Monday, May 26, 2014

Another New Companion

May 26, 2014

Dear Family:
Hi. This week was awesome!! I enjoyed taking over my area! We had a lot of success. It was hard for me to be junior comp. I think I already said this in a letter home, but that was my first time I wasn't in charge since I got trained. So that was hard for me haha. I don't like the passenger seat. Literally. I would much rather drive. Now that I am driving no random huge rocks will jump out and get our car. I just knocked on wood so I didn't jinx myself. Cuz after saying that if I hit a random huge rock you guys would make fun of me. At least there are no  deer or ditches here. I seemed to have a rough time with those in the past. 
Elder Wood and Elder Ringwood
So Monday I got to drive. Just like every other day this week :) haha. We had two lessons after all the P-day stuff and getting everybody moved. It was a short P-day.  

Tuesday we had a mini ZDM to introduce everybody and show them the zone focus and accountability. For some reason Tuesday was super slow. We only had one lesson. That is the worst when that happens.  
Wednesday we picked up 3 new investigators. Robert, Cassandra and Makayla. They are super humble. They actually used to live in Gilbert so they know a decent amount about the church and had good experiences. We also met with Michael. But we did that every day. We would have baptized him this weekend but we are still helping him get an answer about Joseph Smith. Now it is President Monson too. He is having a hard time accepting that.  
Elder Wood, Elder Ringwood, Elder ?, The Dog and Elder Cook

Thursday was about the same. I didn't take any notes again this week. So this letter is going to be boring. I will take notes this week. I am still working on the repenting thing. It is hard! ha. I keep forgetting to take notes. Another lesson with Michael. Also Anthony who talks really fast cuz he is on drugs. It was really funny this lesson. Elder Hugie didn't know he was like that. When Elder Hugie said the opening prayer I watched Anthony get up, move rooms, come back, pour a drink, and finish half of it during a short prayer cuz he couldn't sit still! It threw Elder  Hugie off when he saw him drinking. He wants to get baptized but he hasn't come to church yet, and it is really hard to teach him because you have to talk really really fast to keep his attention and keep him from going off on something stupid. Elder Hugie wants to make a comment here he is. HI! I’m Elder Hugie. Elder Wood's new best friend. lol. This is so cool that we came out at the same time, and now are comps. We’re telling each other about our family a little at a time, so I have heard good things about your family. I lived in Utah for about 10 years, in Bountiful Utah, and my mom is from Logan, so I know my way around some of Utah, but never have been to Alta mont. But I’ll have to make it out there now. Cause I know Elder Wood now. Elder Wood is an awesome comp. We have so much fun together. And more to come. haha. We almost have the same size of dog. I have a grand pyrenees, sheep dog. I’m from Oregon and have lived around farming for a lot of my life. So we got a sheep dog to look after our lambs. Well now that they are sold, he’s just a big dog. haha. I’m kinda a mixed kid. I like farming and surfing and skateboarding, and love playing sports. I”m trying to get Elder Wood to go running with me, eventually I’ll get him to run with me. haha. Well take care, here is Wood back for you, BYE! P.S. when he gets home, ask him about wooboo!  

Friday Really just the same thing. Another lesson with Michael. Another with Martha. We had some other ones as well. I seem to keep running into people who have the misconception of all churches being Gods even though none of them see anything the same. Everybody thinks that! I even had one tell me that yes we are right about the apostasy but that God wouldn't restore his church. They all think the bible is the final authority when the very words of the Bible point away from itself to God’s servants on the earth holding authority from God. So I hope I get better at explaining all of it, cuz it happens like every day.  
Elder Wood, Elder Ringwood, Elder Cook and his Companion
Saturday we had the ward party for ward conference. It was a BBQ at the park. I got to run one of the grills. Oh another story from the last few days before Saturday. We went to have a lesson at Michael’s and he wasn't home (which never happens) as we started walking to the car Claudia and her boyfriend dropped him off. So things there are getting really interesting. Cuz they are like good friends now, even Claudia with Michael’s mom. Michael won't really tell us anything that is going on so I just hope he is doing what he should. She invited him to the ward BBQ that is what reminded me. Another lesson with Nick and Cassandra.  

Sunday church was good. The stake presidency spoke and did a really good job. Michael thought he was getting baptized. He knew he wasn't when he didn't see Elder Ringwood. We had to pull him aside and teach again that we aren't going to baptize him unless he knows this is God’s church. I won't really give us the same answer when we ask why he wants to be baptized even though he doesn't think this is God’s church. His answer changes every time. Well that is pretty much it for the week.  

Elder Hugie wants me to tell you we washed the car this morning. So now you know! I have enjoyed being his comp. He is a super fun one. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun. He helps me be myself more. I think it is because we are pretty similar in interests and personality. All except he likes Fords. I just can't figure that one out! So I give him tons of crap when somebody in a Ford does something stupid on the road and I see it (this is often) he doesn't like that. Jason made me promise something at the first of my mission. He made me promise I wouldn't ever turn into a missionary robot. He said the reason I am sent to where I am is because of who I am, and my personality. Stuff like that. My other brothers told me the same thing. I realized when I got Elder Hugie I had fallen into that a little bit. Now trust me, I am not one of those weird missionaries, but I wasn't having as much fun or being myself as I should and not building relationships with the people I am teaching with like I should. I feel bad now, I think if I had done a few things a little differently some things with investigators may have gone a little different course. I was taking everything too serious. And it is a serious matter, but I needed to keep my personality more in things and teach and socialize a little more my way I guess. This isn't something that anybody else has told me, it wasn't a big enough difference for others to notice, but it is something I am trying to do better at. Well that is all for now!! Love ya tons! Bye!! Elder Wood