Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Crazy Week in California

May 9, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Monday was normal p-day. 

Tuesday some of the craziness of the week started. We only ended up with 2 hours to go out and teach people so we only got in one lesson. We had DLC and DDM. After that a whole bunch of missionaries had to go to Riverside to get new debit cards because of a huge fraud thing that happened. I don't know. Elder Ringwood had to go with them so I went with Elder  Montague to lunch and do some stuff in his area. When Elder Ringwood got back we had to take some Missionaries to Wildomar and go give some letters to the Sisters that my comp picked up in Riverside. I also felt really bad at this point of the day too. I said something to Sisters Haycock and Sterner (the ones in our ward) that offended Sister Haycock so that night I called and apologized. I tried to do it when we dropped the letters off but it didn't work. We went and taught a lesson and then we had to go and help somebody do service. 

Wednesday. It was more normal until about dinner time. Dinner was pretty weird. We ate with a lady named Claudia. She is a member in our ward. We met her at a pizza shop with her boy friend who is older than Claudia's mom. Anyways they are planning on getting married. They were super nice and we had a good talk. After that we had splits. I was with a brother I hadn't taken out before on splits. I wish Elder Ringwood would have briefed me cuz he freaked out our investigators. He kept telling them things like "You won't see me at church because I work with the dead." And then not explain it. After he said that about 4 times he also told them they would stick out at church. Other than that the lesson was good! 

Thursday I went to Redlands to go to the doctor. I am going to convert my doctor. He has a very Mormon perspective. He told me he thinks the way that Satan is bringing down the family is by breaking up the family and changing what the definition of family is. We had a good talk about that. He liked our churches support for Prop 8. After Bro Hansen took us to Tommy's Burger for lunch in Corona. I guess it is a super famous place in L.A. It is a burger with a ton of chili on it and it is super good. We tried teaching Gus again. He wife went in his room and called him out ha. She was doing everything she could to get him to come out ended up just calling him a chicken. We didn't get to teach many people that day.  

Friday was a slow day too.  I forgot to take notes that day so I don't remember what happened.  

Saturday was fun. We did service that morning to help out Michelle. We should be teaching her mom Pat on Friday. After that we got in as many lessons as we could cuz the rest of the day was shot. We went and picked up Elders Cook and Godfrey to help them fill the font and stuff for Gary's baptism. After that we went to Chili’s for dinner. After that we went to pie night. That is where one member who loves missionaries always has missionaries over to eat pie. We got to go so they could be there for transfer calls. Transfers were good. I am getting Elder Hugie. He is from Oregon. I served around him in Riverside, but I don't know him that well. He came out with me.  

Sunday things got crazy. Church this time was the most chaotic one I have ever been to because of our investigators. A little back story though. Michael’s big problem with being baptized is the law of chastity. He lost his virginity 6 years ago to someone he was engaged to but has been OK since. Anyways Bro Cassio wants us to talk to the Bishop about it. Well that is pretty much the story. It just got a lot harder to baptize Micheal, but we will get it done. I am out of time I need to go love ya bye!!

Elder Wood