Monday, July 1, 2013

Hot Enough For You Yet?

July 1, 2013

Dear Family:

Monday was a normal P-day. I got your handwritten letter mom, so I enjoyed that. I thought my handwriting was getting better until I saw that ha. I guess I was just comparing to other Elders though, so not really much competition. I'm glad all went well. I forgot about “Zach's Lie” until you just reminded me, that was a good book. Brett and Jason during P-day some other Elders taught me about the "wonder weapon" on black opps two on zombies. If you don't know what it is, check it out, it is supposed to be pretty cool. They said you can figure it out on youtube.

Tuesday nothing too exciting happened. We had a couple lessons. Elder Feist lost his planner at Bro. Boyd's house so we went and got it. While we were there we got talking about the ward mission process. I dunno if our ward does that I don't think it could cuz we don't have missionaries, but here it is what all the wards are shooting for. Basically what it is, is the ward has to provide us with 15 lessons a week. Right now they are doing about 5. So we started working on that. Tuesday night half the zone had a b-day party for Sam for like a half hour before we went home. We had cake and sang to him. Also I just remembered something, Elder Feist got a picture from his sister and brother-in-law and he had an awesome hoodie you guys should try and find. It has a picture of Brigham Young on it with snowboard goggles on. I think it is called Brigham Boarding or something like that.

Wednesday I had exchanges with Elder Moyer. He is my new DL. Elder Feist got to take his first trip to Spanish land. That day I saw a sick Camaro. It is a darker red color with a black hood scoop and black wheels. I am still confused as to who is looking at cars, Dad or Brett, but that is the one I would suggest. Oh and a standard, not automatic. I had a bad dream last night (Sunday night) that the Camero was for Sharee haha. I was pretty upset in the dream! Elder Moyer and I taught our new investigator the first lesson and it went really well. I had her all set on date and then her husband talked her out of it cuz he didn't want to rush her (he is a member) so she ended up backing out of that one. Btw her name is Patty Cole. Wednesday I thing it got to be 106 to 109, so it was pretty hot.

Thursday we had a really good day. We got to escape the heat for a little while longer because we do weekly planning on Thursday. We picked up another solid investigator named Cheryl. Bro. Boyd was there and he is getting better at what he says in helping us out with the lessons. The spirit was there super strong and she seems to be progressing. We can't get her to church no matter how we try though. She is also studying with the Jehovah Witnesses so she is kinda interesting that way. Jehovah Witnesses are crazy, I have talked to a few and their doctrine is weird. They are definitely not the true church, but I can't bag on them in-front of Cheryl unfortunately. She has to find out for herself. We also had a good meeting with Bro. Brown. So he spirit was strong all night, so it was one of those nights where you get home and are just pumped because of how well the day went.

Friday was pretty normal. Only one or two noteworthy things. We had a lesson at 10 that was pretty short so we came out a little after 10:30. Elder Feist and I hopped on our bikes and started riding away as we hear something that sounded like a really large tree branch snapping. Feist looked and me and was like did you hear that? I looked up and right above us I could see the power lines bouncing up and down, so I was a little freaked out about that so I rode farther away from them. For some reason I felt really uncomfortable, just like when you get in the car and you feel uncomfortable because you don't have a seat belt on but you know you should. We could see ahead of us a little dust cloud so we crossed the street cuz I didn't want to be by the poles cuz they were freaking me out and started biking that way. Once we crossed we could see what happened. Somebody was in a van, like a Mormon assault vehicle like the Pughs have, went across the other lane of traffic, off the road, and through the power pole and busted it in half. The van was pretty smashed and the pole was just on the ground and the wires hanging down. When we got closer I realized the van is from a cleaning business that a ward member owns that Elder Allen and I tried to teach their non-member spouse. Luckily the guy that came out of the van was just some worker guy and he wasn't beat up too bad. He had two guys holding him up, but he walked to the other side of the road. The other thing was that the last two nights we had dinner with single ladies, so Sam got to come eat dinner with us for two nights in a row. We need to take him with us to be there.

Saturday was a long day. In the morning we were headed to a meeting and at a park they were having some fire fighter event. It looked pretty cool, they were like doing some water games in there suits and stuff. When we rode past they were blaring that song that Utah State always plays that is the celtic rock song. It got so hot at a point that is melted the plastic covering that goes on top of the helmet of the protective part of my helmet. I threw it in some bushes by my apartment so I might try and glue it back on cuz it looks kinda funny and plain now ha. But it still works! It got super hot, that is when I took that picture I was standing in the shade and gave it a minute. It only dropped two degrees. The ZL's called and told us that it was 122 and to go inside. I don't think it was that hot, but it was 116, I heard that from a few people. We drank a lot of water that day. When we took our back packs off our shirts were drenched. It was pretty nasty, so we went in and read a little bit and then watched a little church video. So that was a nice break. We ate dinner with the Bishop and that is always fun, he is a really cool guy.
When we bought the bike speedometer/odometer we did not realize it also did temperature.
(Smallest readout at left center)

Sunday there was a farewell for Bethany Egget (drake) Her mom is the fellowship for Char. They had a really good 4th of July program. They hung up in the chapel the biggest flag I have ever seen. The whole back wall was taken up but the blue part with the 50 stars alone. And the wall is pretty big! We had a few good lessons and then we got invited to go eat food and Bethany's farewell party, so that is what we did before we went home. Luckily Patty was there, so we had our investigator and I didn't have to feel bad about being there. I think that is all for now! Love ya! Bye!

Elder Wood

P.S. Sharee while you are putting music together go out in my truck and find my All-State CD's and put them on the flash drive to send to me. Please! Get as much as you can think of on there, cuz I am 95% sure I am about to end up with an iPod so I will have plenty of room for stuff. Thank you!