Monday, April 28, 2014

Surprise Visits from the Mission President!

April 28, 2014
Dear Family:
Hi! Well..... bike wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. But I still hate it haha.  


Tuesday morning we drove to Riverside to give up our car:( so we haven't had it since then. We got a ride bike from Elders Carr and Montague. When we got back we got our bikes all fixed up and running and ate lunch. President interviews after that. It was hard to get everybody there without us having a car so when I was talking to President about it on the phone he just said he  would go to some Elders apartment. I thought it was funny the ones he chose. On P day the day before their apartment got wrecked. We pushed everything out of the way and made a circle to wrestle in ha. Plus the like 12 boxes of trash in the front room from cleaning out their apartment. I called them after and said they had 30 minutes to fix it before he got there. My interview was really good. Unfortunately it was our last interview with him. We will see him a few more times, it is still sad. We had a few good lessons. It was hard to get dinners this week without a car. We met somebody at Panda. 

Wednesday We had DLC and DDM. Elder Peterson asked me to come and train in his DDM on member presents. We had a lesson with Michael. He is still on board. I don't know if I told you but he got his answer and is following the Word of Wisdom.  We couldn't catch him on Saturday or Sunday so he didn't come to church. He is always normally home so we don't know what happened yet. 

Thursday was boring as well. Still on bike haha. It is hard to keep up with what we were doing in this area on bike. For some reason hardly anyone was at home! Things are not going as well as I would like it in our area. I don't know what we are doing wrong. I am excited for the end of this transfer to take over the area and do things the way I like to ha. This is the first time I have really been Jr. comp since I got trained so it is frustrating for me. Also the first time I haven't gotten doubled into my area also. I don't think I like getting regularly transferred in now. I like getting doubled in. We had like 3 lessons that day. Some random member from Orem walked up to me from Orem when I was at the church. He is here for the winter because of his health. He is working on one of his neighbors right now. They live in the neighboring ward. That night we stole the sister’s car to do exchanges. They took my camera once and took some goofy pics so I printed one off and wrote on the back and hid it in the car when I left. It was pretty funny when they found it. They got us back with giving me a plank of wood and Elder Ringwood ring pops with a stick taped on over the pop. They ate dinner at our house on Saturday we were going to print off one of the pictures and put it in one of the frames on the wall and see how long it took them to see it, but we didn't have time. 

Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Cook. That was really fun. We went into his area. Elder Godfrey went into mine. We had service that morning with the Spanish Elders. We talked a lot the night before that was fun. My comp doesn't talk much. Every once and a while he will open up.  
Old Faithful in downtown Lake Elsinore! (not sure what happened)

Saturday we had Mormon helping hands sort of. We couldn't call it that because there was another church involved. It was fun. We got jipped at first. I went with some other Elders way away from Main St. to the other side of the lake to work on somebody’s trailer house and not where all the cool stuff was happening on Main where everybody was. But they ran out of stuff for us to do so we went back and painted/stood there and watched because we didn't have enough ladders. It was a lot more fun over there we had people to talk to. We biked a lot trying to get some lessons in. We only got one. Every night this week except for Friday we had a team-up set up for us at night so we could catch up for being on bike but things didn't really work cuz nobody was home.  

Sunday at lunch after church we got tracted into. It was funny cuz we were the only ones at home so answer the door. It was from the Agape church. They were pretty surprised when we opened the door. That made my day. We went to a baptism in Wildomar Ward for somebody that Elder Ringwood taught at the first of his mission. Then splits after that only Bro. Cassio showed up. Nobody was home again. We took him to go talk to some more people in the parking lot because we hadn't made all our OYMs. He talked to some people for me in Spanish and did a really good job.  Got return addresses and numbers. It was cool I have never seen a member be bold enough to just talk to random people with us. 

Well that is pretty much it. Hopefully we get our car back soon! Well love ya bye!


Elder Wood