Monday, December 9, 2013

Changing a Tire

December 9, 2013
Dear Family:
Hey! somehow time has gotten past me so I only have 35 minutes to write!
Last Monday I think I already told you but Elder Hammond and I went bowling with Elders Feist and Justice. That was kinda a little flashback to Hemet. They were even having an old people bowling tournament like they did every Monday in Hemet and everything!
Tuesday morning was weird, we didn't have DDM (we had ZDM on Friday) so I didn't know what to do with the extra time. We figured out how to get into a gated community I haven't been able to get into for a week. We have had the key codes the whole time, but one week they stopped working. We thought they got changed. I got really frustrated cuz we needed to go see somebody so I pushed them like really hard and they worked. I dunno what changed, but now you have to like slam your finger into them for them to work. We had another lesson with Veronica, it is super cool going to teach them because they have never had any experience feeling the Holy Ghost before, so it is always a cool experience teaching and bringing the spirit to them. That night we had a meeting with Bishop Bennett like we do every Tuesday night. I got to meet the new sister in my district and I share a ward with. She is from Orem.
Elder Wood at the Hoyt's House (Home Share)
Wednesday morning we taught seminary again. This time our class was super boring, none of the kids were fun they were all too tired I guess. I went and talked to some of the ones in the hall after. I was talking to one of them and following up with the commitment I left them. Elder Hammond walked off to talk to another Elder. Like a minute later he had to come rescue me, I was surrounded by like 6 girls all trying to talk my ear off ha. Elder Hammond didn't even notice, the other Elder saw I was trying to get them to come save me so they did. That day we tried to visit a bunch of people. I had been up since 4:40, so at lunch I laid down to take like a 20 minute nap. I figured Elder Hammond would wake me up. We ended up sleeping for like a lot longer than I wanted to. That night we didn't see Jacob, he re-scheduled for the next day. 
Thursday we had a beast of a weekly planning session. We got all the planning done and then started working on the ward list. We got a new one with all the ages and all the priesthood ordinations and we are using it for finding. Anyone who is like 30 and a teacher probably lives with non-members. We had to use my GPS to figure out who is in our area and who is in the sister’s area, we only got like 1/4 the way done on that. We had a lesson with Jacob Hicks, it went well. We did plan of salvation. 
Elder Wood and Elder Hammond at the Hoyt's House
Friday we had meetings and then craziness so we didn't really get anything done we wanted to. We had ZDM that morning. A meeting with our ward mission leader after that that went way over. They were both really good though, and helpful. After that I called and talked to a lady in Orange County for like 20 minutes because she was telling us about a referral she just gave us. It should be a really good teaching opportunity it sounds like. She is even willing to drive down for every lesson if her friend is willing to take them. In the middle of the call I got a ton of calls from people. After I found out the sisters in my district blew out a tire and needed me to come change it ha. Good thing I am good with cars. When I got there they had blown out both tires on the passenger side. Luckily they were in the parking lot when it happened. They thought they were about to get hit so instead they rammed the curb really hard. They had called the Sister Training Leaders as well to help them, but none of them knew what to do ha. I’m sure it was quite the sight. 4 sister missionaries just standing there watching 1 elder change the tires and 1 other elder just standing there. People were giving us some weird looks ha.
Saturday it rained a lot. Luckily I get to enjoy when it rains because I am in a car! We met with Veronica and part of her family again. One wasn't going to come to church and we didn't even have to say anything, Veronica went off and was like Jesus had to carry the cross and people were like spitting on him and stuff, I think you can go to church. So that was pretty awesome. Unfortunately they all got sick so they couldn't come :(
Sunday was frustrating! We were supposed to have 4 at church and only Logan came. We went to the Hick’s Saturday night last thing and had clothes laying out for him and we went to wake him up Sunday morning and he was gone. His parents took him with them even when they said they wouldn't. Veronica and Mellisa got sick. But Logan came! I had never tried so hard in my mission to get people to church so I was disappointed, but we will get them next week!! That night we were OYMing and I had a weird experience. I only have 2 minutes to send this, so I will have to tell you about it next week, Sorry!!
Love ya tons!!

Elder Wood