Monday, September 29, 2014

Training Two

September 29, 2014
Dear Family:

Hi!! This week was good. We had some good things happen, that is for sure! 

Monday was a typical transfer P-day where you don't have time or resources to do anything. We had Elder Franson come with Elder Larson and myself for the day because he is training as well and didn't have a companion.  

Tuesday we were in Riverside all day getting our new companion!! The new guy is Elder  Pennell from Rexburg Idaho. He reminds me a lot of one of Brett's friends. I don't remember his name, but he used to come play Black Opps with us. He had a Duramax and lived at Oakridge. That is about all I remember about him, so you will just have to ask Brett his name and what he is like because Elder Pennell is a lot like him. So we got our car too. That has made such a difference! I don't want to be a bike missionary anymore. I feel like on a bike I just can't get near as much done. That and I just hate biking now. It was nice driving back to my area instead of riding in the car.  

Wednesday was way more successful than it should have been. We had meetings in the morning, then shopping, and E-mail for Elder Pennell. By the time we had all that stuff done we had to some time to talk to people and then we needed to head to dinner. This was Elder Pennell's first time getting OYM's so Elder Larson helped him get 5 and I helped him get 5. It was a different experience for me. The last times I have trained for the most part the missionaries have picked up doing it really fast. Elder Pennell was more uncomfortable with it. In the past I would let the new missionary start it, and if they got caught up I would pick it up for them. Now I have learned they are never going to get it if I do that or at least learn it a lot slower and not be independent. I helped Elder Pennell get his last 5 so he had already gotten use to Elder Larson helping him out when he didn't know what to say. When he looked at me after he introduced himself I just looked back. He got the message and just continued and has learned well how to do it on his own now. One funny story from his first day talking to people on the street he approached a guy gave his little spill and the guy replied "Sorry I don't have time right now". In response Elder Pennell said sorry "I don't speak Spanish and then walked away haha". This is the only one I jumped in on. I talked to the guy for a minute and then let him on his way. I just thought that one was really funny! My style of teaching is different now too as a trainer. Before I would control the whole lesson. Now I am just sitting back and having Elder Larson run the show. He does a really good job. I am impressed with how fast he has picked it up. In lessons Elder Larson leads out, Elder Pennell follows, and I touch a little bit and then pass back to Elder Larson. Right now when people ask hard questions I answer, but soon I am just going to look at Elder Larson and expect him to answer. He doesn't know that yet though haha. That night we wanted to get some things going in the Citrus Hills area, but didn't know what to do. Elder Tafoya and a mini missionary were in the area before us and didn't leave anything but a name or two. One name was Glenda. As Elder Tafoya was running out the door we had him write who the fellowshipper was on the progress record. Other than that we had no info on Glenda. No number, address nothing. We decided we would start with trying to see what the fellowship knew and maybe they had her address so we could go visit her. When we walked in the door a super nice lady named Glenda introduced herself! Funny enough we showed up in the middle of Glenda and Sister Anthony having a discussion about the church! Glenda told us about how she felt empty and was searching when Sister Anthony brought her to church. At church she said she felt as though she wasn't empty while she was there. She told us she wants to become a member but when her family found out she went to church they all showed up at her house and cussed her out and she doesn't want to offend her family by leaving the Catholic Church. The lesson went really well and she felt the spirit. It was cool how the spirit led us there. Looking back it made more sense why people we visited before this didn't answer the door! 

Thursday we taught Omar's brother again. His name is Ramiro. He is way more interested than Omar is. I would give you details, but it was a sick lesson! I don't think I have taught somebody who has ever had such good questions on the restoration or such a good understanding as Ramiro. We forgot to save his number so it was divine guidance that we caught him that day. The sisters before us passed us Ruben. He is somebody who has been coming to church for a while now. He is a little bit handicapped but doing really well. We had a great first lesson with him and we have him on date to be baptized the 5th. Pray for us on that one, we have some obstacles to overcome with him. 

Friday we had another lesson with Glenda. Last time she had so many questions we didn't get to do much other then answer questions. No complaining though, I love that!! This time we taught the restoration and she loved it. It went really well. Sorry this is really short I am out of time!! 

Saturday we went on exchanges. Elder Jenks came into our area with Elder Larson and myself. He served in the Citrus Hills Ward before so he helped us get our feet under us. This is Elder Jenks last transfer. It is crazy to me because it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that Elder  Hammond and I moved in with Elders Jenks and Wilkinson. I did just get an E-mail from Elder  Hammond though saying he has almost been out a year now. Crazy!!  

Sunday we were at the church for 7 hours!! We have to go to all of the meetings for both wards.  

Sorry I didn't have much time. We had an awesome week!! I will write a better one next week!

Love ya!!

Elder Wood