Monday, July 28, 2014

New Home Share

July 28, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Hey I dunno if you know this but Elder Hugie and I hit our 18 month mark this week!! If we were Sister Missionaries we would be going home!! 6 more months! We had some exciting stuff happen this week.  

Monday I am getting better at writing down notes for!! That morning we packed and got ready for our move. Because it wasn't transfers we still got a P-day and we moved the next day. We had most of our stuff packed and stacked. It is a good thing we stacked it and made it look nice because some people came and looked at the house so we had to make sure we didn't go home. After E-mail and stuff we went to the outlets and looked around. We went to Elder Kelley and Gillette's apartment to play settlers of the west because we couldn't go home to keep packing. We had money for dinner. We drove up the Ortega Mountain to go eat at a look over the place we thought was a road house. Turns out they aren't open for dinner on a Monday night. So we went to Chili's instead! I love going to Chili’s. Anyways as we were walking in we ran into a member from the ward and they gave us a gift certificate for like 7 buck they had left so we got desert!! That was pretty much it for the day.  
Our New Home Share

Tuesday we had DLC and DDM. I went to the Spanish district meeting. I learned a very important lesson in that DDM. I earned a new respect for Adam, but probably not in the way you are thinking. The El Cariso South Sisters showed up with brownies. They tried to give me some but I kept saying no way I am not taking any more brownies from any Sister Missionaries in this mission. They were like "whatever.." I think to make it seem like they didn't really care. The sisters who messed with the brownies last time weren't in the zone anymore so I figured it would be ok, but decided to be on the safe side. Sister Gates put one on a napkin and came and sat it by me because I wouldn't take it. I talked to Sister Bowen who was companions with one of the sisters who poisoned us. She said they didn't add any extra ingredients and made me be quiet because she said her companion (Sister Gates who made the brownies) didn't even know the story about how they messed with the whole zone when Sisters Bomgart and Neilson and made those brownies and acted like she was going to pull the prank on her later. After a while I gave in and partook of the brownies. I didn't think anything of it. I was the only missionary who is still in the zone who was really there for when the whole zone got the tampered brownies (except Elder Montigue but he doesn't count and wasn't there). After that we went home. Changed. Took our bunk bed apart. The mission office asked if we wanted the office assistants to bring the truck down and help us move. We didn't want their help. Elder Hugie and I felt pretty confident in our country boy skills. We had Ty Aragon bring his truck by later so we could move everything. I haven't done a move like that on my mission. It took a lot longer than normal transfers because we had to move everything. We even had to go back on Wednesday to clean up at the Parohingo’s house because we ran out of time. We went to dinner in our service clothes, they were chill with it though. We didn't even have our clothes un-berried yet! We had to change really quick at the very end of the night to run to Walmart and get our OYMs. After we got home Elder Hugie went to the bathroom. He made a loud noise about something. I didn't pay attention, that is normal for him. Eventually he called me over there and made me pee. Turns out we got beguiled.... again.... well I guess just me again.... But that reminds me. I was going through the first of Genesis looking at the Adam and Eve story. I think my favorite part is Genesis 3:12. That is where the Lord asks Adam if he ate the fruit. His intimidate response is "THE WOMAN! Ya know, the one you gave me! She made me do it!" I know it really wasn't like that but I thought it was funny haha. So next time you read it you will probably think of that ha. 
Splits with Elder Galindo

Wednesday like I said moving took all day so we went back and cleaned up what was left at the Parohinog's. Missionaries end up leaving weird stuff. We had all sorts of odds and ends. Tennis racket, nasty socks and other gross items of clothing (don't worry I take care of my stuff) random rubber muck boots. Just stuff like that. We moved in with the Olsen's. They are awesome. He is a police office in L.A. and she is a high school teacher. They have a daughter on a mission right now so that is why we can be there. They have two dogs. One is a really old pug. It is blind and can't hear. It is really sad but really hard not to laugh. He just runs into walls and then barks at them. Anyways we got moved in and guess what! They have AC!! It is so awesome! We went to the Parohingo's today to pick up my mail that got sent there and they just got theirs fixed right after we left haha. Oh well, it makes a good story! We didn't have AC for 2 or 3 months. The even better part is we can have peanut butter! We don't have to run to The Bishop’s house asking for it! But I bet we still do cuz they are fun. The Olsen's actually found out about that somehow and bought us two big jars of it so that was cool. It was super hot! 115 all day!! It stayed up there week almost! Some say it got up to 120 but I don't think so. We woke up people all day. Everywhere we went! 3:00, 7:00 it didn't matter everybody was sleeping!  

Thursday we got a new car!! Ours was the oldest one in the mission. Some sister missionaries got one they didn't need for how easy their area is so we got theirs. I bet they weren't very happy about that. We went to lunch with Elders Cook and Kirkland. That was fun. Elder Cook has a master plan that when we all get back we are going to all rent motorcycles and come and tour the mission. That would be super fun, but that would be a long ride! Plus I dunno how much everybody else has been around motorcycles they would need some more riding time first. When we got back we came to the church and typed up a letter for Martha's probation officer. We didn't have dinner so we hit up one of our backups. We went to Ty Aragons. He helped us out a lot this week. He plays the guitar too so I got to play with him a little bit. A few good lessons with the regulars.  

Friday was slow. We are helping out the sisters with an investigator named Seth. We went with Bro. Cassio. He couldn't meet because he was supposed to be cleaning the kitchen so we just helped him clean the whole thing and then taught him after! We had to do weekly planning that day because of going to get the car on Thursday. We took a break and said we were going to lay down on the couch for 5 minutes. Unfortunately we both woke up about 40 minutes later haha. So we didn't have the most effective weekly planning session. The AP's came that night for exchanges. They didn't get there until late because of some problems they had to take care of. They went out on the patio to make more phone calls. When they came in it was 10:30 (when we are supposed to go to bed) so they just slept on the floor. It was funny because they were super uncomfortable with it. Missionaries all over the mission are always calling them trying to make excuses to have sleep overs, normally on P-day eve. 

Saturday I stayed in the area with Elder Maxfield. We had a bomb day. Lots of good lessons and I like Elder Maxfield. Got Terri sold for church. Watched the restoration with Daniel. Got Martha going on some stuff. For dinner we went to the church for Pioneer Day. It was fun the whole stake was there. They made handcarts and raced them through the obstacle course in the parking lot. Our ward won!! There was some pretty funny stuff that happened like both wheels falling off and the "pioneer family" having to carry the cart the whole way. One kid was holding on the side of one and biffed it and the family just kept dragging the kid through the bushes and obstacles for a while. It wasn't until I was standing in line for food I remembered it was Longhorn Days... That was sad.. but I got over it quick. Last one I have to miss!! 

Sunday we had Terri at church. She liked it. Nobody was there for Gospel Principles so we just pulled Ty and Junior in and had a good lesson with her. We ate with the Morris again. Fun as always. Stories about Polynesians throwing manholes to save missionaries from dogs and everything! Since moving out from the Parohinog's I keep meeting people who live on that street and want us to come teach them just because they used to see us there. I dunno why it wasn't like that when we lived there!! Well that is all for now!! Love ya bye!!  

Elder Wood



Elder Wood and I had a really good time at about 1030 on Tuesday night. Why.... cause we slept in our bed's and in AC!!! lol. We love our new place. Other than the fact that we both get super home sick when we wake up in the morning and there is someone wake boarding! lol. We just want to go on the lake and cut the water. lol. Oh!!!! and... wait for it..... we actually can have peanut butter!!!! The olsen's bought us one from Costco, and we have been putting it in our protein shakes all week. haha. I’m never going back!! lol. Talk to you all later!!