Monday, June 3, 2013

Mini Missionary

Dear Family:

Well this has a good week! No mom I don't have a car, it just happened out that our ride for p-day got all messed up that day. But I just found out I get to drive on Wednesday!! We have exchanges with the ZL's and I am going to their area but with the elder that can’t drive anymore because he got in a crash. I am pretty excited! ha, which is dumb cuz it shouldn't be that big of a deal but I am freaking out ha. It is probably kinda like how I loved driving and getting my license was like my life goal at a time so I guess you could say I have missed it. I have a pretty exciting week ahead of me.

We have president interviews tomorrow morning. Wednesday exchanges I get to drive at, Thursday we have more exchanges because we are going with our DL. Friday is temple trip to Redlands, so pretty much I have a week where I don't do the regular schedule. We also got a mini missionary this last Saturday night, so we will have an extra guy with us all week. His name is Chase, and he is from Norco. Norco is called horse town USA. They don't have sidewalks there, they have horse trails. Kinda cool. Norco is right by Corona if that helps anybody out. Brett let me know what is happening with the job. Going to Pleasant Grove would be cool, plus it sounded like a bomb job. E. Sparks is from PG and he loves it there. He said there are some way nice apartments behind Macy's you could look at. Sharee, for music I figured out the easiest way to do it. Put a bunch of music on a flash-drive and then send me the flash-drive. That will work well. Then I can just burn the cd's here. I have acquired a little bit of music. I seamlessly created an underground missionary cartel that traffics music. I have two cd’s from the piano guys, I have the new Philip Phillips cd (haven't listened to it yet so I dunno if its approved), two cd's from Josh Groban, 2 from Jackie Evancho, the Lower Lights, Lindsey Sterling, Inception soundtrack, Transformers soundtrack, Paul Cardall, Vocal Point "Lead thou Me On", 2 Cellos, Orchestra version of Super Smash Brothers soundtrack, the Inside Out CDs we have at the house, and everything our older brothers left in the cd case. I want to acquire enough to listen to that I don't get sick of the music like Brett says I will, cuz he is right. I only listen to some cd's like once a week to keep me from wearing them out. Also I might be buying an iPod from E Moyer. He has an iPod 160gig that the headphone jack went out. He wouldn't let me fix it for him, I was going to do it for free. So now I am trying to buy it and fix it. We will see though, so I would have plenty of room on that. So I am looking for anything you will send me. Check out the orchestra version of Skrillex, find some Disney, some Classical, Movie soundtracks, acoustic stuff, anything you can think of. If you aren't sure if I should have it, just send it and then I will just either make a cd or delete it depending on if it is ok or not. They are pretty lax here. I guess Christmas here is awesome cuz you can pretty much listen to all the good popular stuff just because it is Christmas music. So whenever you get to that it is cool, I would rather you spent a little more time and sent more music than trying to send it right away. Thanks! :)

Tuesday was interesting. We got up that morning and did some service. When we got back to shower and change and stuff our water was out, so E Kelly and E. Albright came and got us so we could shower. Had a good day, taught a few lessons and stuff.

Wednesday we picked up a new investigator. I decided to go to this one and just talk to people before lunch and visit a referral from the ZL's. The referrals name was Greyling. He is a really cool guy. He make like r&b gospel music. He is like about 50 years old. We ended up teaching a lesson and he was feeling the spirit a lot. I could see goose bumps on his arms ha. At one point he was sentenced to life in jail I guess and now he is totally trying to make a turn around in his life. He got humbled pretty bad, he ended up losing his fiancé and some other things. Right after that we had lunch and then we had a meeting with Charlotte Cross. She has a lot of questions but she is definitely progressing in the gospel. Hopefully she is our baptism for this month. She is set up for the 22nd. Also I got a letter from Susan again on Wednesday. Thank you!! The rest of the day after that was pretty regular.

Thursday wasn't too busy, just a usual day. Robert and Laura normally meet with us then but they just moved to San Jacinto so we got their info and sent it to E Kelly and E Albright. Also we met with Roy Brown and we had a fun lesson as always there.

Friday was kinda crazy. We spent from 7 until like 2 or 2:30 building this tin shed thing. Elder Feist, Elder Kelly, Elder Albright me, and Bro. Boyd built it. There is this lady in the ward that is a hoarder and the ward pretty much came in and shipped everything away except what went in the house and in the shed. Mountains of stuff came out of there. The shed was quite the project because there was like no room to build it. If we had room on any of the sides and if it was on level cement it would have taken a couple hours maybe with all of us. Instead we build a wooden foundation and the shed got pushed everywhere cuz to get on the side of it you had to slide it across the foundation. It was fun but it was a lot of work. I should have taken a picture, I might still get back there one of these days just to see how much stuff they got out of her back yard. That night we were biking home after a lesson and got to see some fireworks. They had them for graduation. They didn't run for more than like a minute though. And the finale was like 10 seconds. Nothing compared to Longhorn Days fireworks! I tried to get my camera out for a pic, but the show was too short. I guess it is tradition to do fireworks for graduation here so that is why they did it. Also I got a letter from Grandma Rachel. Thanks!

Saturday we had zone meeting. After that we picked up two new investigators. We went to the Greylings for a lesson but he was asleep or something. There were two kids about my age hanging out in his garage though. So we went and talked to them which turned into a lesson. Ones names is Ashton, and the others I don't remember because it was different and I didn't get his number. We sat down on some chairs in the garage and they started asking us questions which turned into a lesson. They just got in Hemet two days before we met them. They moved from LA to here because they wanted to get a fresh start. We had a good lesson and they wanted to come to church on Sunday. Sunday we saved them a seat and everything because they seemed adamant about it. They didn't show which I was kinda expecting. We ran into them later in the day Sunday and I guess what happened was they were almost to the church and they saw Bro Hulse walking with his kids to church. They turned around cuz he thought it was just the parents that dressed up and their kids dressed up scared him off. We told them the day before people would be dressed like that and to come anyways. Oh well, they know now ha. It ended up being kinda funny. That night we were laying in bed when we got the call that our mini was there, so we went out and got him and his stuff and then crashed.

Sunday at church we had somebody walk in we might be picking up as an investigator too. I made friends with him and he wants to come to church next week and then meet with us after. His name is Thomas. Also at church I was thinking about what Dalan said about Jason and his influence in Huston was still there with some of the missionaries he trained and I thought that was pretty cool.

Well I am running out of time! Talk to you later! Love ya tons! Elder Wood
P.S. sorry, not the best or longest letter. Next week will be a good one though!