Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Going to be Lazy All P-Day

Dear Family:

Monday, April 8, 2013 12:59 PM

Well this has been a new and exciting week! But to get started. Sharee, what events are you doing in track? You were pretty good at long jump and running. Are you improving at all in any events? Also those pics of you and Kelsey were pretty awesome haha. So what do I have to do to get you to send me some CD's? Which Mckayla is going to Paraguay?!? You didn't say! It could be either one! Even though it would be less likely for Harrison right after she graduates and with her health problems but hey she could be 19 by then. I was. But I would think if it was Thacker she would have told me she was thinking about putting in her papers before I left on my mission! Or that she would have written me by now and told me! Brett, the only reason I would ever get up before 6:30 on the mission would be to go work out haha. Unless we were doing something awesome on p-day. We only go to the gym on Tuesday-Friday cuz Saturday it isn't open early enough and Monday let’s get real, I’m going to be lazy all p-day. Ain't nobody got time for being all hard working on p-day. We also get up at 5:45 on Sundays, but that’s for meetings with our ward, so that’s no fun anyways. On the days we get up early we try and go to bed at 10, sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't. I’m glad you guys told me about Courtney Jensen. I would rather you guys told me about stuff like that so I know. Even if you think it would be a hard one for me to hear, I would rather know than not. I didn't ever think she would do that, it really took me by surprise. I am glad the kids from all 3 schools came together for her, that is awesome. I hope and pray the best for her family. I also really liked the quote you sent me from Elder Ballard. Lisa was right about my perspective of the event being different as a missionary. I’m glad you guys pointed it out to me though, cuz I didn't realize myself I did until you said that. Maybe if you guys support them right they will come to church, ya never know. So Courtney Bolton, is she the cute one I used to go to primary with? That’s funny Dad got her to go up there and speak! And it’s cool she is going on a mission at the same time as her cousin Jessica too! I got a couple good letters from family this week and last! Multiple from the Peters family that were all really awesome! Thank you guys for all sending me letters. I love getting mail haha. I also got a card with some money from Aunt Linda with some money to go to In-and-Out for me and my companion. And yes we already went haha and it was great. I love In-and-Out. I don't think I had ever gone to one before I got here, but that is going to change haha. I also got an e-mail from Kaiden so I’ve got to e-mail him back. He is family too haha. I tried sending an e-mail to Jetson and Skyler and I just guessed at their addresses. We will see if they got it. Would it be too much trouble to ask you guys to try and get them for me from their parents?

This week was good, and we are hopefully going to be getting some of our investigators to church a lot better this month. That is what I am hoping for at least. Then I can baptize em.

Tuesday we taught this guy we met on the street the other day. His name is JP. He is like that cool neighborhood black guy that everybody knows because he is super friendly and other stuff haha. He is super spiritual and loves the Mormons because he thinks we are the closest to the truth that there is, so we told him we are and why. He is our friend now but he won’t commit to anything very well cuz he hates organized religion. He did say that if he was going to join a church it would be ours though. We also went to Jessie Escalante's house (the one we went to her son's party for dinner and I met Josh Lopez at) to teach a lesson. I found out she is going to conference so I got super distracted and talked about conference and going to Utah most of the time on accident. But I it wasn't a total waste of time, cuz I taught her about using tracks and that she needed to take a coat ha. I was just super excited she was going so close to my home ha. I texted her while she was there (she went to the Saturday afternoon) and it was kinda fun to text somebody that was in Utah. Oh I also saw a dog that looked exactly like Shou Guay too and he was chow/something else haha. It looked just like him. 

Wednesday we taught Susan, one of our best investigators. We found out she also has a problem with organized religion. I dunno why I keep running into that problem.  I think it is an excuse. So if you have any good advice, lemme know. We got her to the first session on Sunday at the church and she loved it. I think she likes Elder Uchtdorf the best. We also taught Roy Brown. We were with Sam that night and our plan fell through at 8 so same took us over there because we are supposed to be getting him back to church but hadn't met him yet. He was cool. He is like that old cool guy that is super funny, and talks a lot. He asked where I was from and I always start with Altamont (which he didn't know) and then move to Vernal and he’s like that crazy town next to Roosevelt! So we had a good little talk about that too ha.

Thursday The only good story is that we got a media referral for a girl and we went and met her mom on like Tuesday.  We set up our dinner for Thursday night. We got there and ate with a bunch of kids that were friends with members and Elder Allen even new one of them from his last area. The girl (Joleen) couldn't be there though cuz she got called into work. So she wrote us a letter for us to read in front of everyone. I forgot to take a picture of it to send to you. She dropped us in the letter, it was kinda funny but we were sad about it.

I don't have time to write about Friday, because half of it was spent in a zone meeting. I went to In-and-Out though with Aunt Linda's money so that was cool! We also ate at this cool Catholic place called Kings of Columbus with a bar in it and they made us spaghetti that was good.

Saturday I was watching conference of course. I have never looked forward to conference this much in my life ever. Or loved it as much as I did this time. It was way cool. I am out of time but you guys watched it too, so you basically know what I did all day. Btw can somebody get on my fb and check out Cameron Vantassel’s profile? See if he said anything about singing in the BYU Choir in the Saturday afternoon session, cuz I am like 90 percent sure I saw him a few times. The only problem was they kept shooting the side of his head. It sure looked like him. He was like 5 people in from the isle and pretty close to the top.

Sunday was awesome too. On Saturday I ate dinner with Brett’s twin brother, who looks like him a ton and is the same age, but he drives the exact same truck as mom, except his is the sport edition and his wheels are shiny.

Well I'm out of time gtg,

Love Elder Wood

P.S. I just remembered some stuff. I thought of the two things I want for my birthday instead of a shaver. I want a balance board and then one of those things Brett has that is the ball that you start with a string that works out your forearms. I am going to try and make a balance board though so I might not need one of those. I am trying to find a skateboard deck and then I will use a 2 liter bottle. It isn't the best, but that is better than nothing. Love you bye!

I forgot! Sam is going to Salt Lake this weekend and wanted to know if you guys wanted to know if you guys wanted to meet him there if you had anything to send here to me with him. He is actually going to Provo I think to pick up his sister at school there I think and might be confused or he really is going to salt lake. His number is 951-213-9150. Call or text him if you want. But not until Wednesday night, cuz he won’t have his new phone until then cuz he broke it while he was with us. Don't call him Friday afternoon because he is taking us to dinner somewhere, so that wouldn't be good haha. So if you want to meet him or send anything here, here is your opportunity. If not, that’s cool too. If he ends up with a different phone number for some reason when he gets his new phone I might have him send a text to Dad or something. If you don't get one, just expect his number to be the same. I think he would be able to meet up with you Saturday morning sometime maybe if you guys want to. Well I hope your week goes well and I am excited to get your letter on Wednesday!!


Elder Wood