Monday, October 27, 2014

7 Hours of Church

October 27, 2014

Dear Family:

Monday I was transferring so I got up and moved out my stuff first thing.  It took 2 cars.  I need to get rid of some stuff.  I should specify 2 mission cars, so you can't fit much.  Normal P Day after that.  Got to play some guitar with Elders Feist and Larsen.  We were supposed to go there today and write a song, but my comp messed up that plan!
Tuesday we had DDM.  The first day in the new area was not fun.  I did not have the best attitude about the mid-transfer.  Don't worry.  I repented later in the story and came to terms with it.   My new companion is Elder Robins.  I didn't really know what to do.  That was really his whole week.  He doesn't seem like he knows the area at all.  The problem is he has been here 3 months! 
Wednesday Brother Mike (my old Ward Mission Leader) took us (me and Elders Robins, Larson, Feist, Penell) to this awesome place called "Cowgirl Cafe".  It was so good!  It is a breakfast place and the portions are huge!  Brother Mike wanted to take us there before I left so Luckily I didn't leave the stake.  By the Way I wasn't with Elder Robins, I was on exchanges with Elder Pawleti.  He is one of the Spanish Speaking Missionaries.  We had a good day.   We were in his area.   All of the lessons but one were in Spanish.  The one lesson was with a guy who's name I can't remember.  He is a recent convert and going through a super hard time.  The Spirit was really strong to the point where we were teaching way beyond our own experience.  I just mostly set back and waited to see what else came out of my mouth from the spirit.  I pulled my pen out and took notes about 2 or 3 things.  It wasn't on what I was telling about, but on something I needed to learn about teaching people.  So I was learning a few things!  Hopefully he was too.
Thursday morning we had splits.  We had dinner with a Part Member Family in the ward.  The only reason he hasn't gotten baptized is cuz of his drinking problem.  He has to quit now cuz of his health.  Hopefully he wants to get baptized.
Friday I was on exchanges again in some other Missionary's area. On a bike.......  Good day though.
Saturday was a normal day.  Just us trying to visit a ton of people.
Sunday we had like 7 hours of church.  We are over a family ward and the Young Single Adult (YSA) Ward.  We had a lesson with a YSA investigator.  Only reason she isn't baptized is because her mom is an atheist.  Well that's it for now, I need to send this letter or you won't get it this week.

Love Ya! Elder Wood