Monday, January 13, 2014

Elder Hammond is going to Australia!

January 13, 2014

Dear Family:

Well Elder Hammond is out and I am staying in this area. That is what I wanted. Elder Hammond got his visa, so he is going to Australia today. I am getting my first Utah companion. Elder Child. He is from Kaysville. He has been out about 6 months. He has been in Diamond Valley in Hemet the whole time. That is the ward right next to my first ward. I left Hemet the same transfer he got there. The same guy who helped me move to Riverside is the one who is bringing him here. Brother Reves he is a cool guy. Plus he has a Raptor so he is even cooler.
Monday we went bowling again. It was probably the last chance I will have for a while. We had a group that all liked it. We will see if anybody else will want to go. That night our dinner cancelled so we called the Hoyts. They had more company that we met the day before. They were all going out to Chili's to eat so they just took us with. It was super good as always. The hard part was the BSC bowl game was on. Elder Hammond hated it because he hates Auburn and FSU so he didn't even know who he wanted to win. We tried hard not to watch it haha.
Tuesday we had district meeting. We has a great lesson with Delphina and Melissa. That night we exchanged with the zone leaders. I stayed in the area and Elder Locklear came with me. Elder Hammond went with Elder Wood into the other area.

The Wheel Chair Elder Wood and Elder Hammond got for Delphina
Wednesday we got a lot done. Good lessons with Delphina and Mellisa, and Logan. Dinner fell through again but they gave us money so we went and ate pizza. We had a crazy experience after we ordered and came back to pick it up. We ran into this guy who said he was friends with President Ukdorf and knew more about the church than we did ha. Elder Locklear is super knowledgeable and not one left without words but he didn't have anything to say back. The guy wasn't a basher, he was encouraging us. We still have no idea who he was and why he had an accent. When we exchanged back Elder Hammond and Brown Wood (the whole mission knows us as white or brown Wood) didn't have that great of a day.
Thursday We had a great lesson with Zack Patterson. He is married to a member. Bro Hoyt had a birth-day that day so we showed up there for dinner for his surprise party. We got a call that night from President Smart saying Elder Hammond had his visa.
Friday We had another lesson with Mellisa and Delphina.  We went to Riverside to get Elder  Hammond’s Visa and airplane ticket. While I was there I showed him what I biked in Canyon Crest ward. It was nice to just power up the hills in a car. We ate with the Walters and taught one of their friends. She wasn't really interested.
Saturday we met with Logan’s dad and talked about the baptism. He is still holding him back mostly because he is an atheist. After that we caught the Wongs, they have a son we want to work with. We have a return appointment for Thursday. We met with Mellisa and Delphina every day this week. We are helping them overcome some things. Delphina’s daughter Veronica came back from the hospital so we got to see her again. I’m out of time! I might send a note once I get back home. Love ya have a good week!!

Elder Wood