Monday, August 25, 2014

The Old Man Challenge!

August 25, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Monday! And I actually have something to write about it!! We went to Menifee to try and "beat the old man". Some of the Elders in the mission were giving president Mullen a hard time about being old a few weeks ago. So he challenged the whole mission to a physical contest. He did it in two sections. I went to the 2nd one. I actually found out a few hours after the event that he made ours harder because one Elder beat him at the last competition. You have to realize that he is kinda an old man. He is Like 60 or 70 and taking on a bunch of 18-25 year old kids. You also have to know he is in awesome shape haha. He is into diving and has done 400 plus dives all over the world. He is also really into exercise. So we did a Cross Fit thing. It was a non-stop 20 minute workout that began with President putting a big garbage can in the middle of the gym floor for whomever was going to lose their breakfast. Luckily my last companion was Elder Hugie and we pushed each other for workouts pretty hard. That is the best I have worked out on my mission I think. Before we started he showed us all the exercises and then gave us different reps. only 6 reps for easy. 8 for medium. 10 for "keeping up with the old man". To beat him we had to do the last one and do it faster than him. I’m not going to lie it was pretty hard to beat him. But me and 2 others did it! One was in the military; the other was Elder Hugie, and then me who was about ready to use the trashcan ha. We have a lot of college athletes. If they had actually been in shape they would have whooped us all. The only reason I did half decent is cuz Elder Hugie would take pre-workout every morning which gets him going fast so with me just keeping up we had a lot of good workouts! After that about 20 of us Elders all showed up to an all you can eat pizza place. Nobody was there so nothing was out. They were super quick at getting all the pizza out there and stuffing us all. That is pretty impressive considering we had the two polys (Polynesians) with us that got the 2 for 20 at Chili’s for just one person and pounded it plus 18 other elders.  

Tuesday. I forgot to take notes this week, so I am going to be struggling on this letter ha. We had normal DDM. Pretty much what Elder Larson and I are doing is just talking to almost every person we see. We are in a major finding stage. So we have a lot of random street lessons, but not a whole lot to really talk about. I forgot how many crazies you meet on bike. Luckily we are in Corona so the number of crazies is the lowest compared to everywhere else in the mission! We had a meeting with the Sisters, the Bishopric, and the Ward Mission and other random auxiliary members. To me the meeting was literally going nowhere ha. They were trying, it just wasn't working. It felt very long for me. Mid-day we sorta had a lesson. President Krippen (he is in the Mission Presidency and lives in Lake Elsinore) has a friend in my area we are stopping by and doing service for, but he doesn't want us to push teaching really hard. Super good family. A younger family. He just got cancer and she just had a baby so they are having a rough time right now. He used to play college football, so we talked about that for a bit. We set it up for the Relief Society to bring them dinner 3 times that week. They have a crazy diet though. They are strictly vegan. Sister McKee told us it was quite the adventure to cook for them. 
Our Pet Lizard
Wednesday I stole the Spanish Missionaries car because Elder Larson has already busted his bike. He stripped out the peddle, but I think the Office Elders that put it together cross threaded it. Anyways we took it in the car to a bike shop and he has to replace the whole crank! So he got permission to call his dad (who is a bike guy) and he is sending the parts. I also went by and visited some referrals while I had the car. The Spanish Elders study forever anyways! They don't need it! We met with David. He has come to church before and the Sisters taught him a little before we got there. We put him on date to be baptized but he didn't come to church this last week...  

Thursday we taught the other David. Of the O'Flynn variety. He is the Irish recent convert I told you last week that looks like Robin Williams. He has a crazy story!! He could have told us about his life all night if he wanted to about what it was like in Ireland and how much he has changed. When we showed up to his house he was outside in his golf stuff. He is super good at golf. Before he was baptized how he got his money is he would basically just gamble at golfing and whoop whoever he was playing. He almost went pro a while ago. He had to give up the gambling to make money to get baptized though. Anyways back to him being in his golf stuff he is in a really humble circumstance right now so he can't just go to the driving range or go hit 18 holes. It cost too much. He had a mattress and he was smashing a golf ball into it. He was very consistent. He had a cover of sorts on the mattress because he was putting holes all the way through it. Sometimes when he would hit it, it would get stuck. His 3 kids are awesome. They are all on fire right now. All reading the scriptures everyday and praying. We had a good lesson with them. We also had weekly planning and Ward MCM that day as well.  

Friday we had exchanges. I was with Elder XXXX (Not Elder Larsen). He is an interesting guy. He reminds me a lot of Tommy, except a lot smellier than Tommy. We taught David and the next time David saw me he was like "where is that stinky guy?! If you had warned me he smelled like that we would have gone outside for the lesson!"  He has only been out 2 weeks. Hopefully he gets things figured out soon. At night we slept with all the windows open. He is really funny though. He is a Spanish Missionary, so that was helpful because half of my area is pretty much all Spanish speakers. So Elder XXXX whipped ‘em into shape with his 2 weeks of Spanish haha. It made for an interesting day!  

Saturday I was back with Elder Larsen.  We went and taught Omar. I dunno if I told you last week how we found him. Last week we went to his apartment because a former investigator used to live there. Omar only moved in a week or two before we showed up. It turns out his family has had the lessons before as well! So that is cool. His mom is a 7th day Adventist, so they had already been to church when we got there. He is a cool kid though. like 17. Wrestles, and wants to learn more!! 

Sunday was a pretty normal Sunday. We had a meeting to put together a lesson we are doing with the youth (they will be combined because it is the 5th Sunday) to help them with their  missionary work. Sorry got to go! Love ya tons!! 

Elder Wood