Monday, July 22, 2013

Pioneer Day Celebration (a little early)

July 22, 2013

Dear Family:

Well this was a good week, but a pretty slow one. The work was super slow and we are in a little lag between having the ward mission process cleaned out and jump started. I got the letter Ronny sent about the work they are doing in the stake there. Use those good missionaries as much as you can. I can't say a whole lot about my ward, except I wish they were giving us names like that. That is how the ward mission process is supposed to work even though it doesn't sound like that is what they are using for the tool. I really do enjoy this ward though. They haven't had very good missionaries before us so I wish they would just load us up with names like the missionaries there are doing. By the way one of the cool families from my ward is moving to Utah somewhere. Close to Salt Lake I think. I am going to get their info and give it to you, and I will give them your info. I think it would be cool if you went and met them one of the times you are out there. It is the Drake family, so Chars (my first baptism) fellow-shippers. They are moving right at the end of this month. Right after transfers happen. We will see on Saturday if I stay here or not. I have been in this same area my mission so I would like to move, but I would be ok with staying another transfer. I have been praying to move, but not very hard because at the same time it doesn't really matter where I go. So send your regular letter this Wednesday, but next week send it to the mission office and they will send it to me. I better go over last week really fast.

Last Monday we went bowling for P-day. It ended up being free because we ran into a member from the Diamond Valley ward that had shoes all the right sizes and that is the only thing we pay for when we go bowling. Unfortunately my game was off so I didn't do very good. I was trying too hard and throwing too hard.

Tuesday we had district meeting. After that pretty much everybody dropped on us. I forgot to mention, this last week was Elder Feist's senior week. So all that pretty much means is that all planning situations he is in charge and he was the head in all the lessons. He did good. If I leave I’m not worried about him taking over the area. He will do good.

Wednesday was pretty much the same as Tuesday. Had a few lessons.  The end of the day ended up being busy and we had to bike pretty fast. Stuff was on the opposite sides of our area. We had dinner with the Giron family. He is from Guatemala. We were talking about the Mayan Indians. I guess they have another book of religion there that is from the Indians. He says it talks about the creation and God and is similar to the Bible and the Book of Mormon. We also ate a really expensive pepper while we were there. It was pretty hot. They had to put vinegar and onions and stuff to tone it down and it was still pretty hot. It is called a Manzana Pepper just cuz it looks like an apple. Maybe he just calls it that. I dunno. Also the Idyllwild and Anza elders got evacuated because there was a huge fire up there. I will send some pics. At night the flames were super big and we could see them in Hemet. Anza didn't need evacuated, the Pres just told them to come down for a day or two. Idyllwild the whole city actually got evacuated. They have been staying with the Diamond Valley and San Jacinto elders. They are still down here and we dunno when they are going back up. One is going home next week, and the other Elder came in with Elder Feist so he is just getting done getting training.

Pictures of the Fire

Thursday we had a weird zone meeting. We did weekly planning as a zone so we could learn how to do it better. It ended up being a waste of time. Most of the missionaries didn't really pay attention. I am running out of time so I will make it short. We played ultimate football so our schedule is messed up.

Friday pretty much nothing.

Saturday we went to Pioneer Day. I think Sister Rex sent you the picture. We just got done playing a bunch of soccer when she took it. That was pretty fun though. The Spanish Ward cooked food so it was pretty good. We were there for a lot longer than we should have been. All the missionaries were there except for one companionship.
Pioneer Day Photo
Sunday was super busy. We had a couple of good lessons. We had one of our last lessons with Patty before she gets baptized. We have two more set up for next week. We also taught Sister Snow. The spirit was there super strong as always. Then we had dinner with the Drakes so that was fun.

Well I am out of time. Thank you for sending me more stamps Mom! And Sharee thanks a ton for the music! I just checked it out and there is some pretty awesome stuff on there! I am really excited for the All State stuff on there. Well got to go!

Love ya,
Elder Wood