Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in the Mission Field

Dec 30 at 3:30 PM  

Dear Family: 

Well this has been a bitter sweet week. Christmas was awesome! But then back to normal life isn't near as fun. Elder Hammond got super sick so we didn't even get a chance to try and catch up from Christmas festivities that took the first part of the week. We only had two full days of proselyting.
Monday we only got a half a P-day. Even with that everybody was busy for the holiday, so it really wasn't that productive.
Tuesday we drove to Moreno Valley. There is a large stake center there. That is where we went when we had the meeting when the mission split as well because we can fit the whole mission there. We had a talent show at the first in the gym. Elder Feist and I were going to play the guitar and sing but we didn't get what we wanted to do down fast enough. Parts of it were super good. There were a few other ones that weren't as good. After that we went into the chapel for the people who did talents that were reverent. Some of the Elders and Sisters did a really good job doing different things. Mostly singing or piano. After that Sister Smart talked for a minute and then President Smart. We watched the short nativity from the bible videos and then Pres talked a little more about it. It ended up being a really long meeting, but I enjoyed it. It started at 10:00 and I don't think we got out of there until like 4. After that they sent us back in the gym where all our presents were sorted out by what zone we are in. Elder Wood and I handed them to everyone in our zone. We had 5 people in our car so it was like playing Tettris to get the packages all in the trunk with our backpacks and suits and everything. It was a good day. That night we ate dinner with the Hoyts. It is always fun for us to get to eat with them. Earlier that week their son TJ and his girlfriend Mary had gotten there. After dinner they included us in their Christmas eve festivities. We watched a little Nativity thing put out by the church and talked about it a little bit and what Christmas is really about. After that everybody got pajamas. Including us!! Then we went to bed so Santa could come. The Hoyts even got us stockings to put out for Santa.
Christmas was pretty bomb. We got up and opened presents and ate with the Hoyts. I got a bunch of good stuff. Mostly money which is the best stuff haha. I have lots of thank you letters I am working on. I Skyped right after I opened my stuff. Elder Hammond wasn't able to Skype until a little bit later. After that we went to the Walters for dinner and to play some games and stuff. I will have to hurry I am already almost out of time!!
Thursday was weird going back to being a missionary. We went and helped somebody move out of our ward. It is a good thing we showed up, because nobody else did.
Friday we had DLC in the morning. After that we met with Veronica and Melissa. They are doing a lot better now. We will see if they are willing to progress. We met with Jacob as well. Sadly we had to drop him. Friday night Elder Hammond got super sick. I guess he was throwing up all night. I didn't hear it. He said I didn't move all night. I felt bad.
Saturday he slept in to help him get feeling better. He was still sick when he got up so we didn't get a lot done. I am out of time! Sorry! Sunday was normal. Today we went to Riverside to get Elder Hammond a new license, no visa yet bye!

Love Elder Wood