Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Wheat's, and to the Temple with Patty Cole

December 1, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Monday was just normal. Because of Thanksgiving YSA didn't have FHE. We set up a lesson with a family who's kids haven't been baptized yet. It would have been good but we got a call from the dad saying they had to cancel. He is a police officer. They found some human bones in the mountains and he said he was going to have to be there for a while. Maybe I am wrong but it seems like missionaries get canceled on for the most random reasons haha.  

Tuesday we had our normal meetings. After that we had a great lesson with Vanessa. One of the better lessons I have had in a while. She just needs to get over her concern of her parents (who I don't think are that against it). I don't know how bad she really wants it, it think it is a cover. But the lesson went way better than I had hoped. We meant to plan for it but ran out of time. The Lord blessed us anyways. We went to visit some YSA people that live in the same complex as some of the other missionaries in our zone. All of the zone was there except us and one other companionship. They were pretty surprised when we knocked on the door haha. One companionship grabbed their stuff and ran out as fast as they could. All the others tried giving us excuses. Next time they ask me why I think they aren't baptizing I will remind them of that day we found them hours after they were supposed to be in their areas. I thought the companionship running out the door was funny. I felt like Mom disciplining her kindergarten students and she has to try and not laugh when they do something funny because then they might get the wrong idea.  

Wednesday we had MLC in Riverside. Pretty much this whole week was eaten by meetings. This MLC was different. It was just ZLs and STLs but President invited a couple other missionaries who he wanted there. Elder Larson was one of them. I think it is because he wanted the future leaders of the mission there. Elder Larson didn't like that though when we would tease him about it haha. Two guys from Salt Lake came down. They are from the Missionary Department. They trained us on lots of stuff. One of them was on using the new Christmas video called "He is the Gift" it is super good. I am sure you have seen it. If not you should find it. They church made a huge push on this video. They bought all of the home page on YouTube for December 7th. On Times' Square they bought a month's worth of advertisement. They sent pass along cards in the church magazines. They also gave us a boat load. That is not why the guys were there from Salt Lake though. They come a couple months to every mission who has a new mission president to feel things out. They also trained on planning (they said every mission is horrible at this), and teaching skills. It was really really long. We didn't get home and out to teach until after we ate dinner.  
Steve Wheat, Elder Wood, Sister Wheat, Elder Robins, Brother Wheat

Thursday was Thanksgiving!! It was fun. We played Turkey Bowl of course! It is a lot different here because It is 30-40 degrees warmer and I can feel my hands and feet! There were tons of games going on at the park we went to. One of the local high schools is called Sentinel. One of the best at football in the country. Steve Wheat invited some of those kids so there were some pretty intense games. We ate dinner at the Wheats. It was super fun. Sister Wheat's sister and her family (if that made sense) came down from Centerville. They found out I snowboard so we talked a lot about what is going on with Park City and Canyons. They are skiers though (sorry mom). The Wheats didn't understand the rivalry so they started to explain it. I didn't say anything because that would have started a whole big mess haha. I still know I am right ha. I don't need to say anything. After dinner we played card games like scum and some ping pong, bumper pool, stuff like that. 

Friday we were super busy but not with teaching. We had service in the morning. Another mini multi zone so President could train us on sharing the new video. The day continued like that. We were on exchanges. I was in my area with Elder Ferrin. He is new. I forgot something on Tuesday. Tuesday night we had a lesson with a guy named Alex. He is 20 and from South Africa. I never would have guessed that though he doesn't have an accent. I could tell just from when I met him that all he wants is to be a successful guy. He was wearing classy clothes. Reading books and stuff. He is really intelligent and very outgoing. He talked about his vision board where he has stuff on it he is working for. He is working real estate right now. I think he has a mentor. Anyways a friend that is a member gave us the referral. The lesson went amazing. It would be in the top 3 for first lessons I have had with somebody. He really grasped the concepts of the Restoration, Priesthood, and Book of Mormon. I have high hopes on this one. Hopefully it works out.  
Elder Wood, Sister and Brother Cole, Elder Feist
Saturday we left early to head for The Temple. I made my goal! I was able to see one of my converts go through the temple! Patty was really excited. Her husband was too. He was taking out his endowments as well. It was weird to see ward members I hadn't seen in about a year and a half. The Relief Society president was funny. Her name is Sister Pulsiver. I didn't get to talk to her until we were waiting to go into the sealing. First thing she said was "Hi! Are you married yet?" When I said I was still on my mission I don't think she believed me at first. She must have thought I was in that ward at the end of my mission ha. I can't think of a better experience I have had on my mission then to see somebody I taught be endowed and sealed. It is something I have looked forward to for a long time. I am just happy the Lord allowed me to have that experience. Elder Fiest and I were able to spend a lot of time with Patty in the temple. We waited about an hour for the sealing. The whole time we were in the Celestial Room sitting on the couch just talking. The sealing was amazing. Of course afterwards we went to Cafe Rio. 

Sunday was crazy as always. We gave talks in Sacrament Meeting. I really don't like speaking in church. We gave the Gospel Principles class as well. I like that much more. For some reason I can't think on the stand. I am fine in class though. Well that was pretty much the week! Hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving! 


Elder Wood