Monday, July 14, 2014

Temple Trip with San Jacinto Zone

July 14, 2014 

Dear Everyone, 

I am just going to jump right into it, as always I don't have that much time. 

Monday I don't really remember what happened. I just realized when I go home and look at all the letters I sent home, I am never going to remember what happened on Mondays... This happens every week... 

Tuesday we went to the temple!!! You know what that means! Cafe Rio!!!! The Temple was awesome as always. I got to see some of the missionaries that got transferred out, that was cool. Like Elders Peterson and Godfrey, that is pretty much it. They were there because the San Jacinto Zone came with us. All the Elders rode together in one van. The Elders who's ward member let us use the van were supposed to be getting a driver so what happened instead was they called us the night before we were supposed to leave in the morning so we had Jr. drive us. He is the best. He has been coming to the gym with us. We got a 2 week free membership to L.A. Fitness. It is super expensive to go there but as of today our 2 weeks are up. I was looking at all the locations and there is one in all of mine and my brothers missions. There is actually one almost in every zone in this mission. It was kinda funny to me because they weren't all over the world. They only had like 2 or 3 other states besides California, Texas, and Connecticut ha.  We had a good day after the temple too! We picked up a new investigator. His name is Clinton. His wife/girlfriend is a member. Some other missionaries ran into them and then sent us the referral. We met with them at Jack in the Box because they are homeless... Oh btw his wife's name is Sarah. They have a daughter that is going to be baptized soon. Their two kids live with the grandparents for obvious reasons. They - Clinton and Sarah started meeting with us because they want to fix their lives, and get back in the situation to have their kids back. Sarah did well at preparing Clinton. He was very confident in his yes when we asked him to be baptized! I invited him for the 2nd of August. They thought that was pretty cool because that is their daughter's birthday and when she is being baptized. I had a similar experience with Cassandra when I invited her and her family to be baptized it was on one of the kid's birthdays.  
Temple Trip with the San Jacinto Zone

Wednesday we got back in with Gus! He asked us to come back on Tuesday. So hopefully some stuff changes and works out this time. We saw Michael. It was actually a lot more pleasant than I thought it was going to be. We haven't caught him for a while. Here is a part from another E-mail I sent today describing what it was like at Daniel's and Connie's. I kinda forgot when I sent it there are actually two adults who sorta live there, we never see them though, it is Jessica's parents. We have a big group of investigators in one house. They are all about our age. A couple of recent converts who are now less active live there as well. It is kinda like a college house with an open door so there are always different people there for us to teach but they all like us (cuz me and my comp are pretty dang cool) but none of them actually go to college. Anyways the oldest one is Daniel he is 22. He and his girlfriend kinda are like the head of the house, but just because they pay for it (I think). Daniel is super comfortable around us and messes around with us all the time. I put on his teaching record something to the effect of "It is always an adventure to go see Daniel. He will probably call you John Jacob and flip you off, but don't worry that means he likes you." So the last time we showed up he and Connie were just getting home and we had already been there for like 15 minutes. We yelled for him to come out of his room (he went in the back way) he said he didn't want to come out cuz he was naked. Thinking he was kidding I yelled for him to come anyways. A few minutes later out comes Daniel wearing a speedo! The speedo was actually his underwear just rolled up to look like one, but still it was pretty funny. We had DDM and DLC. DDM was bad, it was the most boring one I have ever been to. If you go back to this date in my planner (9th of July) you will see a little ugly drawing (I'm not good at drawing anymore) with two little buff guys. They are Lego Heads. It is a new term me and Elder Hugie came up for a missionary who is here who is crazy about taking workout supplements. I like protein (don't tell Brett) but that is all this guy talks about. So I drew one with an actual Lego Head, and a Lego Head with a head that looks like a protein bottle. That little waste of time I just wrote I think was more enlightening then the DDM I sat in.  

Thursday we went to Menifee to get new tires on our car. We had weekly planning after that, so pretty slow day. Not much time spent doing missionary stuff. I forgot to write a few weeks ago about a guy we met at a kids farewell dinner. He grew up in Bluebell. His name is John Webb. I also wrote down a name James Orie, I don't remember if that was Dad or what. He said he is related to the Cooks. He asked about Howard Jenkins and his wife and he wants Howard to call him. His number is 714- 779- 2452 He also met Wade Brown from Tabby who is also on a mission right now. He told me he is a ZL up there. John asked about Raybell as well. 

Friday morning I got sick of not being able to charge my GPS in the car so I took the cigarette lighter fuse out and went and got a new one at checker. I messed up my white shirt in the process, so we went back and I got the stain out and switched shirts. We went and talked with Bro. Jacobson again. It didn't go anywhere. He is still an atheist. We kept trying but he is just stuck on a bunch of stupid stuff. If he is so atheist I don't know why he pays so much attention to what goes on in the church. He asked when we get our ipads, asked about our views on the people getting excommunicated, just stuff like that. Bishop gave us money for dinner because the day before he caught us at home for dinner making pancakes. We had the longest streak of nights without a dinner, the Bishop didn't know that though or he probably would have freaked out on the ward ha. He likes us. So make sure you sign up to feed the Elders and then send them home with the leftovers. We were about halfway to our lesson with Clinton when Sarah called us (I dunno who's phone she used, cuz they don't have one) Clinton just got arrested and is in jail for having drugs. We already knew that was a problem, it wasn't that big of a surprise. At least he will be clean when he gets out and make it easier for us to baptize him! Blessings in disguise!!  
Elders Hugie and Wood


Saturday is the only day I didn't take notes in my planner... sorry ha. Well except Monday. We took Marty out with us. He is a super cool recent convert. He is Martha's son. He was baptized by Elder Ringwood near the first of my mission. But I am out of time so I need to wrap it up.  

Sunday it was a 108. It has been over a 100 a lot, but it just felt hotter that day for some reason. We picked up a new investigator Jeff. He is in the sisters area though so we will have to pass him. That is pretty much it. Well talk to ya later! Love ya bye!!

Elder Wood

P.S. here is Elder Hugie's part

Saweet I get my own Wood family time. lol. Ok so Ii think if anything me and Elder Wood have bonded more because we have both been so hungry that we have relied on my cooking skills. haha. And believe this, we even got a peanut butter sandwich from our Bishop this week! It was like gold! lol. Did you see the world cup. We heard about it, and I was sad that I wasn't able to see it. Don't know if Elder Wood told you, but I'm super into soccer. So I was bummed that I couldn't see it. dang it. haha. 4 more years I guess. lol. Me and Elder Wood are thinking that since we have a new mission president, that he might have us together for three transfers. lol. that would be so cool. take care. bye #GermanyWON! #speedo #hot #Tryingtofind #lafitness