Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July 2013

July 8, 2013

 Dear Family:

I just realized I have two e-mails for Mom. Do you want me to send it to your school one or your yahoo? This week was pretty good, I am wanting a change though. I have been in this ward for a while now. By the end of this month it will be 6 months. I love the ward and the people, but it is time to move on. That is what I have been praying for anyways. Maybe if I get transferred I will get a car for August! :) haha, that's not a righteous desire. I could still stay here though, so I just leave it up to the Lord and President Smart. I am doing my best to leave the area in the best shape I can. I know how it sucks to get doubled into an area where nothing was being done, and that is a lot of work for the new guys! Hopefully Elder Feist stays here, but once again who knows. Right now we are changing the way the ward does that ward mission process so they do it properly. It is proving to be challenging, but they trust us so we are making a lot of headway. If we can get it running the way it should it will be a baptizing machine.

Monday was good! We went bowling. We spent like 2 bucks a piece more and Elders Feist, Kelly, Wood, and myself bought a pass so we can bowl 2 free games any day we go in until September. We just have to pay like 3 bucks for shoes. I wish I would have known about that deal when I first got to this zone, if I had been going bowling every p-day I would get really good ha. Thankfully Elder Feist is the card holder, so I don't have to worry about anybody going without me!

Tuesday I woke up from some weird dreams, I think I must have eaten something before I went to bed and it did weird things to me in my sleep. Elder Feist told me I was singing in my sleep. We had a few good lessons on Tuesday. My favorite was with Patty Cole, our best progressing investigator. We taught the 3rd lesson and then we started talking about her smoking. Her husband brought it up because he is aware that it is going to be a problem. I guess she has been smoking since she was 14, but I have a lot of faith in her, I don't think it is going to stop her. That night we didn't have a dinner, but our neighbor that I talk to sometimes (like everyday as I walk outside of my apartment) told us his daughter is raising money for her b-day and we could buy some helote (sweet corn) from them so we did. That was super good!

Wednesday we just had our normal lessons. They are all really good ones! Gale Mosino (ward mission process but we just dropped her), Charlotte Cross (Recent Convert but we don't have ward missionaries to teach her or home teachers), Jessie and Ruth (have to drop them because of the changes we are making in the ward mission process). I also got your letter that day. I dropped my letter when mom said you bought a Camero, and then Elder Feist just laughed at me when you told me it was a joke. Also while Sharee is driving the S-10 make sure you are checking the anti-freeze often! It drops a lot faster than you would think. Plus you don't have a warning it is getting low like you do in the winter because the heater stops working as well.  Christian called me on Wednesday and asked where I was from. He was in Beaver when he called me. He was headed with a friend to stay the night in Orem with somebody's parents. Then for the 4th the parents have some land on the Duchesne river just past the fair grounds that they were all going to go and spend the day there. I told him that was 30 minutes from my house. I haven't heard from him yet I haven't had time to call him yet and see what he thought. I wish I would have known he was going there. I would have had him take something and then have you guys come get it from him. I got an iPod, so I could have sent that with him and then had you guys wrap it up really well and then send it back after Sharee put on it what she has, but oh well!
Elder Feist comiendo Helote

Thursday was the 4th of course! Nobody really wanted to meet with us ha. That morning my ward and Diamond Valley ward combined and had a big breakfast that we went to. Not near as good as Long Horn days, but it is as close as I'm going to get for a while! I dunno if they do anything here for the 24th, probably not. After that we had zone meeting. In the month of June the mission set a goal to baptize 100 people. It was just kinda a fun thing to do before we split missions. We ended up getting 98. That is good, but we could have gotten 100 easily. The rest of the day we pretty much just got our OYM's and then waited until dinner, it was super unproductive. We stop working on the 4th after 6:00. For dinner we went to a party with a few ward members. Pretty much just a group of some of the older ones. That was fun. Our eternal investigator is the one who invited us. When he was giving us a ride back to our apartment he told us some stories. He is from Germany. He told us about back when he was a kid and Hitler was in control he actually ended up seeing him once, and then told us some stories about living through the Holocaust. At 6 all the Elders went to the Park Hill building and played baseball sort of. We didn't have gloves so we just used a tennis ball and no gloves. It was still fun!

Friday was normal again, I am running out of time so I will skip it, nothing too exciting.

Saturday we had exchanges with our zone leaders again. This time I stayed in the area and Elder Parker came and went with me. I haven't gotten to go with Elder Santos (he is from Uruguay, and a lot of fun to hang out with), Elder Parker has to come to our area cuz he got in a crash and can't drive anymore ha. It was a normal day. Luckily this week hasn't been near as hot as it was last week. So he picked a good time to come, it stayed under 100 almost the whole week. I had some notes that I was going to include in this letter from Ronny and Lisa's letter but I forgot my notes for it at my apartment, so I will do that next week.

Sunday was also good, I found out we will soon be working with the Greathouse family to teach one of their friends, so we are excited to go and meet with them on Tuesday to get more information. At church Elder Feist and I always get up and hand out a Book of Mormon. We committed the entire Priesthood to invite 1 person to learn about the gospel in the month of June. Like I expected pretty much nobody did it, so we reminded them that they individually raised their hands to commit and then got to tell them we were disappointed and re-commit them for this month. Well that is pretty much all I have! Love
you all!
Elder Wood
Gift from Ward Member to put in our Books of Mormon