Monday, June 2, 2014

Working with Elder Hugie

June 2, 2014

Dear Family:

Well this week was good! We had a ton of lessons! But I am super tired. This morning we were watching some conference talks before we came to the church and I only made it about half way through the first one and then passed out for another half hour I think. We have been sleeping downstairs on the floor the last week. The AC is out at the Parohinogs so it is a lot cooler to sleep downstairs. Kimo (their son) and Bro Parohinog sleep down there with us too. And Buddy the dog. Buddy attacks you for the first half hour before you go to sleep. At night he will come and sleep on top of you. I guess he does it to me too but I never feel it. The only thing that has woken me up was Kimo farting once. He does that a lot. According to his dad even a lot in his sleep too ha.  

P-day Elder Hugie and I went on an adventure. We drove up the Ortega Mountain cuz we had extra miles from being on bike when Elder Ringwood hit that rock. We met some drunk people up there and they made me do the love you sign for my pictures. 
View from Ortega Mountain of Lake Elsinore

Elder Hugie

Elder Wood
Tuesday We didn't have DDM because we had ZDM this Friday. We had 7 lessons. One was with Cassandra. We taught the word of wisdom and I realized this is going to be a lot harder of one then I thought it was going to be. She said she had no problems at all with the Word of Wisdom and Nick told us a few days before that she is an alcoholic and it is going to kill her soon. She just straight up lied to us, and told us she doesn't drink anymore. Her little girl Mckayla put her hand over her mom's eyes during the prayer cuz she caught her with them open that was really funny.  

Wednesday another lesson with Cassandra. We had Mckayla say the closing prayer and it was super cool. She is 8 btw. Her little brother Joshua who is 3 or 4 came and knelt down and put his hands together and was super cute about it. We went and saw Daniel Connie Alex Cindy and Jessica. That whole big group. They were being fun and crazy as always. It is hard to keep them focused. They were headed to Texas again so they couldn't come to church this week. They thought we were mad at them cuz we didn't come last week. We gave Martha a cigarette box with a bunch of Jesus pictures on it so she wouldn't smoke. Also one picture of Elder  Ringwood to be funny.  
Inspiration to not smoke for Martha
Thursday was MLC in riverside. I was hoping Elder Perry would walk in. He was in the area for some meetings and a stake conference but no such luck. I asked Elder Figiruoa where in El Paso he is from. He lives on the east side. He went to Montwood High School. We talked a ton about the transition to the new mission president. I am excited, but at the same time I really don't want President Smart to leave! The meeting was good though.  

Friday was ZDM. Some of the missionaries are really down on themselves so we are trying to help build them up now. The zone is doing good as far as getting their lessons and stuff. It just isn't producing as many baptisms as it should be so we trained on teaching skills, role playing, following up, and using the Book of Mormon for conversion. Martha gave up smoking and sex now. We are getting closer, but we have a long ways to go. Michael was mad we hadn't met with him yet that week. We had tried but he didn't answer the door!  

Saturday I went into Temescals area and Elder Hugie stayed. They just lost their car so we had to walk all day. While I was gone Michael got his answer for sure and knows Joseph Smith is a prophet. Elder Hugie had to buy his chew off of him though. We didn't know until recently he was chewing. He wouldn't give it up though cuz all the other stuff he gave up, but we finally got him. He should be getting baptized soon.  

Sunday we went to the Micini's. It is a part member family. Normally she runs away from us, but this time she sent us home with like 2 huge big brown bags of food and laundry and bathroom stuff. I got that voice recorder dad got me. Thanks so much. Both Elder Hugie and I do the entry at night and it is pretty good. I will have a lot better record that way. I am just way too tired at night to write stuff down. and my letters keep getting shorter and shorter. Well that is all for now love ya bye!!  Elder Wood