Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Companion Elder Larson and Back in Corona

August 18, 2014 

Dear Family: 

Monday was crazy! It took me forever to pack! I have a lot of stuff... I had a ride set up for 8 in the morning but that wasn't going to work. I hadn't seen everybody before I went so I set up a different one for later. When I got to Corona, Elder Thurman helped me unload my stuff. I served with him in Lake Elsinore. The roles are switched now though. It is kinda weird. He was training while I was a ZL and now I am training while he is a ZL! I stayed with him and Elder  Wood (brown wood) because he is training as well! This is the 3rd time I have been in the same zone as Elder Wood. He got doubled into Temescal Valley. That was the ward I was in last time I was in Corona. It was weird having him drive me around in my car! We had fun though. Monday and the first half of Tuesday we didn't really have anything to do. I helped Elder Wood out a little. I wrote down a list of people for him to see. The missionaries after me were idiots. The only and the last things that are in the area book (I opened a new area) are the things that I put in there, so everything that was done between Elder Wood and Elder Wood was nothing. I am not the best at using my area book, but I make sure that the new missionaries can find my old investigators! The Hoyts told me the area was dead and they had very few investigators, and I know they had taught a few people.  One’s name is Peter but now it is impossible to find him! I looked through the ward list and wrote down all the members I knew who were missionary minded and could help them out. I am going to have to bust this out quick I only have 30 minutes left!! 

Tuesday we went to Riverside to get our new missionaries! I love training. The two other times I have trained have been the best parts of my mission! They fed us dinner there and the meeting went long so we didn't get home until about 9. It was cool to see how excited Elder Feist was to train. That makes me a grandpa in the missionary world. I kept giving Elder Feist a hard time he was going to get a super weird one that did something dumb in front of everyone. I didn't really want that to happen though. We both got the two coolest ones by far! I was worried I was going to get somebody who was weird because this time I have been out for a while and I would be able to deal with it better. Elder Larson is really cool though. We have a lot of the same interests.  
My Posterity!  Elder Gormus, Elder Feist, Elder Wood and Elder Larson

My new trainee is the one with strawberry blond hair. His name is Elder Larson from Centerville UT. Elder Feist is training Elder Gormus, So in other words I am a grandpa (trainer)!!  

Wednesday we had DDM and got to meet the zone. I am so happy to just have to worry about my own area and not any other missionaries now. It is the best!! That is what I told President I would prefer. Our week didn't really start until Wednesday. We had a meeting with our Bishop. The Ludvicson's (the senior missionary couple in our ward) took us to somebody’s house they gave a Book Of Mormon too, but it hasn't gone anywhere yet. We had a bomb first dinner for Elder Larson. Younger couple, really cool. He is lucky he didn't get somebody wacko for his first one!  

Thursday we had his first real lesson. He is lucky he didn't have a crazy one of those too! I told him all the missionaries I have been with have had crazy first lessons to start them off. I guess the Lord really does answer prayers, cuz he answered Elder Larson's!! We met with our Ward Mission Leader both Thursday and Friday. Elder Larson busted his peddle off his bike his 2nd day, so the last couple hours we were on foot! I think the Office Elders cross threaded his peddle and that is why it busted. 

Friday we stole the Spanish Missionaries car to take his bike to the shop. He has to get a whole new crank which is over 100 bucks. He got permission to call his dad cuz he is a bike guy so he is just going to send us the parts and we will fix it. We made a big list and got things pretty organized. For the most part we just tried to find people to teach this whole week!! We went to lunch at Chili’s cuz it was Elder Thurman's B-day. 

Saturday we had two team-ups to take us around and hit people up. Nobody really answered or worked out though!! One of them was our Ward Mission Leader. I think he likes us more than the Sisters already. I share a ward by the way with the Sisters. I am tired of doing that. I want to share with Elders or have my own ward! I almost want to do something stupid so President doesn’t trust me to be around them all the time. I wouldn't actually do that though. Don't worry! The Walters from last time I was in Corona came and picked us up for dinner cuz we didn't have one set up so that was super fun. 

Sunday we scheduled so we could have max prime work our guts out time! But we still didn't really get any lessons. We will get em next week though!! There is a new recent convert we are going to be working with. His name is David O'Flynn. He is a super short Irish guy. He accent is awesome. He looks exactly like Robbin Williams except way shorter and more Irish ha. I told Elder Larson that and he told me Robbin Williams killed himself. I thought he was messing with me though. The members told me it was true though. Anyways David is awesome! I am super excited to teach him. Well I am all out of time! Love ya tons!!

Elder Wood