Monday, March 11, 2013

Nearly Taken for a Ride

March 11, 2013

Dear Family:

Another week down in Hemet! Been a good week! So thanks for the story you guys shared with me about taking the Backes family wood. It saved my butt in a lesson. We were teaching a lady we just met and talking about how family is important in the gospel and how the gospel blesses families lives. Unknown to us she has been left by her family and wanted to know where somebody without one fits into the church. We explained how we are all family and how we are always here for each other and that was a perfect example!  We are beginning to actually teach a few people now we have been finding people for the last few weeks.

So Mom did anybody eat that nasty sandwich you put peanut butter on with your toes? That’s  kinda gross haha. I kinda forgot Bruce was getting married. How is his wife, I never got the chance to talk to her. Do they live in Bluebell or where she lived? Did you guys find anything out about my suit and the yellow marks on it? Other than that, I think I have one of if not the nicest suits out of the missionaries. How do you like yours Dad? Brett, its about time you guys finally watch Men in Black in 3-D! I didn't know if it was ever going to happen! And Lance actually came back up, two miracles in a weekend haha. Tell Lance I miss him running his jake-break past my window every morning. All I ever get now is a bunch of cop sirens. I hope he didn't drive all the way to Logan just to play black ops ha. Jason, how is your major going? I am curious as to how you feel about it, because I don't know how I feel about it.

 So not to throw a bunch of stuff at you and be annoying but.

1. I could use a new insurance card (or copy of), mine is hard to see and read and changing pharmacies was kinda a pain cuz of it.

2. When was my kenolog shot for my allergies? When do I get my next one?

3. Does anybody have any food ideas for me? I don't want to eat anymore sandwiches haha. (the ward feeds us dinner, plus I have plenty of ideas for that) so I mainly need lunch and breakfast ideas.

4. I have no idea what one of those brush things is for you sent me. It looks useful, I’m just not sure of the use ha.

 Sunday Elder Allen and I decided to go visit a less active member and her mom who didn't come to church a couple hours after we got done with meetings and such. Somehow we started talking about earth quakes and how I wanted to feel one so I know what the experience would be like! They said it’s really not that cool and is kinda scary. Today two of the missionaries we hang out with were getting their hair cut, so I was just chilling in a double wide trailer. All of the sudden it felt like a truck hooked up and was pulling us away! It was pretty sweet. There was a earth quake in Anza (the far reaches of my zone). It is up in the mountains and they actually have snow there! So I can see snow while I am melting in the 90 degree weather. It was a 5.1 on the rector scale in Anza. We just got the shockwave here. I guess I live on the most active fault line in the world? The lady I was talking to is kinda crazy, so I dunno if I believe her. Anyways that was kinda cool. The missionaries up there are ok, it wasn't very bad at all. Then that less active member texted me and was super excited to see if I felt it or not.

We had another normal week of finding people all week. We went on exchanges again on Saturday. I went with Elder Albright my district leader (Elder Jessup's companion). It was pretty cool to get to take over my area and be in charge. The sucky part was all the lessons I had set up got cancelled, but we made the most of it. We ate dinner at the Rex's house again (the lady that sent you pics of me, and she did again). They aren't in my ward, they are in Elder Albright and Jessup’s ward. I found out I was in the MTC with their daughter for a week, but I didn't get to meet her. She is headed to Boise Spanish speaking and I think is supposed to be one of the first Spanish sister missionaries in the area. Then in June she will get moved to one of the new Idaho areas. Her son just got done serving in the Utah Holiday singles ward and will be home in April, so I am going to see if he knows anybody I do.

There is this missionary in my zone named Elder Cooper. He is from Panguitch. He is his first cousin. He is fun to have in the area. He has lots of questions about the Altamont cheerleaders ha.

Yesterday as we were headed to dinner my companion saw this old lady banging on her window trying to get us to come talk to her. When we did go over there she couldn't open the door and was franticly trying to tell us something through the blinds on the window. Somebody younger finally came to the front door to let us in. You have to have key to open the door from either side. When they opened it she came outside and they couldn't get her to come back in. She told us to take her with her because the people in her house were trying to kill her. To get her to go in we had to go in with her and sit down and talk to her. We ended up teaching a little bit with her saying crazy stuff that whole time. For example we asked if we could say a prayer before we left and was like "No you can't go to the bathroom!" We finally got out of there, but it about made us late for dinner.

So many stories to tell but I am out of time! This next week looks better and we will be picking up a few investigators hopefully.

Love ya,

Elder Wood


P.S. Good timing on that package you sent me! I got those gloves the day it rained here and I wore them for two days! It did actually get kinda cold. And those pants fit and I am glad to have more variety.

P.S.S. So did you set up a blog? Cuz somebody  in a letter said they saw a pic of me and Kaiden and I was just curious if it was there or if they saw it on fb if you guys put it on there. Or on Kkaidens fb