Monday, July 15, 2013

25 Fish Tacos

July 15, 2013

Dear Family:

Hi! I hope I can remember what to tell you about this week, it went by super fast.

Monday was good because it was P-day. So we went bowling again and did the regular E-mail and basketball at the church. I hope we have time to go bowling again today, we have a lot to get done and I am running out of money so we will see. 

Tuesday we had Zone Conference with the President. I was a little bummed it wasn't multi-zones like it normally is, but all the zones we normally combine with for conference all got kicked out of the mission. The meeting was still really good. We didn't go anywhere, the President came to us. There were a lot of really good trainings. It was super long though. It took up most of the day. The food they fed us for lunch was good.  The rest of the day was pretty slow, pretty much all our lessons dropped. Dinner was fun. We went with the Clements family to Rubios. Nobody ordered, they just had us sit down and they ordered for us. Then the waitress brought us tons of tacos. I guess they have a sort of Taco Tuesday here too and they bought us 25 fish tacos. They were pretty good. Luckily that was for everybody not just for me and Elder Feist. Everybody ate 5 and I was pretty full.

Wednesday I had exchanges with our district leader. Elder Moyer went to my area cuz he is the DL, and stayed with Elder Feist. I went with Elder Baltazar to Spanish Land. He is the one who lives in Morgan and used to live in Oakridge when he was at Utah State. Also he is the one that his best friend bought my contract at Oakridge when I left. We got along really well, he is a pretty cool guy so it was fun. Brett asked why I go on so many exchanges. We have to go on two exchanges with our DL so each companion can go with him every transfer. Then we also have to go on exchanges once a transfer with the ZL's because everyone with leadership has to go on exchanges and I guess being a trainer counts as leadership. I think also I talk more about exchanges than regular days because they aren't just a normal day to me so it is exciting. There were a lot of crazy things that happened that day. I kept a tally and there were like 5 that were above average on the weirdness scale, and the scale here in Hemet is pretty hard to tip. We saw an Astro Van jump. It looked pretty sketchy cuz it came down pretty hard. Those things weren't meant to leave the ground. When they told me about exchanges they told me I could either go on Wednesday or Friday. I chose Wednesday because I asked them which day would have a better Mexican dinner. The sad thing is when we got to dinner they didn't have time to cook so we ate Little Caesars, but that was ok. It was still a bomb day. 

 Thursday I don't really remember who we taught or anything. All I remember is that I had Sam order me a Rubix cube on amazon. It is a better one that turns way better than a normal Rubix cube. I would have never thought I would want to solve one of those. Being a missionary gets weird sometimes... I already figured it out pretty much. All I need now is to memorize the moves to solve the very bottom. I haven't tried it, but I heard they are pretty good to use in teaching about the restoration. It starts out solved when Jesus was in the earth and the church was set up. Then you let all the family members mess it up representing the apostasy and then solve it while your companion talks about the church being restored. You have to be able to do it under like 2 minutes I think. That will be easy once I get the bottom row figured out. Elder Baltazar can do it in 33 seconds. Everybody else is anywhere from 45 to like 2 minutes. Like I said missionaries are weird...

Friday We pretty much spent all day finding. We do that a lot sometimes. We got a call and somebody needed Charlotte’s address so we were close and just rode over to see what it was. We were just going to ride by but I decided to see what was going on. It was good we went by, she ended up having a lot of questions that needed to be resolved.

Saturday we pretty much spent all day trying to get everybody to church. Our dinners wife got super sick, so he just took us to Carl’s Jr. which was good. On the way there we were talking about his little Honda Civic we were in. His daughter has the same car but it is an automatic. It gets like 5 to 7 miles per gallon worse than his stick shift does. So whoever is looking at cars remember that sticks are better! 

Sunday we heard a 100 year old man give a talk. He is in way good shape and his mind is super sharp. He was really funny but he also taught us some good stuff. We had a good lesson with Patty that afternoon. She has quit smoking and wants me to schedule the building so she can start inviting people, so that is exciting!  

Ronny I remembered my notes for Ronny’s last letter. Yes we do get the Ensign, they give us one every month at ZDM. So don't worry about sending me one, thanks though! As to going to school before the mission there are advantages and disadvantages to both. It really does just depend on the kid. I think with the age change it is getting a lot more kids on missions and not getting lost to the world. So sometimes it is better just to get them out there even though there will be more challenges for them. If they are for sure going to get on a mission, college was good to go to first for a lot of reasons. I think it has helped me a lot in many different aspects and made me a better missionary. I think the most important thing is to help them build the desire to go on a mission for the right reasons and then get em out here.

Sorry if this letter is a little short and didn't really talk about anything spiritual. I think you guys will still write me back anyways :)

Love ya!

Elder Wood