Monday, May 5, 2014

Getting Ready for a New Mission President

May 5, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Hi another weekly E-mail!! I wish I remembered more of those Strong Bad videos my siblings and the Peters would watch cuz I bet there would be a bunch of different quotes I could use to start my E-mail that would be funny!! 

Monday was just another day of E-mails. I asked Jason for guitar tabs so I can learn some new songs. If any of my other family members would like to send me some that would be awesome as well!  

Tuesday we just had DLC not DDM. DLC is just where we meet with the district leaders to come up with the zone focus so we can take it to MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) and run it past President Smart.  The one to prepare is always 2 hours instead of just 1 like our weekly ones because of how much stuff we have to go over. We had 4 lessons that day.  Jerelle was one of them. She is having a hard time letting us teach her husband because she is trying to divorce him. It is really sad because she is my age and is already getting divorced. She told us not to marry Jehovah Witnesses haha.  

Wednesday we had to do weekly planning because we didn't have time to do it on Thursday. We had a lesson with Michael. It was interesting as always! He decided he didn't think that there could be only one true church all the sudden so that was frustrating.   

Lake Elsinore District

Thursday we had to get a ride to Riverside for MLC. Elders Reed and Thurman came from Corona and picked us up. The meeting was good. The AP's and President Smart are focusing more on preach my gospel now. We also talked a lot about the transition to the new President. We have one more MLC before he gets here so we are getting things prepared now. Somebody asked about a restriction on Skype time and President in a nut shell said that was dumb that he trusts his missionaries and he wants to leave it up to their discretion. That is one of the reasons I love President Smart. The amazing thing is with him being laid back how obedient our mission is. I have been asking other missionaries about it and their missions are struggling with it. I think it is because of how high of an expectation he holds us to. After the meeting our ride took us to a pet shop thing for reptiles because they needed to buy a rat to feed their recent converts huge boa constrictor. I guess it only eats like every 4 or 5 months and that is what they feed it. The rat was only 12 bucks so that is actually pretty cheap to feed it, even though I don't like snakes. So they dropped us off and headed to go feed the beast. We had another meeting with our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader and all the Ward Missionaries to try and come up with more ways to help the members do missionary work.  

Friday was ZDM. The meeting as a whole was really good. Setting the goal for the month was a pain, but it always is. Our homeshare got a dog. It is cool except it doesn't like us haha. We don't spend enough time there for it to get used to us. 
P Day Hike

Saturday was exchanges with the AP.  I went with Elder Figueroa. He is from El Paso so that was cool to talk about Put Put and stuff like that. We had some good lessons and did some service. That night is probably the last time I will see Elder Wilkinson on my mission so that was kinda weird.  

Sunday I don't really know what to talk about. It keeps getting harder and harder to write home and give details and stuff. We had a bunch of lessons this week but nothing really sticks out to talk about. We are still on bike, I got a call today from our fleet coordinator after we got done with our hike saying we could come and get it tomorrow! So I am excited about that! I also am not writing a whole lot so I have something to talk about on Skype which I am also really excited for!  Well talk to ya Sunday!! Love ya tons!! 

Elder Wood 

P.S. Quote of the week, "If you talk about your troubles and you tell them o'er and o'er the Lord may think you like them and give you even more!" -Elder Petersen