Monday, July 7, 2014

The 4th of July

July 7, 2014 

Dear Family: 

We got to meet the new mission president! It wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. When I first saw his picture I thought he was going to be really old and boring. Well he is old, but not that old, and he isn't boring. I actually already like him. I didn't think I would start liking him the first time I met him, but he is a cool guy! Yes very different from President Smart, but still good.  

Monday was just like every other Monday. Not really much to tell ya about.  

Tuesday was so slow!! We only saw Pat and Michelle. We had DLC and DDM and that took up the first half of the day. I can't figure out why I am having such a hard time in this area! I haven't decided if it is something I am doing wrong, or if it is just the area. Everyone always tries to blame stuff on everybody else, but that isn't going to change my situation right now. I am more obedient than I was in past areas, I know how to better use my time more effectively, my teaching skills are better, and I have a super good companion that can say all those same things. It is frustrating but I know it is for a reason. I wish I could learn the lesson I am supposed to so I can go ahead and get over this trail. I just haven't figured out what I am supposed to be learning yet! So if you have any ideas what I am doing wrong lemme know! 

Wednesday We met with Karen. I think we are going to drop her. I know I said this last week that I was going to start keeping better notes on what I do throughout the day... Ya I forgot.. So I’m not going to forget this week! I really don't even remember Wednesday. Most of the day we spent finding. The only thing I remember is our adventures in Perris. We cover part of the city of Perris even though most of it is in the next zone. Most of the part that we cover are random dirt roads everywhere with spotted houses. There are also lots of little easy going off-roading trails. We found out easy enough that a Toyota Corolla can handle them. In this mission it used to be that all the zone leaders had trucks. I wish we did but it’s a good thing we don't because we already get distracted with the off-roading stuff enough ha. 

Thursday we came to the church to use the computer. We wanted to scout out and see if anything had happened in the area with the Just Serve program. Nothing was posted. Pretty much Just Serve is a website people can come to if they want to go do a service project. It is sponsored by the church. It is great for missionaries, youth activities, and just people who like service. The Seventy that was with us at the meeting in Mo Val wanted stuff posted in a few weeks, so it shouldn't be long until we get to use it. Not a lot happened on Thursday either so I am going to remind some people who Patty Cole is that are getting old and losing their memories! She was the last person I baptized in Hemet. It was actually my last week there if I remember right. Her husband baptized her. I was freaking out because they needed to go to Riverside to get interviewed by President Plocher. She had been smoking since she was 14. Part member family. Any of that ring a bell? Well they are doing awesome. Their daughter goes out with the Sister Missionaries now and wants to go on a mission. The family will be getting sealed in the temple sometime in August.  

Friday was fun! Our ward cooked breakfast for the 4th. I know the 24th isn't for a while but it made me think of Longhorn Days a little bit. The breakfast reminded me I mean. Except this one was not near as good as Longhorn Days. The only thing I liked better and would steal and use at other stuff is the butcher paper and crayons at all the tables so we could draw haha. After that we changed and helped a new family move in from Washington UT (it is right by St. George). It was super hot so we had to go home and shower again. After that we went to Junior Morris house for a BBQ! When we got there his dad was teasing him. He had just caught the grill and back yard on fire so they had to cook everything inside. Don't worry nobody got hurt. Just the grass and weeds. The food was super good. The Morris family is way cool. They are the ones that invite us over when they are having the huge feast on Sundays with the cousins and stuff. It is like our family get togethers except Samoan status.  After that BBQ we weren't planning on eating dinner. We were pretty full! Nobody had signed up to feed us so when it got dinner time we went home. We ended up eating anyways because our homeshare noticed we didn't eat so we ate with them so then I was really stuffed! The APs texted and said that President Mullin had approved the 3 movies; Other side of heaven, Ephraim’s Rescue, and 17 Miracles. I wanted to watch one of the last two because I haven't seen Ephraim’s Rescue and I really like 17 Miracles but nobody had them. I am glad the APs texted. They said these are approved IF people ask. That is a benefit of being a ZL I guess because I wouldn't have asked that question. I am guessing President Mullin got a bunch of phone calls and then got sick of getting them, so he had the AP text all the ZL's. Nobody asked us so.. me and Elder Hugie are the only ones in our zone that watched a movie. We watched the Other Side of Heaven. It was super good. I never realized how long movies are though! It was hard for me to focus or even sit down for the whole time. I used to get tunnel vision when I would watch movies but I have lost that talent. I was talking to everybody else the whole time. That was pretty much the day. 
4th of July Artwork

Elder Hugie and Elder Wood


Saturday I don't have anything written down. In other words I don't know what happened on Saturday. We went to visit Martha and there was a note on her door that literally said "Elders I’m not here I’m over there" And she expected that we would know what she was talking about. We thought we weren't going to see her because she never answers her phone. She did this time though. She also isn't very good at giving directions. "there" was almost out of our zone and mission haha. She was a couple exits down. We went and helped her paint. I guess she got a job painting an eye doctors office. We stayed longer than we should have. We had a report we needed to do for a meeting we had a 6 the next morning with the Stake President and some other stake leaders. Ok I just remember what we did on Saturday!! That is the day President Mullin came and met the zone!! We went and got stuff set up, then the meeting was like 3 hours so it took a good part of the day. He grew up in El Paso. He wants to know what ward Dad was in. Then he moved other places like Midland and then ended up on Oakland California. He loves diving. He has done 400 plus dives. He says he has a competition with President Ukdorf about who can use the most airplane analogies with his diving ones. He helped us out with the Michael situation a lot. We actually know what we need to do now.  

Sunday we had the whole ward fasting for missionary opportunities. Most of my mission (all areas except for Hemet) I have been in a ward with 4 missionaries in it. So we try to not all go up and bear our testimonies because then none of the member get to and all our investigators get to hear from it us because we teach in the lessons and normally gospel principles too, so we do in Sacrament the only time they get to hear from somebody else Priesthood or Relief Society. This week because of the missionary focus we did. They should have just made it another week and given us all time to talk because that is what happened. Except for like 3 kids and Bishop’s wife because Bishop got to bless his baby this Sunday. After church we went to Bishop’s house because we got invited to lunch. Had to break my fast early. Dang, what a shame haha. Both Bishop’s parents and in-laws were in my last ward. His brother is in this ward. The only one I didn't know I had tried to go to their house with Elder (brown) Wood when I went on exchanged to the Aburndale ward. The husband isn't a member, they didn't answer though. I got to know them, so I know pretty much the whole family now! It was cool to talk to all of them. Sister Aragon (Bishop’s mom) is doing the after baptism lessons with Delphina, Melissa, and Veronica every week. They are all doing good. We saw Daniel, Connie, Jessica, Alex, and Cindy. Mostly just Daniel and Thomas though. So it is hard to explain how they all connect together but I will try.  Ramona lives there too and is the mom. She was baptized by Elder Wilkinson. Her daughters are Jessica, Cindy, Sons Thomas. The last 3 were baptized in Murrietta a few years ago because they lived with a foster family. Alex is Jessica's boy friend. Daniel and Connie are kinda like the head of the home even though Ramona and her husband are there and Daniel and Connie are like 25 or so and not married. I’m not sure if it is Daniel or Connie who is related to Jessica's family, I used to know, but it is all too confusing to keep up with all of it. We got Daniel to accept a baptismal date on Sunday. Connie was still asleep. Everybody else was gone. That is not the first time I have had Daniel on date before though. We will see if he actually reads and prays this time. For some reason I think this time is different. I really hope so. They would be a super fun bunch of converts. Well I am over time, gotta go!!

Love ya tons!!

Elder Wood