Monday, June 24, 2013

Charlotte's Baptism

June 24, 2013

Dear Family:

Hey! Well we have had a good week. I freaking baptized somebody! So that was cool. anyways I will hurry and break down my week for ya so I don't run out of time. The ZL's are timing us now on how long we are on the computer so they will make me stop in the middle of my letter if I don't finish (which now I don't appreciate)
Charlotte's Baptism

So Monday! Monday was good, we lost some good Elders and got some new ones. The guy that replaced Elder Albright is Elder Wood. He came out a transfer ahead of me. He is from somewhere close to Draper but I can't remember where. He is cool we get along well. P-day was good as usual. I only had like one noteworthy event. After we ate dinner we were out talking to people getting our OYM's for the day. It was almost 9 so we were just on our way home. As we were waiting to cross the street this old man rolls up on a scooter thing on the other side of the street. That isn't abnormal, that probably happens pretty much every time I cross a street cuz there are tons of old people here who can't drive anymore and they ride scooters. This guy looked like a carnival though ha. His scooter was covered with lights, all different colors. When we crossed the street once he got close to us he popped a wheelie and yelled whoo hoo! It was pretty funny. I still have no idea how he did it. Those three wheeled scooters aren't that light and they don't have any horsepower.

Elder Albright and Elder Wood

Tuesday was our district meeting with our new district. Elder Moyer is our DL and I am excited for that. He is a Spanish Elder so all exchanges we get to go to Spanish land. That night we had a different dinner. The Relief Society had a dinner at the church so that is where our dinner was. It turned out to be a salad dinner, so we ate a lot of salad.

Wednesday was Charlotte's baptismal interview. I wasn't worried about it at all. I had already gone through it with her. We showed up at the church for it because I was expecting to have to be like 15 minute long interview and then we would teach her a lesson. Elder Moyer ended up taking a whole hour to do the interview, so I was getting kinda worried. He just ended up taking it way too seriously. But we still got to have a lesson with her after. That night Jessie canceled on us and Sam said he had some questions for us so we went over there. He had decided that he wasn't going to go on his mission anymore. So we didn't really know what to teach him, but as always the spirit provided. We ended up having a awesome lesson where the spirit guided us and at the end Sam is now still going on his mission. Satan had been working on him pretty hard, so we helped him realize that and keep working towards his mission. As of right now I think Sam and I will leave Hemet at the same time. The end of the transfer is at like the 1st day of august or last of July and he leaves august 5th.
We think this is in Honor of our Family Theme of
"Two Scoops" which apparently Kellog's has stolen

Thursday we had our usual lessons plus a good one with Char (not Charlotte). We haven't had as many meetings as we should have after her baptism because she has been gone to soft ball and pickle ball tournaments. I did realize something on Thursday. Not a day goes by that I don't think about Lisa (Wood). The reason is, because every day at some point I have to pop my toes! I never ever did that until she would pop them, and now they get popped ever day ha.

Friday was normal, nothing noteworthy.

Saturday I finally got your letter ha. Thank you for making me a blog, that is cool. Send me a link when it is done so I can send it to some people (and I might check it out if the ZL's aren't looking haha:) That is weird that Sharee has her license. So what exactly is she driving? Did she learn how to drive stick? That is cool you got to drive those cars. I still can't figure out if that was for Dad or for Brett haha. It sounded like Brett was car shopping, but those are the cars Dad wanted to buy haha. If something actually happens with one of those cars though, remember what I said, "Stick Shift" ha. So I got to baptize Charlotte. That was really cool. I was kinda worried because I have never done it before. That wasn't my real worry though, she is kinda bottom heavy and Bro Boyd told me to expect it to be pretty much dead weight when I brought her back up. When we got to the church the font was supposed to be filled because Diamond Valley had a baptism. Turned out it was a kid, so we filled it up some more. When I went to baptize her, it was a lot different than I thought. She kinda floated and I had to pretty much push her down in that water. I felt bad cuz I didn't want to freak her out. Luckily nobody else noticed it was all just one fluid motion. After that we had a awesome lesson with a lady named Jody I talked to in front of her house. She understood it all and it was awesome! She was really excited to get baptized. The only problem is she is in the middle of moving to South Dakota and will be gone by Tuesday. That kinda sucked, but I have been pretty successful at getting other people really good investigators.

Mission Delicacies - we think this is a cracker with Ketchup

Sunday was normal. Mom, a young women in our ward gave a talk and talked about doing PROS. We got a new investigator on Sunday. That isn't anything that out of the normal, that happens all the time. The cool thing about this one is she is actually going to get baptized. Every time we have baptized our best investigators I get worried about having another one to baptize. But because we have been being obedient the Lord gives us another one right after! Then we had the broadcast. I really enjoyed that. I don't exactly know about all that internet stuff, and I don't know how effective it will be, but I don't think I have to worry about it for a while anyways. I did however love everything about the ward doing missionary work! Our ward needs some warm bodies and a kick in the butt, but they will get it done. We ended up being late for dinner because of it but that was ok because our dinners brother in law showed up, and he is a LDS apologetic. His name is Gary Bailey and I think his website is knowapologetics. blog or something like that. oh p.s. our dinner was from Bro Coleman's Portuguese Mission and it is called feijoada so that was good. well I gotta go, I am over time haha, love ya!
Elder Wood
Finally!  A street sign that means something