Monday, September 8, 2014

Elder Thurman Kept Me Up!

September 8, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Last week I wrote about Monday already so I will just jump straight to Tuesday! 

Tuesday we had a slow day because all of the stuff and places we had to go. We went to Riverside to sort some stuff out at the mission office so that took the first good chunk of the day. We were out there already so I figured we might as well have Elder Cook come and go to lunch with us. He is doing good. He is in his last transfer so he only has two more weeks. We taught David O'Flynn that night. Other than that we just e-mailed cuz we couldn't on Labor Day and tried to visit some other people. 

Birthday Cake in the Face Photos

Wednesday I went on exchanges into Elder Taylor's area. He is a Spanish Missionary. Elder Thurman kept me up all night the night before talking to me though so I was super tired all day. Instead of me trying really hard to figure out what they were saying I would just block it out. Then ended up being a bad thing because then I would start dozing a little bit and it was really hard to stay awake. I don't think they noticed, but during Elder Taylor giving the thought at dinner I may have fell asleep a few times for a split second. We had a cool experience were a lady approached us and wanted to be taught and baptized. She said she knows that our church is true. The only reason she isn't a member is because of her husband. Unfortunately she wasn't in my area, and she didn't speak Spanish so we had to pass it as a referral. The other thing I was super excited about was Elder Larson's exchange. He went with Elder Caples, who has only been out as long as Elder Larson, but is very behind where Elder Larson is. So pretty much Elder Larson was on his own! I remember that happening to me in my first area. Elder  Kelley came into my area in my second transfer though. They did an awesome job! Elder  Larson taught a word of wisdom lesson to David. I thought that was super impressive because we haven't covered it yet, so he did it without ever seeing it done before. I wouldn't have done that as a greeny. I think I leaned on my trainer too much.  

Thursday we had a ton of meetings. Weekly planning for the first half of the day. Ward MCM tor the middle part (our ward mission leader talks a lot hahaha). We saw David. We went to the Saunders for dinner. They are the coolest family in the ward! Plus super missionary oriented! They have a great relationship with all of their kid’s friends. DJ, the one I told you about last week, is like part of their family. He eats there at least once a week. Comes over when he needs to get away from his home situation. Bro and Sis Saunders talk to him about life and give him advice. He is like a brother to all the siblings. Anyways I didn't know all of that until Sunday. I just thought they were really good friends with him like they are everybody else, but DJ is much more a part of their family it seems. That made me a little nervous though realizing how much trust they were putting in me and my companion. I know they have had lots of other people taught in their home before, I don't know why DJ wasn't one of them. I guess I should ask haha. Anyways pray for us on that one, we are trying to figure out to get things rolling with DJ. We ate dinner with him again at the Saunder's and had a lesson outside. Sister Saunders suggested we just have sort of a casual conversation and let things roll into it. The conversation was good, but didn't develop as much as I had hoped. I think that is the way that was the best though. I'm not sure if it was more focused on DJ that he would feel a lot of pressure. I want to meet with him on his own to gauge where he is at. We called and texted him today to set something up but no reply yet. They are trying to get things set up so we teach another one of their friends. Their daughter Amy has a friend a few of the Elders keep running into named Joe. He is super busy because of college football and stuff but it sounds like he is interested. The only thing that kinda sucks is Amy is leaving to Rexburg for college, so that might slow it down a little. The parents seem to have a good enough relationship with him though so it should still work. If things happen those would be the two coolest investigators!  

Friday we had ZDM. I was so happy I’m not a zone leader anymore haha. I was awesome to sit back and just be there. We taught David Vollini (the investigator) the law of chastity. That was the most awkward law of chastity lesson I have ever had haha. That is his only hold up. That and he didn't come to church!! We called him at 10 to make sure he was up. If he didn't answer we were going to bike down there but he did and said he would be there so we trusted him. When he didn't come he said he didn't have enough time to get ready even though we called him an hour before. He will come next week though. We ate dinner with the Mitchell family. It is the part member family I talked about last week. Dinner was awesome, Sister Mitchell really likes us I think. Like we thought the only hold up is the husband, when we asked if we could go through the lessons with them, he is the one who protested. The kids really wanted it and so did his wife. I think if we can figure out what to do with Bro Mitchell his wife will get baptized.  

Saturday was more of the same I am just short on time so I won't say much. I remembered a story that happened to Brett on his mission because a similar thing happened to me. If I remember right once Brett and his companion were asked if they were the strippers that were coming to that party or something like that. Anyways we went to visit a referral from the Spanish sisters. When we knocked on the door we could hear a bunch of girls laughing saying something about "The Mormons". Turns out they were all getting ready for a big party haha. They said right now wasn't a good time, but that we could come back for the party! We didn't go, but she did say she wanted to come to church next week. But not that week because she was going to be "busy" ha.  

Sunday Jr. and his family came from Lake Elsinore to eat dinner with us at a member’s house here in Corona. They used to be in this ward. Jr. got his mission call for New York, New York South. Well gotta go!! Love ya bye!!!!  Elder Wood