Monday, April 1, 2013

Sharee Disobedient??

April 1, 2013

Dear Family:

Hey this is going to be kinda a crazy letter, I am short on time because we didn't do regular p-day activity. Elder Allen and I went and played pickle ball with our investigator Suzan. To answer some questions from your last week’s letters I don't know where Sharee got her disobedient tendencies. I was a perfectly obedient child and always respectful to my parents. Ok.. I admit, I was a terrible example. Sharee you need to do better than me. You might not believe me but mom and dad are pretty smart. Just do what they say, it will make your life easier. I got the sunglasses, I have them on my head right now. I got them on Wednesday. Elder Albright picked them up at the mission office when he went to get his trainee. I dunno if they were there very long or not, it depends on if it was from ups, fed-ex, or the postal service. If it was Postal I would have got it the next day. Sharee, send me music please! Right now I am copying some Jackie Evancho. She is like 12 but sounds like a pro. I might have you guys send me some cd-s to help me learn some Spanish. I will still get to go to the temple when the mission boundaries change. And it’s not if, it’s when. And when is in June. Nobody knows who will be in those areas that get absorbed until we get to that time. But we will still get to the temple as long as the mission president wants us to. Dad, if you want to buy a truck buy mine, and then help me buy a sports car or an WRX haha. Are you shopping now for a car/ truck? If so, let me know so I can put in my two cents! Elder Law isn't here anymore, but yes he was. And yes he is Dayton’s brother, I didn't meet him though, I almost went to his homecoming though. Sorry I forgot to describe Sam haha. He is 22 and got baptized like a year and a half ago. I am super jealous you all got to go to Logan! Yes, Fee Busby was one of my professors, he is pretty cool. I took wild 2000 from him. Brett I loved the jump zone too ha. I never tried to do the gainer, you will have to show me how when I get back, I was pretty bomb with the double front though! Ronny, you remember a while ago when you asked for business ideas? I got a few in the shower the other day. #1 trampoline house #2 starbucks (it would be super successful in Roosevelt but I’m not sure if it is ok to sell coffee where we encourage people to not drink it so that one would be sorta hypocritical) #3 One day I want to buy the theater in Altamont and make it super awesome. Make a new old style sign like is there now but new and make it nice inside and have quality stuff so dad will actually go watch it. So you could get that ball rolling, but remember, I want in on that one! How often do I need to get my bike tuned? What do they even do in a tune? Can I just do it? I spend too much time in the bike shop as it is but I am chill with the guy that owns it. I have been through like 3 tubes haha. Also what and where is that chain lube you had at the house dad so I can buy some?

Wow I am shortish on time haha. Sorry!!

Kenny I wanted to tell you about last week is this bible bashing born again that we are trying to teach. His wife got baptized 5 years ago, married him and has been inactive for 5 years. He is sorta hard to teach and he is pretty skeptical but we are hoping we are making some headway.

I also just switched planners this last week because of the transfer so I only have half of the week’s notes to write to you.. Sorry again!! (at least my last letter was good)

Monday at p-day I realized the only white people I hang out with is my companion and a few of the other elders here, I will send some pics for you to see. I’m not racist by the way I love them, I’m just saying it’s a lot different from home where Vanoy Hatch is the only ethnicity I am used to. They call themselves Lamanites and I think it’s funny haha. It was sad to see Elder Jessup go, but that’s ok, he’s in a better place now, Merrida. It is way nicer there and a lot less ghetto.

Tuesday I don't really remember.

Wednesday I went with the ZL's again on exchanges. I went to their area this time which I loved because they are Spanish speaking missionaries. I pretty much spent the whole day not knowing what was going on but loving trying to figure out what they were saying. If I know the subject that is being taught I can pretty well know how the lesson is going and what Elder Drawsbeck was saying, but if it is just a normal conversation I am completely lost ha. The food was even better! It was awesome until 6 o-clock when we went on splits and I went on my own to go teach some people that I don't speak the same language as. That was pretty hard. Then it got harder because some other complications with Drawsbeck not actually having real appointments so I just showed up on their door unexpectedly not being able to talk to them so I would either talk to their kids or the guy I was with went on a Spanish speaking missionary would try and translate, so I was a little bit frustrated with E. Drawsbeck after that, but it was still a good exchange. Plus I got to ride in a truck all day.

The rest of the week ended up being pretty slow because we pretty much taught everybody on Tuesday and Wednesday. We met this less active lady that just got put on the Ward mission process on Thursday that was cool.

Friday I got to meet E. Albrights new comp Elder Kelly. He reminds me of Chance and Heston. He looks a lot like them and sorta has the same personality. Plus he has red hair. He is pretty cool. He is from Atlanta Georgia. 

Saturday was slow too. For dinner we went to Ruth and Jessie's house, for a b-day party for Jessie’s son Jordan. That was way fun. They are like the first lesson I taught. They are less active, but we are getting them back. They are way cool and we are good friends with them. At the party I sat buy their nephew or cousin or something and his girl friend. We were talking about where we are from and I said Altamont Utah and the kid is like I know where that is and I was tired so I didn't think anything of it and just decided he wasn't telling the truth and went on with the conversation. Later on he said he served in Huston and I was like my brother was there! and he like no way Jason Wood?! He didn't say anything even though he recognized the name and thought we looked similar because he just thought it was coincidence. So he did actually hear about Altamont before. His name is Josh Lopez. So Jason Elder Lopez says what’s up and that you were way cool and he wishes he could play the guitar like you. I guess the mission pres took way that privilege a little bit after you left he said. Playing the guitar that is. I was going to take a picture with him but I forgot, well everybody is waiting for me bye!

Love Elder Wood

I have a video of Christian and Bryon in my apartment  at lunch (two of my friends besides Sam that goes on splits with us a lot) but it is too big to let me send it. Also don't worry about sending me BLANK cd's Elder Allen gave me all his old ones  I can use. You can send all the ones with music on it you want too. Sorry this letter is kinda short, it was a crazy week.

That is me and Elder Jessup. A lady had us over for Easter for a second to get a basket and candy. Her name is Martha Doke. She is a really nice lady from the ward. You guys never told me if you made a blog or not, or how somebody would have seen that picture of me and Kaiden in the MTC. It’s ok if you don't get that one answered though. You also never said anything about what you know about getting missionary work changed to elders and sisters being the same amount of time and now I have had a member or two ask me about it so I just wondered if it was in church news or something
Elder Jessup and Elder Wood

Elder Wood and Elder Allen

Martha Doke

Winning the Game
Elder Allen and Elder Wood

More Winnings

Elder Allen, Elder Wood, Elder Jessup and Elder Allbright