time haha.
Saturday was the baptism of Charlene and Isaac. That was really neat. We started teaching them when I got here and it was just cool to be here for the whole process. The spirit was super strong and was a great experience for everybody. Char was funny, right after she came up out of the water she yelled Yes! and threw her arms in the air. We got permission to confirm them at the baptism because of family being there and stuff so that was neat. We did have one problem with that though. Somebody thought it was a good idea to pull the plug in the font even though I told them not too cuz I can open it with this metal rod that was there. So right in the middle of Char's confirmation it was making a sucking noise that everyone could hear cuz how loud it was. It didn't last too long though. Elder Cook had some neat investigators there that are really excited to be Baptized now. He is an ex-gangster that isn't questioning a thing and just making some huge changes in his and his families’ life. It was good to meet them and talk to them for a little while about the gospel. I am going to try and make it to his families’ baptisms. E. Allen got to come back for the baptism so that was fun too.

Sunday church was good. I taught my last gospel principals class I hope. They got it set up finally to have somebody actually be a teacher and not just have us do it every week. Everybody seemed to like E. Feist. In Elders Quorum we have this guy that is 57 that is awesome. He has a white duck dynasty beard and is ripped. He has a black shirt kinda like one Brett has. Anyways he wears it every week and it is super tight on him. During class he was asking why this ward didn't have any talent shows and talked about this girl who could do this inverted crab walk. Then he did it! We went and taught a really awkward lesson to this guy who didn't really listen but then he said his mom might be interested! Then we biked to Sam’s house to Skype with you guys. That was awesome. I really enjoyed that. I wish we got to do it a little more often. In my letter to  President I thanked him for letting us use Skype because of all the other missionaries you told me about that couldn't do it. For dinner we went with E Albright and E Kelly to a members house we helped lay sod. That was really fun cuz that family was awesome. At the end E Feist and I ended up singing and playing the guitar for them, so that was fun and they really enjoyed it (it was kinda random we had the guitar in the car ha)
Well that is all for now! It was good talking to you and I am excited for the next Skype! Love you bye!

Elder Wood
Elder Feist and Elder Wood

Baptismal Font

Elder Allen, Brother Boyd and Elder Wood