Monday, November 25, 2013

Elder Wood and Elder Wood


November 25, 2013
Dear Family:
HI! I had a super good week!! I don't have a lot of time though. 
Last Monday I don't really remember, so it couldn't have been that cool.  
That is a fast stairway!
Tuesday we went to Redlands to the temple. That was awesome! Cafe Rio after. I will have to try and send you some pics. If I run out of time I might have Bro. Hoyt (our home-share) send it to you. We had a lesson with Logan again. He really wants to get baptized but his mom keeps holding him back. Something about Jehovah Witnesses taking 8 years to get baptized and he needs to have the Book of Mormon memorized. We are still working with it. I saw Elders Cook and Braithweight again. They brought us a homeshare.  
Creative Cooking
Wednesday we had DDM (district meeting). That day Elder Wood (ZL) came on exchanges with me, and Elder Hammond went with Elder Locklear in their area. We had some good lessons. The best one was with Jacob Hicks. The whole family made it to church this Sunday. All except the dad. Elder Wood and I had a good time. Everybody thought we were brothers or at least related. I served with him back in Hemet, so we knew each other pretty well. That night we stayed up talking for quite a while.  
Thursday was just a normal day, not a whole lot went on. We had weekly planning late because we had to exchange back. We had to do our exchange backwards (switch in the morning instead of the night) so a good part of the day was shot.  
Friday was about the same. I know this E-mail is boring, I forgot to take notes in my planner. This was like one of our busiest weeks, I just don't remember what we did ha.  
It's a good thing the car came along - 1478 Miles already!
Saturday We had breakfast at the church. We had a stake meeting with all the other missionaries and some of the stake people. It was good. Somebody who worked at IHOP  hooked us up. We pretty much spent all day trying to find part member families to teach. We stopped in by the Hicks family to make sure they would be able to go to church.  
The view of Corona
Sunday was a pretty chill day. Just church and meetings. We went to an inter-faith thing at the Methodist church. It was pretty cool. We were well represented there. That night I got to go and see one of Elder Feist's investigators be baptized. That was cool. She was baptized by her son who Elder Feist baptized as well. That was pretty much the week!! This next week is going to be interesting. We are going to Riverside to pick up a package that Elder Hammond needs I guess. Thanksgiving is going to be awesome. We get to play in the turkey bowl. Saturday is transfer calls. It used to bug me when all the missionaries would talk about how fast the time was going, but this transfer has been crazy fast. I really do feel like I just got here!! Well got to go!! Love ya!
Elder Wood