Monday, July 29, 2013

First Transfer

July 29, 2013

Dear Family:

Hey I have had an exciting week! I have a lot to write about, but not a lot of time to write, so I might have to work on some next E-mail, but I will try and get through it all this one. Btw I forgot to send Stetson in your class a little note. Thank you for the picture Stetson! I loved it. I am loving being a missionary in California. Being a missionary is fun. I want you to go on a mission too. Bye!

So P-day we played some ultimate football because we only get to play two hand touch on T
hanksgiving. We went bowling as always. That night we went and did the Harvest Blessing Referral with the Jimenez family. It was really spiritual and got us a new solid potential investigator.

Tuesday we had a little bit of craziness. The first of the day was pretty normal. District meeting, lunch,  lessons, talking to people. Then we went back to our apartment for a bathroom break before we biked to the other side of our area for dinner. When I walked past the fridge I stepped in a bunch of water. Earlier that day during studies our fridge made a sound every like 5 to 10 minutes but I didn't think anything of it. I opened it up and everything in the fridge was thawed out. It was still like fridge temperature though. The fridge wasn't working either. So I called Elder Morgan to have him come and look at it. They are the senior couple in the stake here. He said he thought it was done so we called the building coordinators and they were already in Hemet, so that was a blessing. They said they would meet us in a half hour at Sears and buy us a new one. So we rode with Elder Morgan there and like an hour later the Neilson's (building coordinators) got there. I called the mission office and got permission to steal the Zone Leader’s truck. They had a lesson every hour with an investigator so I was just going to drop them off and then go and pick up the fridge. They ended up helping us the whole time and canceled their lessons so I didn't get to drive, but the help was nice. Once we got to the apartment some other Elders and Sam were there to help us carry stuff. It ended up being super nasty behind the fridge and quite the job but we got them switched out. It took the whole night though. We had to cancel our dinner. Even though it was after hours, we made Sam drive us to Micky D's so we could buy some food. It was only like 10 minutes after, so I didn't feel bad. Also Sam brought us our Rubix Cubes that got ordered on Amazon.  Just doing it at lunch and at night I am already consistently under 2 minutes. My best is 1:30. That is good for how long I have been doing it. One Elder Everett who has been doing it his whole mission did it in 33 seconds. We are pretty weird. I never thought I would do a Rubix Cube ha.

Wednesday we had dinner with Sam and we went to Steer-n-Stein. That was super good. I had a really good steak. Sam and Elder Feist both got ribs. That day was pretty slow, we only had one lesson.

Thursday We had a good lesson with Patty. We helped prepare her for baptism and her interview. We were supposed to meet with her every day this week and have the interview on Wednesday, but they cancelled on us all week.

Friday we had another lesson with Patty and her baptismal interview. That night was super stressful. I had to make a bunch of calls after the interview so everything was set up for the baptism but it ended up everything getting taken care of.

Saturday we got everything ready for Patty's baptism. It was the best baptism I have been to. We had a lot of ward members and support this time. It was a good way for me to leave this area. Then we all went to the ZL's and broke in so we could have a transfer call party. The ZL's didn't show up until like 40 minutes after they should have. Luckily Sam was with us and he is in tight with AP Drawsbeck and Elder Drawsbeck texted him the list like a half hour before any missionaries got it. So we had a pretty good idea what was going to happen. Then the ZL's showed up and cleared it all up.

Sunday was fun. At church we had a few miracles at church like we always do after we baptize our best investigator. By the end of church we picked up 2 or 3 solid investigators who have all already been to church once and we didn't even invite them! The rest of the day we spent visiting my favorite families cuz I am leaving. At the end of the night we didn't have enough time to go to the bathroom or get our OYM's. We stayed out a little late and got our OYMs. On the way into our apartment we had somebody chase us down and ask us to teach them. So it was a super good day. It always seems to be like that after our baptism. On Sunday I don't want to make a list of everybody we saw, but one of the best ones was at Bro Walch's house. He is the second councilor in the bishopric. He is also a scriptorian. So I had a whole page of questions I have written down for him I had come up with during personal study. I learned a lot. He has also shown me the depth of the Book of Mormon. The one he showed us this time was Either 6:3-12.

So transfer information. I am going to Riverside to the Canyon Crest ward. I am getting doubled in with Elder Hawkins. He is a missionary I have served with my whole mission. He is in the Diamond Valley ward. I am excited to be his comp. I love Hawkins as a person. He is super fun. As a missionary I haven't decided how I feel. I am going to have to push him a lot. He needs a lot of motivation. I guess the Lord and President decided I can keep him busy. The ward we are going to is splitting when we get there. So we will have two sets of Elders in the ward. The other Elders are the Office Assistants though, so it’s not like they are proselyting all day. The other Elders are Elders Cook and Spencer. Cook has also been in Hemet with me the last 6 months. He just got done training a new missionary too. His comp Elder Spencer is the only one who has been in the area. Spencer was the first missionary Elder Allen trained, so it will be fun to be with him. Bro Reeves (the guy with the Ford Raptor) is renting a Uhaul and taking all 3 of us to our place today. I am excited for that. I forgot, so about Hemet. This zone just got flipped upside down. They split the zone and are doubling up Elders in wards. And for the first time in like a decade and a half they are putting Sisters in Hemet. We are getting three sets, so that is cool.

Also I just got an e-mail from Skyler. He looked at my blog and loves the tie that you gave all of us. He says everybody is always trying to trade him for it because how sweet it is. Also he said Jesse Jorgenson has gotten re-assigned to this mission until he gets his visa. Hopefully I see him. There is a Sister Graham who is also from Roosevelt and is headed here. He said she is like 3 years older than us. 

Well I better go, I have a ton of stuff to do, talk to ya soon bye! Love ya!

P.S.  Oh btw I am on a bike still but I am ok with that.