Monday, December 16, 2013

Ward Christmas Program in Jerusalem

December 16, 2013 

Dear Family: 

This week has gone by super fast!!  

Monday we had a good P-day. Went to this store called "Active". I guess it is just a Southern California store. Anyways you remember that brand called Altamont this is normally just weird stuff? I found a cool shirt from them so I bought it. Other than that we just kinda messed around all day.


Tuesday and most of this week it was at least 70 degrees. It was weird.. we had district meeting. After that we helped Elders Fesit & Justice with some service. We got a pool house ready for an Elder who was coming back for his honeymoon. I found out it was for Elder Hanks. I'm not a huge Elder Hanks fan. He is the elder who was in the Fruitvale Ward before Elder Allen and I got there. I  thought about leaving a few notes, but I didn't. We did get to take an adventure in a old super creepy bomb shelter. Logan canceled so we didn't get to meet with him.  

The Bomb Shelter. Camera quit when I got inside - No Photos

Wednesday was pretty boring. Nothing too exciting.  

Thursday was pretty crazy.  We had a lesson with Veronica and some of her family. I didn't turn out that well. We had Sister Brown and her daughter meet us there to sit in and listen. The second we opened the door we all knew something was up. I'm sure it was drugs. We didn't know that would be a problem, but It didn't surprise me. We went in and Veronica told us a ton of stuff we didn't want to know. I was embarrassed the Browns saw the whole thing go down. The lessons there are normally so awesome!! We de-briefed them and they were fine. It was actually good they were there because they understood a lot more what she said than we did. After lunch I got a call from the Sisters cuz they couldn't start their car. Their key wouldn't turn. I figured their steering wheel turned and locked and stuff so I told them to turn it and turn the key at the same time. It worked... Sister Missionaries! haha. Had a lesson with Jacob and Jordan again. I understand a lot better when Mom talks about teaching two very different levels of her Kindergarden students. It is hard to appease both sides equally. I got the family letter that day. I about died when I read the part about dad running out of gas! I could not stop laughing! My comp thought I was crazy. I just want you to know I always keep the cars I drive over a quarter tank. Except for a few random times. Hopefully one of those times isn't while you are driving haha. Something I forgot to tell you about that happened in the middle of the day I got another job offer. A lady called me who I gave my number to. She said she lives in Murrita and has an office in Murrita and Temecula and other places (so in other words she is rich). I explained to her how a mission works and stuff.  

Friday we gave out a lot of Christmas party invites. We went and saw all the people we hadn't been able to catch the last few days. We ate dinner with a part-member family and had a good lesson after.  

Saturday we got lost. We tried to go out to one bluff. It is way out in the middle of nowhere. It didn't even look like California to me. We never found the house we were looking for. We accidentally took the wrong road the first time all the way to the land fill. That night was the Ward Party. We didn't really get to see too much of what happened.  We went and helped in the kitchen. (the Elders were over it not the Relief Society, so they needed lots of help) When we finally got in the gym it didn't look the same at all. They had crazy Middle East music playing and it looked like we were there too! It was cool. 


A photo Jason and his friends photoshopped of 3 of the 4 Wood brothers
Sunday at church I lost a good dinner thought. One of the bishopric used it in his talk, so I pretty much can't use that one anymore in this area for a while. Nothing too exciting happened. Sorry this is a short letter. I didn't really have a whole lot to say. Oh btw way yes I know E. Gordon. I know him well enough I knew his brother was a sales rep. That is cool you met him. He flew in with me and we served in Riverside together. He is an ASL missionary so he will leave a transfer before me. Well that's all for now!! talk to you at Christmas!! love ya!  

Elder Wood