Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Week

February 3, 2014

Dear Family:

This was a good week! Monday was a regular P-day. Nothing too exciting. That night we picked up two new investigators. They live just down the road from us. Caesar and Cindy Rodriquez. They are super nice. They couldn't meet with us again until this week. We tried for earlier, normally when you have to wait this long it doesn't work out, but we will see what we can do!
Tuesday we had a short DLC and DDM. The only reason we had District meeting is cuz the AP's came and they wanted to watch us. This week we had Zone Meeting so we don't normally have DDM. We had a few good lessons. One we tired to get Veronica (Delphina's daughter) to let us teach her again but she wouldn't let us. We are having one of our really good members work on her. We tried to meet with Carlos that night, but they only had like 5 minutes so we just left a short thought.
Wednesday was a super slow day. We were trying to come up with stuff to do all day it seemed like. We visited a part member family Elder Hammond and I tried when we first got here Bro. Martinez. When we knocked on the door nobody answered so we just walked back to the car. We were sitting in the car, I was looking down at my GPS when Elder Child freaked out. The member we were trying to find snuck up on us and it scared Elder Child pretty good. Because I was looking down at the GPS trying to figure out where to go next he got a pretty good reaction out of me too. Bro. Martinez got a pretty good laugh out of it. He was sleeping and his kids didn't answer the door, so he came out and got us. We still had no luck working with his wife. We had dinner with the Walters. I don't know if I have told you about them or not. They feed us a lot so we are pretty good friends with them. That is the night we met with the Bishop, earlier that day I sent a member who works in Hemet to go pick up some church books that Elder Child's last comp didn't want. I can't read them right now, but they sure will be nice for later!! They are super old and super cool.
Thursday is weekly planning just like every Thursday is. So pretty much we are inside the first half of the day. We plan out the next 10 days. After that we met with Mike, still not a whole lot of headway there. We also met with Logan. His mom likes us, but her and her husband are still not willing to let him get baptized. We are just trying to keep the fire burning in him. That and trying to figure out how to make sure it stays going for a while. He looks like he is going to be one of those that doesn't get baptized until he is 18... After dinner we met with the Wongs. Kyler Wong is the kid we are teaching. We broke it down as simple as we could this time. We mostly taught about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
Friday we had zone meeting that morning. After that we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. We picked up another new investigator. A less active moved in last week and we are teaching his girl friend. Her name is Trudy. We met with Carlos again.
Sorry I am going to have to type fast I am almost out of time!

Saturday was another slow day. We had a really good lesson with Carlos, but he still wouldn't come to church. I think we are going to drop him.

Sunday was good until church ended haha. Not a lot of people want to be around the missionaries on Super Bowl Sunday! Sorry out of time! Love ya tons!!