Monday, June 17, 2013

The Mission Splits into More Missions

June 17, 2013

 Dear Family:

So this week was really good, but kinda crazy.

Monday was a good p-day as always. We found this really cheap golf course and went golfing for 11 bucks. That was really fun! But now I am eating mack and cheese for lunch the rest of the month haha, jk I have better food than that. Elder Spencer gave me a bunch of his food because he is getting transferred so I am good. Then after that we were pretty sweaty cuz it was hot. Elder Feist and I got dropped off at our place so we could shower and head to our dinner. Our water was out again, so we went to dinner pretty stinky and stuff. We also didn't shave because we didn't have water (I could have used my electric one, but it was a good excuse to get away with it ha). Our dinner we had outside cuz Sister Hulse's husband wasn't back from running the girls camping stuff to Big Bear for Young Women’s Camp, but it was really good.

Tuesday we had our last district meeting with my old district. After we took pictures and stuff, (I have a bunch of pictures from the last weeks I need to send but I keep running out of time to send them, I will try and do better ha :) After that we went and taught Charlotte and got her baptism date set for sure. She is getting baptized on the 22nd, so that is really exciting. I am pretty pumped for that. We also went and taught somebody Elder Feist found on exchanges. She is from Church of Christ. She has a son who is American Sign Language (ASL), so we might end up just calling the ASL missionaries and having them come and teach them.

Wednesday we went to Riverside for Trainer/Trainee meeting. It was really good as always, as things are with President Smart. It was also good to get to see some of my missionary friends. We met this lady named Cheryl. She invited us in and fed us some soup even though we told her not to. I was kinda freaked out at first because of the house and dog. Her dog was super nasty looking like it hadn't eaten in a long time, but she said it is just super old and eats like a pig. Anyways even though I was pretty freaked out her soup was pretty good. We taught her a little bit and we are excited to teach her more.

Thursday we had exchanges and the DL went to my area with Elder Feist, so I went to Park Hill ward. There are some interesting people over there. That is the more getto place where I got proposed to. We had clean check from the senior companionship in our area. Elder and Sister Morgan from Panquitch. They are really cool, and they know the Coopers. Since I wasn't at my place I got to just sit and talk to Elder Morgan the whole time. We had a really good talk and I really enjoyed it. He asked me if I know Arvel Beckstead from Talmage. I said I didn't think I would meet anybody on my mission that knew where Talmage is! I don't remember who Arvel is but I said I’m sure my grandpa does, but that it sounded familiar. Also somehow in the conversation I found out Sister Morgan’s maiden name is Foy. I told her I knew some Foys in Altamont! She was pretty surprised. She was wondering if you (mom and dad) could give me some background like where the family is from and great grandparents and stuff. I asked if they were from Duchesne if that would help put the puzzle together (cuz Mike is from Duchesne right?) She said she doesn't really know where any of the Foys are or much of her family I guess, so she would really like to know if they would be related. Then that day was just kinda weird because of the area. Anyways at the end of the night, we ended up getting them a new investigator. Her name is.. well crap I forgot. It starts with an "M". Anyways she is 16 and friends with somebody in the ward. We taught her the first lesson and she blew me away with how smart about religion and how prepared she is. The Lord prepped her really well and she accepted the first lesson really well. Also it was inspired that I was on exchanges that day to teach her. I'm not saying anything bad about the Elders in her ward but I think I was able to answer some questions and get her started because of experiences I have had. Now she is going to have a new elder in her ward and from what I have heard he will do really well at taking over.

Friday was pretty boring and nothing too noteworthy plus I am out of time!

Saturday was freaking awesome! We had a big meeting with all the Missionaries in Moreno Valley. I wish I had more time to give details but it was really spiritual. The chapel was completely full with missionaries and it was a neat experience. When we sang I think was my favorite. The elder playing the organ was really good and played more than just the regular. Plus he cranked it and with all the people it reminded me of All State Choir. I am still in my same area with Elder Feist, which is what I wanted to have happen. I didn't want to leave the mission. Elder Sparks is going to Murrieta so he will be in the Carlsbad mission. A bunch of other people are going to the Redlands mission. We are losing a good chunk of our mission. It was really hard for Pres and Sister Smart to send that many missionaries away at once. Pres gave the closing prayer. It was probably the coolest prayer I have ever experienced. The spirit was there really strong, and he really surprised me in it with some of the things he said. The coolest thing was that he gave all of us a blessing with the keys of a Mission President, that to me is almost like getting one from an apostle. Then we got to go in the gym and take pictures with all of our friends and stuff. I got to see Elder Allen. He is going home tomorrow ha. I am sad to see him go, but he is really happy. Later that day our ward had a pot luck and washed cars. So we sat in the foyer with our food and kept walking back in the gym to get more food.

Sunday was good as usual. We met with Charlotte again to finish some lessons and get her baptism organized. She wants Elder Feist and I both to speak. She asked me to do the baptism and I am super excited! Elder Feist is doing the confirmation so that is cool too. Anyways gotta go, I’m out of time! Love ya!
Elder Wood

Zone Conference

Elder Baltadez?, Elder Sparks, Elder Wood and Elder Beeston
From Right Elder Wood, Elder Allen and some of his Trainees