Monday, September 30, 2013

The Visit from the 70

September 30, 2013

Dear Family:

Hey! Quick breakdown of the week.

Monday was the normal P-day, I got to talk to Elder Feist for the first time in a while. He had to call the office assistants for something and then I got to talk to him with their phone. He is doing really well. He is in Corona and has some good investigators. He told me about all the things that happened in Hemet after I left. It sounded like he did really well. That night we had dinner with the Haddads. They are a couple, probably about Ronny and Lisa's age, but with no kids yet. They are super cool. They didn't have dinner done when we got there so we got to talk for a while. We found out he works at a company that creates games for X-Box. Nothing huge, just small developments. I asked him if they were just like little games like Castle Crashers and it turns out he works for the company that made that game! I thought that was pretty cool. He told me a lot about it..This is only going to mean anything to Jason, Sharee, and maybe Brett but he uses the same guy as Jason, the Necromancer and his is at level 99. They have a new one out Battle Block Theater he said was pretty good too. While we were there we were looking at his big nasty tarantula and we thought there were two of them. The nasty thing molted while we were their ha. it was weird.. Dinner was super good though! Bro Haddad is one of the artists so he said he would sketch us some things and give them to us Sunday. Saturday night he quickly made 4 and gave them to all of us, so that was super nice of him.
Special Art Renditions for Elders Hawkins, Wood, Cook and Braithwaite

Brother Haddad's Art for the Elders
Tuesday we didn't do district meeting because we had mulit-zones the next day. That day we were just doing our normal thing. We were up on Lochmore, I don't remember what we were doing. We decided we would stop by a part-member family we have been trying to contact for 2 months with no luck. This time they were there! It was the Maness family. He is the member but he was sick. His wife invited us in and we had a really good talk. We are headed back today (30th) to leave a blessing on their home. I did my workout that night because we had to leave our apartment at 7 to get to multi-zones the next day.

Wednesday we drove to Jurupa for multi-zones. I was really impressed with the stake center there, it was different! The chapel was awesome. That day we met with Elder Richards of the 70. He did an awesome training. I learned a lot! It was a 4 hour meeting, but it didn't feel like it at all. Shortest 4 hour meeting I have ever been in! He talked about a lot of different things. He, his wife, and President and Sister Smart all did a training. I took a lot of notes. At the end when he was wrapping up he told us he knows when there is an obedience problem in the mission. He felt like ours was obedient. The thing he did ask us to change is how we teach. He talked about that a lot, but here specifically he wanted us to change one thing. You know those analogies a lot of missionaries use about the glass table or mug that got shattered when the apostles were killed and the ice-cream truck pulling people over, he said those are confusing and it is false doctrine and to not use them anymore. I agree, some missionaries didn't like it though. He wants us to use the scriptures more and no more analogies, just pure truths. That night we had two good lessons. 

Thursday morning Elder Cook told me a funny story about the night before. Apparently Elder Hawkins and I were both talking in our sleep Wednesday night. I said something to the effect of "Hey! What are you doing!" Elder Cook thought I was awake and cussing him out for laughing at what Elder Hawkins had just said in his sleep, and maybe I was ha. The rest he really didn't understand. That night our lesson cancelled. Our dinner was the Hodges. They saw my bike last time and their daughter thought the duct tape looked super ghetto. So this time they bought me some new duct tape with pink pigs that fly on them. They want me to put that all over my bike. I think I will put it on my shocks and call it good ha. I might by another color to fix a few things and add some character.

Friday we had to go on a half day exchange. I went with Elder Hugie from Oregon. He is one of the missionaries that came in with me. We had a good lesson with a family in his area. His area is a lot different than mine. His end has a lot more stuff going on a lot more people and places to go. Mine is just houses. His also has a lot of college his from RCC and UCR running around, so it was different from what I was used to. Then that night Elder Hawkins and I exchanged with the ZL's. I was supposed to go into their area because I didn't get to last transfer but they changed their minds last minute and had me stay and said I would stay next exchange too, I warned Elder Beeston he was going to pay for it haha.
Elder Braithwaite keeping Elder Wood captive.  Looks like when Elder Wood's nephew Bryant tied him up at home.

Elder Beeston's shoes after tracting with Elder Wood
Saturday Elder Beeston got out of a really hard day in our area for two reasons. #1 we get along way to well and he is a super fun and happy person and I can't stay mad even on the drive back to my apartment let alone get even and make him tract for hours on end (he hates tracting) #2 He then had an emergency that morning with an investigator so we had to exchange back for an hour which messed up my planning. I still made him bike all the way up both hills which he didn't like at all. It was good for him. He is a Spanish missionary and has been in a car his whole mission. That night we had a really good lesson with a part-member family. Unfortunately he said no to baptism, and to take the lessons, and church, so we aren't teaching him ha.

Sunday we had our regular meetings and church. For dinner we went to President Plocher's house because our dinner canceled. He is the one in our ward who is in the mission presidency. While we were waiting for President to get to his house his son-in-law took me for a ride in his Audi R8. It was awesome!! That car is probably worth more than our house. Somehow Sister Plocher found out I wanted a ride in it. I think it was from when I talked to President Plocher about it on Wednesday at the multi-zone meeting. That night Elder Braithweight went to Hemet to go back for a baptism, so Elder Hawkins and I teamed up with Elder Cook and went to a lesson with him.
 Audi R8
Audi R8 Power Plant
That pretty much is everything other than Elder Cook says hi! He is sitting by me and wanted me to throw that in there. I hope this E-mail works. All the missionaries today haven't been able to get any replies. We have sent E-mail to each other and they haven't worked, so send me a short note if you get this letter so I know not to resend it next week when I get on.

Love Ya!

Elder Wood


Monday, September 23, 2013

Elder Cook's Birthday

September 23, 2013

 Dear Family:

Hi! Well this has been a pretty slow week. Elder Hawkins has been sick pretty much the whole time. This letter will be short, not a whole lot to talk about.

Monday Elder Hawkins was sick so after E-mailing and stuff Elder Cook and I wanted to look at some trucks so we went to a close dealership. It was a Ford Dealership, so I wasn't super intrigued but they were ok. One of the sales men kept asking us if we wanted to go for a test drive. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't let us drive he probably would have to, I didn't ask, just said no. For dinner Elder Cook and I went and picked it up and brought it back for everybody.
Elder Cook and Elder Wood

Tuesday we didn't do anything. it sucked ha. I saved my work out so I could take longer and not just sit there all day. Even then I was done with everything by noon. So just kinda played guitar and listened to my iPod and that's about it.
Wednesday night Elder Hawkins and I taught a lesson to Marsha Kemp. It was really good. He was hacking through the whole thing though. We had an awesome dinner with Rob Gifford. He is the guy that cuts out Elder Hawkins in-grown toenails. He has a cool family. He fed his baby ice-cream for the first time and she was freaking out. She would get super excited every time he lifted up his spoon. I think the most exciting thing that day was while we were biking to dinner we went past the golf course (we live right by it) and I saw something super funny. At the driving range there was a guy there with his little machine picking up the balls, but the golfers were still out there driving. I have never seen them do it during hours. He had a little cage on his wanna-bee lawnmower. The funny part was that was the new focus of the driving range. I could see the balls bouncing off of his cage.
Machine with a Cage at the Golf Course (just left of the tree)

Thursday I don't really know what we did. Probably nothing. Elders Cook and Braithweight came and talked to me about college. Neither have been so they wanted to know more about it.

Friday we called and talked to President Smart about the area. Bishop Merrill wants us to switch areas with the other elders in the ward because theirs is where all the members are and all the work. Problem is they are always gone doing office stuff. We would have to move in order for us to do it because they work on the top of the hill. President said that would be a good idea to switch if we could work out the apartment situation. So we are working with the housing coordinators to see what we can do. That day we met with Sandy again. She really won't let us teach her anything, but she knows we were sent by God. Elder Hawkins is not bold at all. So he would be just fine with going over there and just reading a few verses out of the bible and not challenging her at all. Sandy doesn't want us to be bold with her and let us know that multiple times. I don't like that though, I warned her I was going to be bold with her and then I testified about how much good change the message we want to share with her can bring to her life and that that is what we were going to teach her. She said she will think about it and that we will see. Ha she is a bit strong headed. So we left with a prayer and we will go back again this week and see what happens. I don't think Elder Hawkins liked what I did, but he isn't ever going to say that to me. If I never did it, she would never get taught anything so I don't feel bad at all ha. That night we rode with the other elders to dinner and then back to do some other things that night. We had been tracting and left our bikes in front of Bro Jones house. He wasn't there but his wife noticed they had been there for a long time and thought we had gotten kid-napped. So don't worry, there are people here worrying about me. She called us punks and told us we are lucky she didn't hide our bikes.

Saturday we had Elder Cooks B-day because nobody was going to have time for it on Sunday. I called Sister Peirce (the office Sister) and got a big lunch party all set up. She told Elder Cook he had to bring us to her house because she needed us all to go and help President set up some stuff in Hemet for when the 70 comes next week. He really enjoyed the surprise party, he wasn't expecting it. I think about half the zone was there. He also got a goldfish the sisters made. That day Elder Cook was on Exchanges with Elder Blanchard. He is super cool. He was in the army before he came out. That night we rode back with them. The ZL's live with Elder Blanchard and Elder Hugie. It got a little bit crazy in the apartment ha. Elder Blanchard has a little thing we call the tazer he made out of a disposable camera that will shock you pretty good. When we got back it was gone. Earlier that day we found out the ZL's darted Elder Hugie (darted means he can't move because of a game a bunch of Elders play) and had shocked him with his own companions tazer thing. So when the ZL's showed up the breaker got flipped and it turned into war haha. Everybody was pretending like they had the tazer. It was a bit like clue and wrestling. It was a good little game that broke the monotony of my week sitting with a sick companion. Now I almost didn't tell you that because in the past some parents have called president because they didn't think some behavior was appropriate. Don't do that! It never goes well for anybody! Especially the one who's relatives or friends called president. I wrote it so I can remember, and because it is funny. It was all just in fun and nobody was hurt and it wasn't a big deal. Yes a little in-appropriate for Elders to be doing, but still super fun. Then we went home and went to bed.

Sunday was church. That is good as always. We had another lesson with Marsha Kemp. For Elder Cooks B-day he wanted to take the last half hour of the night and go look at the Chev and Dodge dealerships at the trucks while there weren't any salesmen. It was fun and he really enjoyed it. So did I ha. A little bit disobedient, but it was his birthday. Oh-well.
Window Shopping for Future Dream Car (or truck) with Elder Cook

I think that is all for the week!

Love ya!

Elder Wood

Monday, September 16, 2013

2 Flew Home and 21 Came In!

September 16, 2013

Dear Family

Well this week was a little bit slow, but it wasn't too bad.

Monday was good. We didn't think we were going to get to E-mail. We were pretty busy. Elder Hawkins and I were with Elder Spencer while he packed and Elders Cook and Haslem went to go to office to work until Elder Cooks new comp (Elder Braithweight) got here. Like I said last week, Elder Spencer was a cool guy, so we didn't enjoy him leaving. He wanted to go tracting so he could say he did on his last day. I was going to go with him. Our dinner for the night wasn't going to be able to feed us so they asked us to come pick up some cash at their house. On our way there we stopped at a light next to the nicest Nissan GTR I have ever seen! The guy rolled down his window and asked if we were from the LDS church and we talked to him for a second. His car had 900 horsepower. I am pretty sure those cars are just twin turboed v-6's, but I could be wrong, he didn't say. I don't know how he got that kind of horse power but it sounded amazing. I got a short video but my battery was mostly dead so I didn't really get more than like 2 seconds. Elder Spencer wanted that to be his last contact, so we didn't go tracting. Once we got Elder Braithweight in the apartment and Elder Spencer at the mission office we got a chance to E-mail. After that we went to dinner at Chili’s cuz I talked everybody into it. We didn't have enough money but I had a gift card for my B-day I was going to use for me and Elder Hawkins. We had the same waitress we had the last three times ha. Once we were done the waitress came and let us know that somebody paid for our dinner. We went and talked to them, they were super nice. I guess we get Chili’s another day! Because we didn't have time earlier we went shopping even though we were supposed to go proselyting after dinner. We had to though. Last time we went shopping when we weren't supposed to, but under the same circumstances we went to Wal-Mart. Unfortunately while we were there we ran into President Smart.... It made it even worse because the Wal-Mart was just out of our zone. But only by a street. I guess somebody got permission a while ago because everywhere else is super expensive. On the plus side we don't think he saw our faces, but Ii am sure he knew who it was regardless. But this last Monday we didn't go to Wal-Mart! We went to Ralphs!

Tuesday we didn't have district meeting because all the craziness at the office with all the new missionaries coming in. 2 flew home, and 21 came in. 15 or 16 were all sisters. 4 or 5 are visa waiters who will leave in a transfer or two. I talked to somebody that day that told me about a man he knew who was studying to become a Catholic Priest. Because of his studies he became a Mormon ha. That night we met with part of a part member family. It was the Bishop family. The husband was the only one there and is the only member. In the past I have met all the other family members though. He wasn't up much for a gospel conversation. I kept trying to turn it there but with no luck. He did show me his old 1940 German Mauser that his grandpa got at a pawn shop in Idaho. That was cool. It is a posterity thing in their family. His son doesn't know that he has it though haha. We had a good chat with him but that was about it.

Wednesday we had district meeting. Other than that it was a slow day. Elder Hawkins had an ingrown toe-nail again. We met with Bishop Merill’s family again. We are helping them to do some more missionary work. We ate with the Porters that night. That is also a part member family. We taught a lesson afterwards that they all seemed to enjoy. Bro Porters wife gave him a pretty hard time about him getting baptized. He took it well. The thing that stuck out to me were the kids though. You could see how bad they wanted their dad to be baptized so they could go to the temple and get sealed. It wasn't as obvious in the little ones, but the older one really showed it. Probably because of their understanding of the gospel. I felt bad for her. We also found out that night that their daughter is best friends with Stephani Smart so we gave her a hard time about not telling on us. Also side note, Elders Cook and Braithweight didn't eat with us until Friday or Saturday because they were so busy with the new transfer and the influx of missionaries. That night I watched Elder Hawkins get another ingrown toe-nail removed. Bro. Gifford said I was enjoying it way to much ha. Which I was! Just like last time Elder Hawkins took his tie off and put it over his eyes for the whole thing. I offered to put my tie over Bro Giffords eyes also, but Elder Hawkins didn't really like that idea. Bro. Gifford is a really cool guy. He went to BYU and is a foot doctor (whatever they are called) He and his wife are probably about Ronny and Lisa's age. The kids went in the other room probably because they were getting weirded out. I just sat there and talked to his wife. She is from Castle Dale and grew up on a farm, so we had a good chat. Then the Office Assistants picked us and our bikes up with the mission Silverado and took us home.

Thursday was a really good day. Had dinner with a really good family. They invited Steven Chavez over to eat with us so we just asked him for a ride. He is a convert of a few years. He went on a mission but had to come home due to some crazy girl and some other things I think. He has been less active for a while but is missing the peace the gospel brought to his life so he is coming back now. After dinner he came with us to a lesson at Bro. Jones house because they are on the ward mission process. I think he enjoyed it. After that we had another lesson with the Vance family, we are just helping them to do missionary work as well.

Friday we saw Sandy again. She has been doing better with her health problems. She really enjoys us, and knows we were sent by God. She is still having a hard time letting us teach her though. We have a really good fellowshipper for her so we are just going to help her as much as we can and hope for the best. We met with the Poor family and they gave us a really good referral. It is for the other Elders area though, but that is ok. Their son is leaving for his mission to Denver soon so we answered a lot of questions for them. Dinner was with the Trans, another part member family, but her husband at the last minute had to work so he couldn't be there.

Saturday was super slow. I wanted to get a lot done, but I didn't get a lot of cooperation. Elder Hawkins was starting to get sick plus he is still using his toe as an excuse ha. This time Bro. Gifford used acid to kill the root, so the healing is taking longer. We had an awesome dinner with Sister Hampton though!

 Sunday was good. A lot of people were sick. Bro. Jones our (ward mission leader) had us go to ward council because he was sick. Elder Cook and I went because Hawkins was sick plus it gave us a representative from each area. This ward was very impressive and really organized. They began with a kneeling prayer which caught me off guard, but I liked it. After that Elder Cook stayed home and I took Elder Braightwieght to church. That night Elder Cook and I went to a lesson Elder Hawkins and I set up before he got sick. It was with Marcia Kemp. She is a recent convert who was only active for a short time. We set the lesson up to have at Bro. Jones house. That was one of the best lessons I have been in. By far the best lesson I have been involved with in a long time. We didn't really go in with much of a plan, I just told him we were teaching the first lesson. The spirit was really strong! We both were being edified as much as everybody else. Marcia had some really good questions that I loved answering. We walked out of that lesson on top of the world. We walked home after that and had a really good talk. Everybody in that house had a really good experience that night. After talking for a bit with Elder Cook we found out that that lesson was something we both needed.

Well I’ve got to go, I am over time. Talk to you later! Love ya!!!        Elder Wood


Monday, September 9, 2013

I Bought a Guitar for My Birthday

September 9, 2013

Dear Family:

Well I am still in Riverside! Elder Hawkins and I are still together in the same ward as Elder Cook. He is getting a new comp, Elder Braithwaite. He was in Hemet with us also. He's alright, I was hoping for other people though. He was the cause of a lot of drama in Hemet, so we will all be treading lightly. It is kinda weird, I am on President Smarts computer right now. All the other ones in the office are taken so I'm in here. We didn't go to the library cuz we had to bring Elder  Spencer to the mission office to he could get on the plane to SLC tomorrow. So a quick run down of the week!
Elders Hawkins, Wood, Spencer and Cook

Monday I bought my guitar! :) it pretty nice. I was looking at Fenders and Yamahas. They were the same price and both sounded really good. I ended up getting the Fender for a few reasons. It came with a hard case which is going to be really nice because missionary apartments are dangerous and so are transfers. It also was a little better looking and has 3 years longer warrantee. So if anybody out there that knows more about guitars than me and I need to switch for the Yamaha let me know! For dinner that night the ward had a missionary activity where ward members were supposed to invite non-members to eat at the park and have a pick-nick. There were tons of non-members there, but none of them were invited or eating with us. That is OK though. This ward does really good at always giving us stuff to have people invite non-members to.
Some Pictures from Last Week's Birthday Party

Elder Spencer and Elder Wood

Tuesday was really slow. Elder Hawkins was sick. That didn't happen until after our district meetings though. I played a lot of guitar. We pretty much didn't do anything all day, it was pretty boring. When Elder Cook and Elder Spencer got back to the apartment they were both super trunky ha. Elder Spencer only has a week left. Elder Cook was at the mission office when his uncle rolled in in his son's challenger. He was dropping stuff off for the office to give to Elder  Cook.

Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Bishop Merrill. We trying to help people in the ward do more missionary work, and he is letting us try it out on him. For dinner we ate at the Hodge's house. They fed us spaghetti burritos. They wanted to try them because of the show iCarly, but the burritos worked way better. 

Thursday we did weekly planning and then tried to visit some of the people who didn't answer the phone when we called them during planning. 

Friday was productive. We had the car because the office assistants were doing stuff in the truck all day. We also had Zone meeting that day.  In zone meeting we found out we have to have designated drivers. So only one companion can drive. I don't like that at all, because that cuts my chances of driving in half again. Luckily I talked Elder Price into letting me be the DD! So I got to drive all day Friday and Saturday. Elder Hawkins didn't like that very much ha. That night the office assistants were putting an apartment together so we covered a lesson for them. It was a first lesson with a part-member family. It was weird teaching him. We really couldn't get him to say anything. We are going to try and get them to eat with us to see if we can get him more into his comfort zone. 
Plastic Cow

Not Elder Hawkins Favorite Hill

More Hills that we Ride Every Day


Saturday we still had the car. We got to meet with Mary Ann and teach her a good lesson. Bad news is she just got a new job in Anaheim. So instead on only being home 4 or 5 days a month it will be 2. I am going to try and hand her off to the Anaheim Elders, but we will see if Elder  Hawkins lets me. That night the Gonzales family put on a death dinner for Elder Spencer. They had some good ideas. They made him a grave outside. When we went inside we got shot with a bunch of marshmallow guns. They had some cool deserts with a bunch of Elder Spencer quotes written on tombstones stuck in them. All in all it was pretty fun. 

Sunday was good. We had a few good lessons that night with ward members. That night Elders Haslem and Green came over to spend the night. They had to get up at 4:30 this morning so Elder Spencer and Elder Cook could take Elder Green to the airport. He is a visa waiter and is flying to Brazil. He left this morning, Elder Spencer flys out tomorrow morning and will still almost beat him off the plane. Elder Haslem is from Vernal. It was really fun to talk about Basin stuff. We have everybody pretty sketched out about skinwalker ranch ha.

It has been hard seeing a missionary die (mission slang). It makes you realize the shortness of a mission. Elder Spencer has been a really hard working elder. You can see how much his mission has meant to him. He is really excited to make it to the BYU/Utah game though. He is a huge BYU fan. They get season tickets every year. 

I was wondering if you could send me a picture of the new car? Also I talked to a guy this week whose brother served in the same mission as dad about the same time. Did you know a Russell Cullins?

Well Got to head out!

Love Ya!

Elder Wood



Monday, September 2, 2013

My 20th Birthday!

September 2, 2013
Dear Family:

Hi!! I had a good birthday week!
Monday I Might have written about last week, but I don't think I did. We went to the mall after P-day activity with the zone and I used some B-day money to buy some Nike half calves. I have miss places a pair or two of socks so I needed a few more. After that we went to a music shop and looked at some guitars. I had a few picked out that I really liked, but I didn't have enough money. I was super excited when I got the card from Dad and Mom saying they put money in my account! Also the birthday money I got from other people will be a huge help too! I don't think I told you guys I wanted a new one, so that was really fun. The one I have now is pretty bad. We are going to go look at them again today and pick one out.
Elder Lappara, Elder Wood, and Elder Beeston

Tuesday We had an appointment set up with Sandy. We took Kevin with us, he is a member from a part member family we found that is preparing for a mission. The lesson was a little different. We were all geared up ready to teach the first lesson and then we had to change our plans. She didn't have a lot of time so we had to keep it short. She was super emotional, she was about to leave to go to a doctor's appointment. She is going to be a hard one to teach. She is hard to catch and doesn't want to talk about anything foreign. After that Kevin took us to the mission office so we could go to our district meeting. After that the office assistants had stuff  they had to do in the truck so we got to take the car. We covered a lot of ground trying to chase down some names we were given while we had the car. After dinner Elder Hawkins set up an appointment to go see Rob Gifford. He is a podiatrist in our ward. Elder Hawkins didn't really tell me why though. When we got there Rob had Elder Hawkins take his shoe and socks off and I saw why we were there. He had a pretty good ingrown toenail. So I got to sit there and watch while Bro Gifford took it out for him, that was pretty cool.
Wednesday We had exchanges with Elder Allen. He is a missionary that came in with me. We have been in the same zone our whole mission. The day was pretty uneventful, but it was fun. We had a lesson with Steve. He is a weird dude. Pretty sure we are going to drop him. He knows the Book of Mormon is inspired, he just has no desire to act on it. While we were driving to and from the exchange and at our apartment we listened to a talk by J. Golden Kimball. It was pretty good, Brett might remember him from the institute class we took. He is better known as the swearing apostle. I made a copy of it ha.

Thursday was the temple trip! It is weird that just the short drive to Redlands we were out of our mission boundaries. Brandon Hodges took us. His dad is the one who is a helicopter pilot. The temple was awesome as always. If anybody hasn't been in a while they should go. We went to Cafe Rio after! I loved that. I haven't been to one of those for a while. When we got back a pretty good sized storm hit. It broke some pretty good sized branches off. The storm was weird though, some places in Riverside like UCR and RCC (colleges) Got flooded and had a few feet in parking lots and then other parts didn't even get any rain. The day was pretty much shot. We had dinner with the Hodges family. They are huge Utah State fans so Bro Hodge complained the whole time he had to record the game. He texted us when they lost. I would have known anyways because of that number Brett gave me where I can check weather sports and stuff.
Temple Trip
Friday was a normal day. Might have a few good potentials from the day. That night we ate at Marie Calendars with Anita (Elder Spencer's recent convert). Hopefully you got the picture she sent. Anita surprised us and bought us all a pie. So we have 4 pies sitting in our fridge ha.
Elder Haslem (from Vernal) and Elder Wood

Saturday was of course my birthday! Sister Peirce is one of the office Sisters and she asked me the day before if I wanted to go out to lunch or breakfast. We went to breakfast at IHOP. She brought the sisters in the zone and one of the other office Sisters, so we had like 10 people. The Sisters made me a pillow that looks like a fish and then wrapped it up. It was hard to open, they used like a half roll of shipping tape ha. I wasn't expecting anything though, so it was really nice! After that for the most part it was a normal but good day! While we were out on our bikes we found this really cool place that some pro bike shop around here built. For dinner we ate with a younger couple. He used to play on the BYU volleyball team, I don't remember his name though. After that we had a lesson with the Silva family. They are recent converts of 5 years we are helping get to the temple. Somehow they knew it was my B-day so they had donuts and ice-cream waiting. When we got home the guys I live with got me something, which I wasn't expecting. Elder Cook gave me some sweet brown loafer kind of shoes earlier that week because his mom saw them in a picture and said he couldn't wear them anymore. So for my B-day they got me some IBC cream soda we had a good time drinking and a nice belt. It is double sided so it is both brown and black. I had a really good birthday! I enjoyed the cards that everybody sent to me! You are all the best! Thank you so much!! It made my day great!
Elders Wood, Cook, Spencer and Hawkins
Elders Cook, Wood, Spencer and Hawkins
Sunday was pretty normal. Elder Spencer talks a lot about home. He only has a week left though. We got in an argument about who's mom was the better cook. I won ha. They might try and say otherwise, but they don't know.

Well that has pretty much been my week! It was a really good one, mostly because of how awesome you all made my birthday. This next Saturday we get transfer calls so we will see what happens! I easily could still be here. Elder Hawkins only has two more transfers though (3 months) so that makes it even harder to guess. Well I will let you know what happens! Love ya tons!
Elder Wood
Elder Cook doing Service after the Storm

Elder Wood and his Bicycle Cross Track?