Monday, December 23, 2013

Almost Christmas

December 23, 2013
Dear Family:
Well it is almost Christmas Skyping time, so I probably won't say a lot so I have something to talk about.
Monday neither the T. Val or Corona ZL's wanted to have an activity so we went and got Elders  Feist and Justice and took them to our home share. We pretty much just hung out there all day. Played some guitar and E-mailed. Played clue 3 times. Watched Prophet of the Restoration on the Hoyt’s tv. Just normal P-day stuff.
Tuesday We had a lesson with Logan. He wants to get baptized so bad, but his parents won't let him, it is pretty sad. He is ready, he knows everything is true. He just can't get permission. It was just a normal day other than that. We are pretty low on investigators, so we spend a lot of time finding.
Wednesday we were supposed to teach Jacob, but he wanted to wait until Thursday. Our dinner canceled so we went to another member’s house for dinner. We had plenty of extra time so we taught them how to be missionaries and helped them that way.
Thursday we met with Jacob. We have been taking the perfect fellow-shipper over there for him. We are super close to dropping him. We would have a while ago, but I have been holding out because his sister is going to be able to help get him to church now. But once again a lot of finding. That pretty much happened all week.
Friday we had multi-zones. We had the two Corona Zones, La Sierra Zone, and Jurupa Zone. I was shocked at how many elders I knew there. It is barely dawning on me how long I have been out. With traffic and dinner we didn't have any time. We did stay a little after to talk to President Smart. Elder Hammond's dad might be taking the lessons, if he does Elder Hammond wanted to Skype and be in the lessons. I thought there was no way, but President told him yes. He had never had the idea and he is curious how it will go. Once we finally got down to our place and changed it was time for dinner. Once dinner was over we had a meeting back up at the other end of Corona. We thought we would have time to stop and talk to some people but it didn't happen. Traffic was way too bad. The meeting was at the Zimmerman home. He is in the stake presidency. They had all the missionaries over and we talked about Christmas Traditions. Then they went over Christ's Birth Story and then gave us all some frankincense and myrrh. It was pretty cool. No gold though. That is what we all really wanted.

Saturday we went and helped some Sisters in my district do service. They have absolutely no investigators. We went to go help them so we could try and get them one. It was a non-member who was moving in from another area and was really good friends with some members there that were trying to get him to take the lessons. They invited him pretty much as he was moving, so they should be teaching him and his wife soon. They got a huge blessing this week. They had a former investigator contact them and he wants to get baptized this weekend. We are doing as much as we can to get it to happen this week so they can help with the mission goal of 800. We are pretty close. We ate with the Walter family. They are pretty cool. We are going back over there on Christmas day as well. They had a less active guy there and a non-member. We should be working with the non-member soon. They want us to eat with her one more time though.
Sunday was pretty good. We didn't go to Ward Council because we were trying to get Jacob to church. We ended up being late. We had to go wake up his fellow-shipper and wait for him to get ready. Then we went over to get Jacob. He didn't answer, I didn't think he would. We had gone over an hour before to wake him up. I just wanted to see if we weren't knocking if they would answer. I know somebody was there. The screen and the door were both open a little bit and I could hear somebody. I called like all his family trying to get somebody on the phone. Still no answer at the door. Well we will talk to you on Wednesday!!

Love ya bye!!!

Elder Wood