Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting Ready for the New Mission President

June 30, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Monday must not have been too eventful, cuz I didn't write anything down to put in my email! Just a regular P-day. People were getting transferred in and out, so that made it so we had less time. We went with Bro. Cassio to give one of the Sister's investigators a blessing.  

Tuesday we didn't have DDM because we had ZDM on Friday. We taught Karen. We had her say the closing prayer. Something she said in the prayer made me laugh out loud a little bit. She said bless us that we may have a "good one". and that is it. I just thought about all the times I said that and getting teased for it ha. I dunno maybe it isn't as funny as I thought ha.  We also taught Martha. I really need to start keeping better notes I don't remember anything else. I got to call and talk to some of my converts from Hemet on the phone. Elder Feist called Patty Cole and then gave me her number. It was good to talk to her. They are doing super well, still going to church and Elder Feist and I will be going with them to the temple Aug 12 or so! We have been trying since she got baptized to go to San Diego but they might just go to Redlands. That is OK, it is good that they are going to make it there! I am just super happy I am going to make my goal of going to the temple with one of my investigators while still on my mission! I called the missionaries in the Fruitvale Ward (they have Sisters now which is weird...) and they got me Charlotte Cross' number. Shar and Issac moved so they are trying to get some ward members to chase that one down too. I called Charlotte and she is doing awesome too! Still going to church! The Sisters actually have home evenings with her and a bunch of other single sisters in the ward every week so they keep an eye on her for me!  

Wednesday morning we did service for the Parohinog's (the members we live with). They had some bushes in the front they didn't want any more so we ripped them out for them. It was kinda nice to get some dirt on my hands... Its been a while. We finally got a hold a Nick and Cassandra! Nick doesn't really want to meet with us, but Cassandra still does. We had a good lesson with her and Mickayla so hopefully we can start meeting with them more consistently. We met with Martha as well. I was there with a team up. We pretty much went to Martha's house every day. She is super cool. Mid day we found a less active member who refuses to come to church because somebody made a rude comment about her sons shoes 2 or 3 decades ago. So if at church if you like or dislike somebody's shoes make sure you don't say anything to them because they might let it get in the way of their salvation. Be careful though! If you don't say anything to them they will get offended as well (the other concern she had)! I know more often than not things like that are excuses people give because there is either a deeper concern or they just don't want to come to church, but I think stuff like that is so dumb... We walked all day Wednesday. The reason why is because our new fleet coordinator would have fit in with the Pharisees I think. Hopefully he lightens up a little bit, he is going to slow down the whole mission by taking everybody's cars for just barely going over miles. It was super hot that day, but it was good to be out in the sun. Elder Hugie got burned because he is a ginger haha. We only used 12 miles that day. Which was good because Thursday we had to drive all over the mission. 

So Thursday driving all over the mission! We had a meeting in Riverside and one in Moreno Valley. One in the morning and one at night. That morning we went to Duglas (a restaurant) to get out traditional breakfast burrito before MLC. We do that every month. We are lucky because the missionaries at MLC are the last ones that got to see President Smart before he goes home. Actually at MLC we found out that he isn't going straight home he is actually taking a detour to Hawaii! I can only imagine why he would do something like that.... haha. We kept it short because he has a suspicion that President Mullen will want to gather the zone leaders again this week. To keep it short we didn't do the normal accountability and trainings from the AP's and President. We spent most of the time making sure everything was going to be good for the transition. We went through a bunch of stuff we needed to make choices on the have them prepared list, but be willing to change if Pres. Mullin wants to. For example the time we have to be inside on the 4th of July. That night all the zone leaders were asked to go to a meeting in Mo Val to help launch the "Just Serve" program. It was pretty cool. We will see if President Mullin wants to use it in this mission. Elder Highem from the 70 was there. We got home late cuz of how long the meeting was. That pretty much consisted the whole day. We got to see somebody team roping. I never thought I would see that in southern Cali.  

Friday we had ZDM. As a zone we focused on Baptisms with the 3 action plans of My Purpose, New Investigators and On Date, and Dominate Chapter 8. Elder Hugie and I had a grand idea of changing them to a more western style. So it was changed to Down with the old man, up with the new (Kenny Chesney song about baptism) actions plans were Get-er done Chapter 1, Round-em-up and Tie-em with a date, and Don't put your boots on for nothing. All the missionaries were boring during the trainings though.  

Saturday we did service. In the morning it was for a ward family who's son got out of the hospital. After that we helped Daniel, Connie, Alex, and Cindy move. They still live in the ward boundaries though!! After that they took us out to eat. Then we showered and then ate again. I was pretty full.  

Sunday was good. Connie and Jessica came because we helped them move. Hopefully they come from now on. Martha was there too. We had a good lesson with Martha and Bro Cassio. It was a super good lesson.  

I am out of time!! We get to meet President Mullin on Saturday as a zone unless he calls the zone leaders in for MLC earlier than that. He is doing zone tours all week. Well that is all I have for this week! Love ya! 

Elder Wood


P.S. I think Elder Hugie wants to say something. I DO! lol. Our miles, we walked one of the days, so we have had lots of fun. I make sure that Elder Wood is exercising and eating healthy. We've actually had some really good lunches lately. Oh! on Saturday, Elder Wood, me and Kimo all went and ran around the block twice. Me and Kimo were both shocked that Wood wanted to come with us. We both laughed. haha. We had ZDM this week, and so me and Elder Wood had a pretty good time with it. Talk about some cool zone focuses. haha. Well have a good week everyone! bye #worldcup