Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to Corona

August 11, 2014 

Dear Family: 

We had a crazy awesome week. Only down side is I don't have much time to write about it so I will just have to give you the highlights. I am getting transferred today back to Corona! I knew I would go back to serve in Corona, but I thought it would be at the very end of my mission. I will take it early I guess! I am going to the Corona Ward this time instead of Temescal Valley. Brown Wood is actually going to Temescal Valley so that should throw them off for a little bit haha. 
Jr and his Family 
 The Bishop and his Family
 The Parohinog Family (our old Home Share)
Elder Hugie, Michael and Elder Wood

I am just going to hop right into Tuesday. One of those very boring DDMs again. I drew more pictures... I drew pictures of a pirate and his ship this time haha. That district leader has been released. I doubt he will be one again. It would have been different if he actually tried. He just didn't care. We had a super good lesson with Seth! We gave him 3 dates to pray for baptism. We also had him write down his testimony as homework. That was one of his concerns. He kept saying he wants to have a testimony first, but he already does! It was kinda a slow day. We saw other people as well. 

Wednesday we had exchanges. I stayed in my area with Elder Montague. The Olson's left for a few days so we took care of the dogs. I got to learn how to give the blind and diabetic one shots! I got to do it twice a day. I was afraid I was going to find the dog dead though. We always joke about that with the Olsons. He always looks dead. He just lays down in weird places and doesn't move for anything. We found the Erik Roblez finally. He is a recent convert. We taught him and his brother (Juan) a little bit. I would go back and teach him, but I won't be here!!  

Thursday Elder Hugie did the ice challenge. Ya know the one you see on youtube. So we picked up 30 pounds of ice and went to Jr.’s house and used his coolers. His face was blue an hour after it was done. We had to go get tickets early for "Mormon Night" at storm stadium. We were in charge of getting stuff set up. We had to find somebody to speak for all the missionaries, somebody to "chase the squirrel", and a bunch of tickets. We had already spent some time on the phone with a rep from the stadium. When we got there it turns out he is a member! And he actually used to live next to an Elder in the zone before the mission. Elder Gillette has only been out about 7 or 8 months. We called him and asked him to speak at the stadium. He didn't believe us. We told him about his neighbor who works there and he started to get pretty nervous. We weren't going to actually make him do it, we were just messing with him. We hung up with him and called him back like 2 minutes later. His comp said he was freaking out. Don't worry he can take a joke, we didn't freak him out to bad. It was pretty funny though. I called Bro and Sis Hoyt earlier in the week and asked them to come down for dinner because I was thinking I was going to get transferred to the opposite side of the mission. It was fun. They surprised me with TJ. I didn't know he was out of the Navy. So that was cool.  
 Mormon Night at the Baseball Game
Elders Hugie, Wood and Feist 
Elders Hugie and Wood and some photo bomber
Lake Elsinore Storm Game

Friday we had some really good lessons. At night we had a tailgate party for the Lake Elsinore Storm game. Elder Feist had to get special permission, but got to come down with a recent convert of his who used to play AA ball. It was fun to hang out with him at the game. The Lake Elsinore and Menifee zones were there. All the missionaries got to go down on the field at the first of the game while Elder Bushman spoke. He is the one from Midland. He did a good job, all we were asked to talk about it why we are out here and what we do. We couldn't really teach much. Elder Hugie "chased the squirrel". It was a mascot who is a college runner. He has never been beat at the game. If somebody beats them they get 500 bucks. He gave Elder Hugie a head start and a good lead, but then kicked it into gear and smoked him. I went with a few other Elders to mess with one of the mascots. They took us in through the dugout, so I got to stand in there with the players for like 5 minutes. Then they had us run out and distract the mascot and so one of the huge Poly Elders could come in and tackle him. People really liked that one. Even our new mission president.  

Saturday I got to go to San Diego Temple unexpected!! I was so excited! It wasn't for anybody I taught. I got to go with Elder Hugie with a less active person he worked with at the first of his mission. That is a new rule that we can go with our companions. I should be going back with Elder Feist soon with Pat. That was by far the coolest building I have ever been in! I really want to go back! I got a call that morning telling me I was training a new missionary again!! I am excited for that! Elder Hugie is getting switched to being a Chinese missionary. He picked up the language a little bit in Riverside. Saturday night I found out I am getting doubled into Corona. I will be opening up another area. For the 3rd time. I dunno why this keeps happening to me ha. 3 brand new phones. 3 brand new area books. Also this is the 3rd time I will be training a new missionary! I guess I am supposed to learn really well how to start from scratch. I think I got the curse from my trainer Elder Allan. He was a plower. He told me I would probably get the curse. They get sent somewhere to plow the way and then people come in after things are going. I am ok with it I guess. I am super excited about getting doubled in! I like it better. I have only not been doubled in once and that was here and I dunno if I really liked it.  
Elder Hugie and Elder Wood at the San Diego Temple

Sunday we spent all day saying bye to people. It was sad but it was time for a change. I have been there for 6 months. We have things set up really well for the next elders. The investigators all have a connection to the ward that will help them get used to the new missionaries. Also everybody is really close to getting baptized. So I expect to come back soon!! Well I am out of time, gotta go! Love ya bye!!!!  Elder Wood