Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Its Raining

December 8, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Monday we helped a member move a piano. Those things are super heavy!  

Tuesday we had DLC but no DDM. We had a ton of lessons. I don't really remember from the names I have written down which ones actually went though. I keep forgetting to take notes. I do know that night we went to visit a referral named Litza. Oh little side note! It was raining! Like a lot! I loved it! I hope it dumped snow on you guys! If it was the same storm this was a good one. I don't think I have seen one this consistent here. I rained two days straight. So when we went to visit Litza it was late. About 8:30 I think. So it had been dark for hours. She was outside luckily. That made it easier. She was a little freaked out about two guys in all black (we had on sweaters) approaching her. I don't blame her she was alone. We were quite a ways away to help her be comfortable but after we had talked for a bit she invited us to come to her doorstep out of the rain to talk. A member referred us to go see her and share the "He is the Gift" video with her. I don't remember the conversation. I know we didn't get inside and she didn't have time to talk long. It was all small talk. We hadn't taught anything. A thought came into my head to say a prayer. I was waiting for my companion to get done talking to ask when he said "can we say a prayer?" Later in the car I asked Elder Robbins why he asked to say a prayer. He told me that a thought popped in his head and he brushed it aside thinking it is a weird situation to do it and not good timing. It came to his mind a second time and that is when he asked. I still don't know why the spirit told us both to do that. Maybe Litza just needed prayer. Maybe it was a learning experience for us. I do know that after the prayer I could see in her eyes that she was very humble and reaching out for God. I believe she felt the spirit. I haven't asked her yet, but I need to. I thought it was interesting that the spirit spoke to both of us as a companionship. I don't know if I have had that happen before. It is normally one or the other. I am not sure the purpose of that. 
It's raining so much the rain has gotten inside the walls (Elder Robins)


Wednesday we finally got our hair cut! I needed one. We have a non-member do it. She works at a salon. She cuts our hair when she has an open appointment and we do service for her. She won't let missionaries teach her. But she loves missionaries. I want to share the He is the Gift video with her. We met with Bishop about Sarah. We are just waiting on him now. Everything looks like it is in our favor. Thank you for your prayers. I am a little worried that Sarah has not gone to church the last 2 weeks. She has had reasons but I don't know if they are reasons or excuses. Elder Larson was there for exchanges with Elder Caples so that was fun.  

Thursday we found out we had to take our car in to get it painted. This is the second car this has happened to me on my mission! I don't know anybody else that this has happened to except my companions while I was still with them. Maybe I am supposed to be learning something. Both times my companions were driving. It has to be painted because we were driving and some tar got flipped onto it from construction. The fleet coordinator gave us stuff to take it off. I am just going to blame all of this on my comp haha. He is the one that took off the tar and it scratched it really bad. They have to paint the whole car, so I will be on bike a week to two weeks. Still bad notes. Don't remember.  

Friday was ZDM. I tried something new. We did a combined training instead of one with one topic and one with a different. I liked it better. It was easier and more effective. After that we went and did service for Terrisa (person who cuts our hair). It took all day pretty much.  

Our District

Saturday we had exchanges with the AP's. Elder Thurman came with me into my area. We had a great day. There have been a lot of missionaries complaining about Corona being the hardest in the mission. Its demographics are very different from the rest of the mission. Meaning there is money here and not even close to as ghetto as the rest of the mission. I don't see it has harder, just different. President got tired of hearing about it so he asked if he could come and walk around our area with us and just street contact people. I will admit we did give him the easiest part of our area. I shouldn't have done that. Now he thinks all of Corona is like that. It was pretty cool experience. Elder Robbins and Elder Bloomfield came back with President and we all blitzed that area. We went in our exchanged companionships and then President went on his own. I think it would be super weird to do that by yourself. I have to hand that one to President. He did something that was super funny. When we met back together he told us he would have had more contacts but he found our Elders Quorum President and met with his family. He shared He is the Gift with them and committed all of them to share it. I got a good laugh out of that. The whole time I was thinking. As a return missionary what are you thinking when randomly a mission president comes to your house and he invites you and your family to do missionary work? From that families perspective that is a kinda crazy experience I think haha. We had a kid from the YSA come out with us. His name is Jeremy. He is one of the cool ones that I really like. We taught Aolani Gutierrez again. She is the 9 year old. It was hard to get in the door but we finally did. I am really glad we brought Jeremy. During the lesson one of the concerns Aolani had is that they don't have a dad anymore. Unexpectedly Jeremy opened up and had a little heart to heart with her about how his mom passed when he was young. We had just got done talking about the Holy Ghost so Jeremy went back to that and taught about prayer as well. We had a good lesson with Litza as well. We got in and were able to share the video with her like her friend asked us to. She really opened up to us. She is going through a really hard time. She just went through a really bad divorce with an abusive husband. She is struggling with a lot of other things as well. We didn't teach a normal missionary lesson. The spirit was really strong.  

Sunday we had a cool experience with the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. A member had us over for dinner and the devotional. They invited their neighbors. I really enjoyed Elder Christofferson’s talk. Especially the story of the community coming together. We only got to see part of President Eyrings. The DVR only recorded half way through. I am sure it was great as well. We are going to help the neighbor family with some service this coming week. Well that is all for now! Love ya1

Elder Wood