Monday, October 20, 2014

Transferred Again!

October 20, 2014

Dear Family:

So I have good news and I have bad news!! Good news is we got Ruben baptized on Saturday!! It was super cool. Bad news is I am getting transferred. The reason that is bad is because transfers aren't supposed to be happening for 2 weeks. For those of you who are familiar with mission terms it is not an "emergency transfer" when I said that President Mullen was very quick to let me know that is not what it is. He called it an "off cycle transfer" but I don't see how that is different than an emergency one other than the fact the neither of the companionship's did anything wrong. There was another set of missionaries this happened to as well, but theirs was for obvious reasons. I think one of the reasons I was so upset by it was I still see no reason for it. And President won’t tell any of us why. I am going to the Auburndale Ward (still in the Corona Stake) to be a zone leader... again... I thought I was done! Normally in this mission you don't do more than 6 months as a Zone Leader, so I am not super happy about that. Hopeful it is only the two weeks and then I will get transferred again. Also I am not happy because Elder Feist is the one who is coming to replace me. So not only do I have to go with his companion who I don't really want to be with, but one of my favorite missionaries is coming to be with my other favorite missionaries, so it just kinda sucks for me. I am over it now. I was super surprised so I think that is another reason I didn't like it. With the normal transfer cycle you sorta have a feel for what will happen, but you mentally prepare yourself for whatever will happen. This was a little harder call to accept. I guess that is probably how members feel all the time when they receive callings. I also was super excited for my next area because I was pretty much guarantied it would be my last area. I could go, get stuff organized and just go super hard my last three months. This has thrown a curve ball, but I will serve to the fullest of my capacity. I guess I just don't like how I can't have my end all planned out. ha I guess I wasn't sent here to be comfortable or be selfish so I need to just stop complaining. I will stop venting now, I think I needed that. P.S. our companionship didn't do anything wrong, and neither did Feist (I think my new comp might be a little crazy! Not like it’s the first time for me haha)
 Elders Larsen, Wood and Powell

Monday we went to Riverside to do the cross fit challenge against President and half the mission. I am not in near as good shape as I was when I lived with Elder Hugie. I almost got killed this time, but I kept up with him. After that we went to the music shop and got some new strings for my guitar. That night we ate dinner with the Richins family. Yes their ancestors are from Henefer haha. He had a cool non-member lady there that cooks us some bomb food!! But she wasn't interested in learning. I guess that is the tradition. Every month she comes and cooks for the Elders because she is amazing at it, but just because she likes us. Her husband wants to take the lessons but she won't even let him. I forgot my tag so I felt naked the whole time. Then I missed my mouth by about 5 or 6 inches with my cup and drenched myself. What nobody else knows it that I was hyper focused on my surroundings because I was trying to figure out who lived in the house and if they were all members or not and forgot to pay attention to the things I was immediately doing. I had a rough night haha.
Elders Wood, Powell and Larsen (Glad to see Elder Larsen gets to Drive)

Tuesday we didn't have DDM! It was great!! The rest of the day was super slow though. I didn't really enjoy that part of it. The best part was teaching David O'Flynn and his kids. Other than that we just went and visited members seeking referrals pretty much.
Elder Wood and the ?? Family

Wednesday Elder Evans from the 70 came to do a Mission Conference. He is Mr. Missionary ha. He is the executive director of the Missionary Department. I think he is my favorite 70 I have met on my mission. I think I have met like 5. He was super real, very personable, and got stuff done! He changed quite a bit in the mission too. No more OYM's. That is where we are accountable to talking to at least 10 people per day per person in a companionship beside lessons, tracting, ect. No we just say whether we talked to everyone we passed by in the week. Also he got rid of the harvest blessing which I think was good. I don't think I have seen anybody as familiar with the scriptures as him. I have met a lot of "scriptorians" on my mission, members and non-members and he blows them all away. Not only did he talk like he knew these people in the scriptures but it seemed because of how much it meant to him that these people were his very best friends and knew them better than anybody else. We had lots of time for questions. I didn't matter if it was a doctrinal, personal, mental, or whatever question he would answer using the scriptures. And it wasn't just one verse. It was the story, back story, personality of people, future events, weather, blood type ha jk. but still pretty impressive. Another cool thing. I don't know what was going on in the world that day, but he mentioned that something was going on and that he had to solve some problems basically. While he was speaking he got calls from both Elder Cook and President Eyring. President Eyring was more than once and for longer periods of time. It made me think about something though. He was in the middle of training to 100 something missionaries (about half the mission) the very thing he flew all the way over here to do and at the drop of a hat would stop in the middle of his sermon walk out and answer the phone. He came back (after President Mullen took over for a good amount of time) and apologized and explained that those things were a higher priority. I think most members would make a similar choice. So obviously it is important to talk to those who are called of God. And if members and non-members believe that, and most do, why do they not drop much less important things to read the scriptures at least a little bit every day? If they know where the scriptures come from, the things that are in them, and who said them, then that is a whole lot more important than a phone call from the Prophet that is not scripture, the Words of God himself. So why don't people see it that way? Likewise how much is prayer to their Father in Heaven pushed aside by things of much less importance neglected? I dunno. Just a thought.
 Elder Larsen, Elder Wood, Ruben, Elder Powell and Ward Member who Baptized Reuben
Elder Wood, Ruben, Elder Larsen and Elder Powell

Thursday not a lot happened. We helped a member’s friend move out. Taught some lessons, but still a pretty slow day.
Driving Down the Street at Night

Friday we had a much better day.

Saturday we got to teach Hector. I think he will be baptized in the next bit. He has a ton of potential. Also a good lesson with Romero and Omar.

Sunday was stake conference. Glenda and her kids were there! Things are going well there. I am leaving it all in capable hands. I guess it was revelation that I did my best to sit back and get Elder Larson to take over. Plus throw Elder Feist in there and things will go well. Glenda had us and her fellowship over for lunch and a lesson after. Well I am out of time we have to go move! Love ya tons! Sorry my last letter sucked. Hopefully this one is a little better! Bye!!

Elder Wood