Monday, June 23, 2014

Helping Other Missionaries

June 23, 2014

Dear Family:

Hey I don't have a ton of time! It is transfer P-day. I and my comp are staying, but we are just busy today. I also had the craziest week I have ever had ha. 

Monday was normal until about 10 at night (we are supposed to be in by 9 or 9:30 if teaching). We were already home and got a call from some missionaries who were still helping someone and were forever away from their car, so we went and got their car for them. At the same time we got a call (they waited until the last possible minute in case they got out) other missionaries were in the hospital because one of them got on a motorcycle, fell off, and busted his knee. That started our crazy week. I don't think I have ever talked to President Smart on the phone so much in my mission haha. 

Tuesday was one of those "rainy days" except it didn't rain. You know one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong did? Looking back we have some pretty funny stories, but they were not funny at the time.  
Elders Hugie, Figuroa and Wood
Email hijacked by Elder Hugie now! lol. Hey Wood family. This week we have been trying really hard to get Michael baptized. But were still having to push it back a week. But for the good news, transfers just happened, and Elder Wood and I are still together, for another 7 weeks. I'm not sure if he's happy to have to be with a great and awesome comp, but I'm ready for another one together! We're both trying to keep each other sane. I'm making sure that Elder Wood takes his cra cra pills, and he's keeping me from punching something. lol. So we're gonna pray for a specific family to find, and pray that we can find them this transfer. It's gonna happen. We really want to teach a family so we can go to the temple together with them. Even though it would be after the mission. Still cool. I'll let Elder Wood write about all the other stuff we did this week, but I'll share the cool stuff. Elder Wood has been doing really good at working out with me. Even though we're both tired, he still goes hard. lol. So now we both have 7 months to go, it's coming really fast though. So excited. haha. but still doing work. Elder Wood showed me the picture of the new boat. That's such a cool boat! Congrates!! It keeps us motivated to know that there's cool things that are waiting for us after the mission. lol. It's getting hotter and were drinking more water! lol. If we didn't then we really would be crazy! lol. Have a great week. bye. Elder Hugie. 
Elders Wood, Muir and Elliott
P.S. #dontletlittlepinochiodown! haha. #baledthesistersoutanddrovetherecarbacktothem #Sickboat #Wakeboardinginvitation?:)    

Wednesday we had multi-zones. This was President Smart's last one... :( I get to see him one more time at MLC. We got to teach Martha, Michael, and the Micini's. 
Multi Zones
Thursday I don't really remember 

Friday I had exchanges with Elder Perez. He is from Puerto Rico. We had a good day. We had to run to Menifee to get our oil changed. Taught Michael, Martha, and Thomas. He is Daniel and Connie's brother who is a member. Daniel and Connie and Cindy and Alex are all moving but they got another place that is still in our area luckily. We want to help them move. I am glad they are still in our area, because they are cool investigators. We just need to get them going. 

Saturday was really slow. We got to go to Brother Scott's baptism. He is the one I got to teach on exchanges. It was cool to meet a bunch of the people who have influenced him in the past. The missionary that baptized his wife was there and he got to see a whole big family full of RM's and active people. It was interesting to look at Bro Scott's life and how many people had an influence on him. I really didn't do anything. In reality neither did they. It was all the just God working with him through other people.  
Old Missionary Bike some homeless guy was riding
Sunday Martha surprised us at church. We didn't think she came, about half way through we got a text from her saying behind u. She had been there for a while somehow we didn't notice though.  
Sorry this letter is really short. It is getting harder to be motivated to write. I promise I will do better next week!! Have a good week. Take a ride in the boat for me!!  Love Robby