Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

May 12, 2014 

Dear Family, 

Well it was good seeing you all on Skype yesterday!! doesn't leave a whole ton for me to write home about but I will do my best to stay focused on writing a good letter.

Last P day we went on another hike. It was fun, we took a harder trail this time. Then just E-mailing after that. 

P Day Hike

Tuesday we had our normal meetings in the morning. We had a lesson with Michael that day. I think that is also the day we went and got our car, so that was cool. They detailed the inside but they didn't do that good of a job. The paint looks nice. I need to start keeping better track of what goes on in the day, lately I have been short on what to write about.  

Wednesday at splits I had a way good night. We picked up a new investigator and saw all the people we wanted to. Elder Ringwood struck out. All the stuff he was going to do fell through so he went with Bro Cassio to a Spanish investigators house he is fellowshipping and got a headache because he was trying to figure out what they were saying ha.  

Thursday we had one of our Priests come out with us for 2 hours. His name is Jr. he is pretty cool. Had some good lessons with him.  

Friday we had exchanges. I was with Elder Coleman in my area. He is going home in a week. We had a good time. He complained about how there are no normal people in our area. Our lesson with Michael didn't help. In a way he is right, there are a abnormal amount of weird people here. We talked a lot about guitars because he has been playing for a really long time. I don't know if I personally know somebody who has as much technique as him. He just plays everything really pretty.  

Saturday We taught Michael again. He is really frustrating. He still doesn't believe in one true church, but he would get baptized into our church. the only problem is the law of chastity. He thought he got his answer which was that he should follow it but he still didn't want to, then this time he said he got an answer he liked. It wasn't an answer, he is having a hard time recognizing his. What he thought was one I told him was from the devil and not from God and he sat back and said something like he hadn't thought of it that way before. He knew I was right he just doesn't like to admit he is wrong. He kept asking if he could just keep that one thing and just keep all the other commandments ha. I don't know how many times we showed him that God isn't a respecter of persons and he had to keep all the commandments. There aren't special exceptions for lazy people. We need to find some new investigators. I am excited to take over the area and do things the way I like to ha. Don't get me wrong I love Elder Ringwood but I am ready to change some stuff. What we are doing now is obviously not working I want to change it. I hope when we get the calls on Saturday night I have another good companion. 

Sunday was awesome because we got to Skype! Church was also good haha. That is really it for the week. I promise I will keep better track of what happens this week so I can write a better letter.  

Today I had everybody talked into going bowling. We went and got our hair cut while the other Elders checked it out they found out they are out of business so that was a bummer! Jason sent me some songs so that should keep me busy for the day! Well have a good week!

Love Elder Wood!!