Monday, November 24, 2014

Sara is Close to Baptism

November 24, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Monday we were going to a Fender Guitar Shop Elder Larson just found to look at guitars but my comp didn't really want to go because of how far it was so we didn't. Pretty boring day. We had FHE. We were late and just caught the tail end. Luckily they all love us so we got to have pumpkin pie anyways. Somebody overheard me talking about how my family eats a ton of it this time of year (mostly Jason) so they gave me a whole one to take home. I am still working on it. There is a kid there named Mike. Super cool guy. He is returning to activity. We spent most of the time talking to him. He is thinking about moving to Utah so he was asking us about it.  

Tuesday we had a lesson set up with Vanessa I was super excited for but she canceled. She had to go to the doctor because she has a blood disorder? I don't even know what that means. She lost her job baby sitting. The kid threw something at a really big expensive tv and broke it. On the plus side she has more time to meet with us now! Bishop asked us to help him move a member. It made for a busy day. In the morning we went to a member’s house to give their non-member friend a blessing before surgery. It went really well. Hopefully something comes from it. Then we went and helped The Bishop and then he took us to lunch. He is a genius. That man can read anybody like a book. He is a really successful and well known family and marriage counselor. We had another lesson with Jakinstalers. The dad was there this time. We taught and then watched the restoration. They have a son who is maybe four who is crazy.  

Wednesday nobody wanted to see us! Cuz nobody was home!  

Thursday was normal until the end of the night. Mostly after dinner. At dinner we asked a lot of questions about what kind of missionaries they look for. They are a very missionary oriented. It helped a lot because Elder Robbins and I had to do a training on it the next day at multi-zones. We got a call from Taylor. She is Sarah's fellowshipper and longtime friend. First a little back story. We have been asking Sarah to talk to her parents for weeks about her getting baptized. We want to just go over and talk to them but we can't because the dad doesn't want any religious people coming to the house. Sarah is super scared to talk to her parents because the one time she did her mom freaked out. She did talk to her parents though. I think what the problem is she didn't tell them when! We still could have fixed it though. Something that actually went really well was that she got over her fear of talking to her dad and he is in full support. Her mom said it would be fine after the holidays. That means to me she wants her to spend a little more time and she isn't completely comfortable because she is unfamiliar with the church. If we had met with her I am positive we could have persuaded her into sometime mid-December. The more it was talked about the more the parents were comfortable with it.  

Friday we had multi-zones. Elder Robbins and I did a training on working with members. Multi-zones are only every other transfer just like temple trips. It was my last one so I gave my outgoing testimony. It still doesn't seem real. I am still in denial and I am fine with that haha. I will just stay there for now. Pray for Sarah and her mom! I am out of time. Not that much happened the rest of the week anyways. Have a great Thanksgiving! Love ya!

Elder Wood

P.S. I need to come home and get out of this stake. I keep getting into trouble! I know everybody and am way too involved!