Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm an Old Missionary!

January 27, 2014

Dear Family:

Guys.. I just realized I am an old missionary. It was kinda sad. It took a while for it to hit me. A couple letters and E-mails saying you're at your hump!! That and Elder Child won't stop bringing it up ha. It has gone very fast. I am afraid of how fast the next year will go! I have loved every minutes (almost ha) of my service to the Lord. I don't do the best job of showing it through my letters (sometimes this is my venting session!), but being a missionary is the life!!
Monday was pretty boring. We didn't have any miles and the library was closed, so we didn't go to zone activity. We are the farthest companionship away from everybody else. We just stayed home. Cleaned, cooked, played with the dogs. Just stuff. Nothing too exciting once we went out that night.
Tuesday was busy. Had DLC and then DDM. Both were good. I didn't get as much time to train the missionaries as I like. I am trying something new and having everyone in my district give a 5 minute training. Accountability and all the opening stuff took extra long and then Elder Child took more than his 5 minutes!! It's OK, I will just save it for another time. After that I did a baptismal interview for Alisia. She is an investigator that two sisters from the El Cerrito Ward in my district have been working with. El Cerrito is a hard ward. Last year they only had one convert baptism. It is cool to see those sisters doing so well. We had a lesson with Delphina. We taught her about missionary work and temple work. There are like 10 non-members in that house. We are really trying to get some of them to let us teach them. We Met with Carlos as well. He isn't progressing very well. He is on my list right now.
Wednesday we met with a return missionary in our ward. We are trying to teach some of his friends. He showed us a way he used to get referrals in his mission. His name is Joe, he served in Guam or Micronesia maybe that is the same place. He went into an area that hadn't had missionaries in a really long time. They worked super hard but only got one convert. After he got baptized they did this lesson with him and the island he was on exploded with work. People were lining up to get taught. One day they got a team-up for each comp so they could teach two lessons at once. They sat a little ways from each other and then stayed in one spot for 6 hours. People were lined up waiting to hear the message that their friends invited them to listen to. One day they got 112 referrals. Now I don't think we will have the same effect here. But we are going to fine tune the lesson for the states and try it out. If it works we will share it with the other missionaries. If it helps us find one person, I am ok with that. More would be nice though!! We had a lesson with Mike. It was fine. I have been getting frustrated with our investigators lately. We have all hard ones now.
Thursday I woke up stressed after a bad dream. I dreamed we were leaving the church and I was really frustrated because we hadn't gotten Delphina to church to get her confirmed. In my dream we forgot to go get her!!  We met with Logan. I don't feel like he can learn that much more. He knows plenty. His parents just are making things difficult. We finally caught a member we have been trying to chase down. She is friends with a part-member family we have been trying to catch but moved somewhere else in the ward. We found out she moved like 4 houses down ha. So now we just have to catch them at home. At night we went to Delphina's house with the intent to teach her family, but none of them would sit down with us. So we will keep trying.
This is a part member family with kids who we have been trying to run down. They live on the same road as us so we try all the time. This sign didn't used to be there. I think they bought it for us. I have been knocking anyways.
Friday we went and gave a blessing to a non-member here in the hospital. A lady in Utah called us and asked us to do it. She asked for your number. I guess to call you. I didn't talk to her I was driving, so I am guessing you got a call from her. We had interviews with President Smart at the stake center. I had some good questions and things to talk to him about this time. The interview always goes by super fast!! I don't know how. We had a good conversation.
Saturday my nightmare about not getting Delphina to church came alive to haunt me. The members we were borrowing the wheel chair from said we couldn't use it anymore because the medical facility it came from wanted it back. It took us a while to talk them into it. This week we are having some ward members get one with her insurance. That is something we tried to do the first week, but the member who was helping us out forgot to tell us he wasn't going to be able to get her one. We had a breakfast at 7 at the church with the stake leaders and all the missionaries in Corona. After that we had a meeting. We met with Mike again. We went to Alisia's baptism. I tried to get an investigator there, but it didn't work out. We are supposed to have a investigator there for us to go. Alisia asked me to be there though, and I wasn't going to say no! I was sitting there when President Smart walked in. I love seeing him, but not as much when I could be being more effective elsewhere. It was fine though, he knows a lot of district leaders go to the baptisms for lots of different reasons. Get invited, make sure the sisters can fill up the font (it's been a problem in the past!), and I think that's all I can think of. What made it worse was the other set of sisters in the district showed up for no reason! But I couldn't say anything to them about it because I didn't have an investigator there! Oh well. It's pretty funny really. President left for a call and then came and sat by me in the back. We left early so we only got to talk to him before it started.
Sunday we did get Delphina to church! But Mellisa was super sick, so she will have to get confirmed next week. After church Elder Child got to go back to Hemet for a baptism. I stayed and took a Priest out to work with me. We only had 2 people at church. I made a goal for 4. We will get them next week though!

Well that's all I have for this week!! Love ya tons!!

Elder Wood